Sunday, March 19, 2006

Music Review (Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind)

I just got this CD. But I remember being a little kid ( about 6 ) and hearing this for the first time on the radio. I loved it but never got the chance to get the CD. Ooo.. I'm glad I did. The first song I heard from this band was ' Semi-Charmed Life ' which, honestly, isn't like any of the other songs on the CD. ( Beat wise ) but that doesn't make the other songs bad. Well, I have a biiiig CD music liking range, ( including some rap, rock, punk, and this kind of music ) but I think majority who buy this CD are aged 30 and up. ( I really don't know ) But i'm 14 and I'm really glad I bought this for myself and reccomend it for anybody.


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