Friday, July 31, 2009

My Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience

The day was July 30th 2009 - extraction day. I walked into the dentist's office to sign in and my mom quickly found out that instead of our insurance covering 80% of the surgery, it would only cover about 50%. My mom was pretty pissed, and had to charge about $860 to her credit card. Then we sat in the waiting room, for about five to ten minutes... I forget, I was just really anxious. Then a woman came out with a "goody bag" as she called it, and handed it to my mom while explaining what was inside. After that, I was taken back, and laid in a chair. The same woman asked if I wanted laughing gas. I reluctantly said yes, and didn't mind it for a little while, until I started feeling a little awkward, at which point I took it off... I just didn't like the feeling. A few minutes later, the surgeon came in with the anesthesiologist. I got monitors put on my chest and index finger, and I started to feel a little more anxious. At that point, the surgeon asked me how I felt, and I replied, "I'm just a little anxious." he exclaimed that was completely normal, and he continued to work on the IV. He put the needle in my arm, which was barely a pinch, taped the needle down, and turned on the juice. I asked him, "Will I fall asleep in a few seconds?" and he said, "It will probably be more like a minute." I really don't remember a single thing after that. It was like they say everywhere - in what seemed like a blink, I woke up to a nurse putting lip balm on my lips saying they were chapped... then I remember a few other sketchy scenes. For instance, me attempting to stand up and nearly collapsing. I was given a wheelchair, and wheeled out to my car. From then on, I regained full conciousness.

On the way home, my mom stopped at CVS and picked up chocolate milk, vanilla ice cream, and root beer float ice cream, as well as put in my prescriptions, which included Amoxocillin (the antibiotic I used as a precaution to a possible infection) Vicodin, (a painkiller, of course) and Ibuprofen. (Which is mainly an anti-inflammatory, but it has some painkiller stuff in it. It's basic name is Motrin.) When I got home, my chin, bottom lip, and ears were all completely numb. It was difficult, but I managed to have ice cream and take my meds.

Currently, I'm laying in bed at 1:36 A.M. on day one. I feel alright, but my bottom right extraction area is not feeling too good. While the other three seem to be doing great, this one is having issues. First, when I look at it, it seems to be the only one that has a little hole - gasp - like a dry socket. It also continuously keeps bleeding, even if I use gauze... it doesn't seem to want to clot. I'll see what happens tomorrow, and if the blood doesn't clot and I keep bleeding, I'll likely have to go back to the dentist/surgeon... I don't know what they'll have to do - maybe stitch it or give me clove oil gauze - but I'm not expecting anything too bad. I think I've been through the worst part, and it really wasn't even all that bad. I was really anxious about the whole fact that I'd be asleep during the procedure, paranoid about not knowing what would happen, if I'd wake up, if I'd have an allergic reaction, all that nonsense. Well, everything went fine... so far.

A couple hours ago my surgeon called me on the phone, Dr. Schneider, and asked how I was doing. I said I was fine, (which I am, not really lying.) and he just said that while today may have been painful, tomorrow will be worse, and I'd only get better from then on. While this is true, that's only true if you DON'T have a dry socket... which I think I may... but it's too early to tell. I'll keep you updated.

4/17/13 Update: Yeah, it's been almost FOUR YEARS since I got my wisdom teeth out, but for anybody that reads this, I know how annoying it is to read an article or post that says "I'll keep you updated." and see no response. It's been a long time, but better WAYWAY late than never.

Basically, getting them out sucked, but it wasn't the worst thing ever. I couldn't completely open my jaw for about a week or so, and I was extremely cautious about what I ate, but the Vicodin helped with the pain considerably. I didn't get a dry socket like I was scared of getting, either. Basically, getting your wisdom teeth out can be a kind of scary experience, but a lot of the stress is taken out of the equation when you get put under. If you're scared of getting them out, don't be. I had teeth extracted when I was about ten years old because I had extra adult teeth, and I needed them out before getting braces -- I was awake for that, and while I was numb for awhile and in minor pain, I survived that too.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hardware Review (Sony Vaio NW150J Laptop)

I got this laptop a couple days ago after realizing I had enough graduation money to get it, and read a lot of positive reviews. There are a few things about this laptop I dislike, but mostly, I'm pleased. First, it costs $799 at Best Buy, but you'll end up spending about $1000 if you get Anti-Virus, taxes, and a warranty. That's a decent deal for this thing, and it has a Blu-Ray player for the same price as a similar laptop by Sony. Here's the catch - that laptop was preloaded with Microsoft Office, but it didn't have a Blu-Ray player. The laptop screen itself is something like 720P, and the Blu-Ray discs look very good on it. One pretty big downfall is the fact that the audio/video sync gets screwed up every now and then. How do you fix it? Pause and play, or stop and play. Sort of annoying, but easy to fix.

The screen itself is, I believe, 15.5 inches, which is great for me. i just like a big screen on a laptop. The keyboard is probably the best I've ever used on a laptop. The keys are raised as if it were a desktop's keyboard, and it's much easier for me to type quick and efficiently.

The HDD is about 320GB, I forget the exact amount, and the RAM is a very nice 3.8 GB. While mostly everything about this laptop is great, there are a few flaws. The audio/video sync as I stated earlier is one thing, and the other two are as follows. First, the battery is SUPPOSED to last 5 hours according to the advertisement. It actually lasts a little over 2. Now THAT is serious false advertising. The BIGGEST flaw about this laptop, and the reason why I think this laptop was only $799, is the terrible video card. I went to and found out that I can't run very many new-age games because my videocard is just crap. The worst part? It is NOT replacable. Sony soldered the puppy in, so it's permanent. A definite bummer if you plan on using your laptop for games as I planned to. Guess I should have looked into it more.

Overall, the Sony Vaio NW150J/S laptop is pretty much ideal if you are business person. Weighs a little over 6 pounds, looks great, has a blu-ray player for potential trips to wherever, and it's a very reasonable price. I have only had it for maybe half a week, but so far, no problems, and a good amount of praise. Worth a look into.


Pros: Lots of RAM, big screen, nice looking, nice keyboard, Blu-Ray!

Cons: Terrible irreplaceable video card, false advertising about the battery which is pretty poor, audio/video sync is occasionally off on Blu-Ray movies.

???: I'll never get over this... why can't the video card be swapped!?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Game Review (Counter-Strike: Source - PC)

Graphics: 4.5/5 While it does vary depending on the map, (Whether it is user or Valve created) for the most part, the graphics look really good, especially since considering this game was released so long ago. They aren't mindblowing, but they are nice and sharp. A downfall is the lag that seems inevitable when there is a lot of stuff going on at once, or when there are several people on screen at once.

Sound: 3.5/5 Pretty average. The BOT dialogue is alright, but they really do just repeat themselves over and over again after a short while. The guns don't sound very good, either. Not terrible sound, but not award winning.

Control: 4/5 A classic PC FPS. WASD to look, mouse to move/strafe/shoot. Other letters on the keyboard also have different uses. Not much to say, but it really is nice to finally play a shooter away from the 360.

Fun: 4.25/5 CS:S is a fun game for a number of reasons. First off, although it doesn't really affect the fun factor at all, it is pretty inexpensive at $20. Secondly, there are a solid number of sites where you can download some new maps to play with other people and/or bots. There are SEVERAL great maps, including ones that emulate The Simpsons's own Springfield, a pool, office, et cetera. While the game takes some getting used to, (It is difficult to play online. Everyone seems to get insta-kills... look it up.) CS:S is a nice change from a console FPS. It is old, but now it is only twenty bucks, you can download it digitally, it has a fanbase that seems to be running VERY strong, and the gameplay is virtually endless with the number of free maps available. Definitely recommend this game.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drink Review (WoW Game Fuel)

The Blue Stuff:


Really is pretty good. It has a color similar to voltage, it smells a lot like Pepsi Blue did, and it really does taste what I imagine Voltage, Super Nova, and Revolution would taste like if mixed. I'm pretty sure that's what this essentially is. Pretty good, but nothing really DIFFERENT.

The Orange Stuff


It's the good old Game Fuel! This is the same formula as the Halo 3 Game Fuel was that came out a couple years ago now. Has that great taste with the aftertaste of almost cotton candy. Mmm...

Looks like the Horde wins in this battle.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Game Review (MLB 2K9 - 360)

Graphics: 3/5 Just bland. Besides the jerseys and the stadiums from a distance, most everything else is pretty bad. A huge majority of the players look nothing like their real life countrrparts, whacky animation is a mainstay, and the little puffs of dirt that float around are a very small but annoying eye sore. The menus really do look nice - at least.

Sound: 3.5/5 Gary Thorne and Mr. Phillips do the commentary this time around, replacing John Miller and Joe Morgan. They do a good job, but as expected, repeat a lot of lines over-and-over again. The soundtrack features some good songs, but there aren't many. Not a terrible sounding game, but not spectacular.

Control: 3.5/5 Meh. I don't mind the pitching as much as some do, I actually like it. The hitting is okay too, but the fielding is buggy. You will likely find yourself running past balls that should automatically be picked up. Pretty buggy, but managable.

Fun: 3.75/5 Despite these issues, MLB 2K9 is playable. Errors that were fixed also created new ones, but for the most part, 2K Sports really seemed to just mask the issues of the game with a slicker looking interface. The menu is nice and inviting and the Live Rosters are cool, but the game some what does lack in gameplay. While not very good, it's the only option for a simulation baseball game on the 360 until next year. While the game is a bit glitchy, it often times doesn't really affect plays in the field. In short, if you disliked previous installments of 2K games, you won't like this. Otherwise, I - flame away - almost actually encourage you to try this game and decide for yourself.


Pros: Nice menus, great stats.
Cons: Buggy/glitchy, still an MLB 2K game.
?: What baseball game will we get next year?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Game Review (Battlefield: 1943 - XBLA)

Graphics: 4.75/5 While they are nothing short of phenomenal - and the best looking game on XBLA - there are a few issues. Occasionally black bars will pop up and flash aroud on screen, and Ive also experienced some in-game freezes every couple games. Other than that though, very impressive. The graphics just about rival that of an Xbox 360 disc.

Sound: 4.5/5 Also very nice. The best part no doubt is when you hear a plane fly by overhead, although the tanks andmost everything else also sound very nice. Again, I should remind you this is an arcade game.

Control: 4.25/5 Like Call of Duty with a few subtle differences and button switches. You can't prone in this game, sadly, which is a shame for you snipers out there. Also, the weapon switching and grenade throwing may take a little bit of time to get 100% used to, but overall, managable.

Fun: 4.5/5 Battlefield: 1943 is just one hell of an Xbox LIVE "Arcade" title. Great graphics, surprising depth, and addictability... is that a word?However, the game isn't perfect. Being that it does cost 1200 MSP, and not 4800 MSP (Which would be the price equivalent of the average Xbox 360 disc.) you only get 3 maps, which are all great, don't exactly differ drastically. A fourth map is promised if XBL kills exceed 53 million, but it is Dogfight only. I.E., planes only. Nevertheless, the fact that you don't need to put anything in your disc tray to play this game is pretty cool, and the game itself is just fun, but not perfect. The game gets glitchy here and there, the hit detection isn't perfect, there are only three classes, (Rifleman, Infantryman, Scout) and the "in-depth stats" don't even display deaths or kill-death ratio. Despite these minor flaws, Battlefield: 1943 is a virtual must-have for FPS fans and XBLA fans alike. We can now only hope we get more maps for this game in the near future to keep it fresh, and hope we can have more games like this on the Arcade.


Pros: Only $15/1200 MSP, looks great, pretty addictive.
Cons: Not a LOT of depth, online only, how long will it last?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Game Review ( Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - 360 )

Graphics: 4/5 Do you remember what Guitar Hero World Tour looked like? Yeah - this game looks like that. Pretty decent, but what stands out are the venues that once again look very cool.

Sound and Control: Pointless to review, it's a Guitar Hero game.

Fun: 3.5/5 Guitar Hero Smash Hits (GH:SH) is a game you'd expect from Activision, who is basically milking this franchise for all it's worth. The soundtrack isn't spectacular, seeing as how a number of the songs are already in Rock Band on disc or as DLC, or are just terrible choices. Through the Fire and Flames is probably the most annoying song in the game for the simple fact that I had to play it enough on Guitar Hero 3 online with 7 year olde trying to play it on Expert. Overall, GH:SH just isn't a game you'll be playing for a long time at all. While it is cool to finally strum throgh a master track of "Free Bird", or push your vocal chords to the extreme on "Killer Queen", 48 songs for 60 dollars just isn't worth it, especially since - as I stated a few sentenced back - Rock Band already has a decent number of these songs. Smash Hits is an okay game, but it's no Rock Band - or even Guitar Hero: Metallica, for that matter.


Pros: All masters!
Cons: Not the greatest setlist, not many songs, Activi$ion milking the franchise cow.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gun Review ( M82 Double Eagle )

Price: $30-$40
Where: Amazon and other online retailers.
Sucks for: Marc Fennell
Because: He can't have one

I got this gun from and got it a few days later only paying a little bit for shipping. Out of the box I wasn't expecting anything unexpected - I had seen unboxings and reviews on YouTube. Basically, you get the gun, which looks great, has some weight to it, (only because concrete or metal was added for the "realistic effect") and feels nice, and a bunch of other litle things. First, you get a suppresor/silencer that doesn't do anything for quieting the gun itself, but enhancing how the gun looks in my opinion. Then you have the ACOG scope which really is crap. While it also enhances the appearance, like any of the other attatchments, to try and actually use it would be stupid. Another thing you get is a flash light that is actually pretty cool. People have complained in reviews about leaky batteries but O haven't had a problem with that, and the light is just bright and functions pretty well. Another attachment is the grip, which is all plastic. It doesn't do anything either, since the gun has no recoil to begin with obviously, but it's more comfortable to hold than the jagged rail without attachments on it. Finally, the last extra you get, and byfar the worst, is the laser. Why is this? For one thing, you basically have to build and put it on your gun yourself, which takes about a half hour, just to find out that it doesn't even work, and the "instructions" are pigeon English no one could ever understand. Pretty crappy.

Anyway, more about the guns visuals. The M82 is a take on a 552 Commando, and looks a lot like it, and is a 1:1 scale. There is also a foldable stock. I don't know what good that is because I'm a BB gun n00b, but I'll assume it's for storage. The clip you get with this gun is basically crap. It works fine, but it holds an abysmal 30-35 rounds, which is basically an F on an Airsoft gun's mag capacity report card unless it's a sniper or pistol. You will definitely want to buy a few spare clips, which cost only $5-$10 each. The battery you get to charge this thing is sort of also a pain. It's pretty fragile, and it's moderately frustrating trying to get it out of its covering. It also takes about 2-3 hours to charge and lasts for a good while.

Now, how the gun performs. I charged this up and took it outisde not expecting much. I shot a few rounds, I came to a quick conclusion that this gun has very inconsistent accuracy. Was I surprised? Of course not. After all, so paid only $35 for this thing. As I explained earlier, the clip empties in seconds, and can take up to about two minutes to reload. You get a "speed loader" with the gun, but it's like loading up a Civil War style musket, and it still takes a little while, which leads me to remind you wain that you should get an extra mag or two or three if you get this gun. There is also a hop-up feature as well as normal on this gun, but I saw virtually no difference between the two, so I peace mine on normal. Speaking of features, there is a safe, single shot automatic, and full automatic feature on this gun. Now while talking about SHOOTING the gun, let me tell you about the BB's you get with this gun - complete crap. I'm not sure if they are .12 or .20, but they break if you hit anything thats not somewhat cushy, I.E. a human or a couch. I managed to split a BB in half Davy Crockett style when I shot at a candle holder thing.

After this long review of M82 Double Eale bashing, I close by saying that this gun is well worth a purchase for first time buyers of an automatic airsoft gun, or someone who wants a decent gun for backyard wars. It's cheap in price, not all-too cheap in quality, looks really cool, and could easily be used as a prop in a video if you do that sort of thing. I haven't used the Double Eagle M83 or M85, but I know they look like an M4/M16 and G36C respectively. If you want any more info send me a message on XBL. My tag is in the right column.


Pros: Looks great, feels nice, cool attachments FTMP, cheap in price.
Cons: The attachments really are all useless, it's all plastic, won't last a long time most likely.

Other information: Uses 6mm BB's, .20g recommended, 240-260 FPS.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Food Review ( Wendy's Buffalo, Asian, and BBQ boneless wings )

They had these awhile back and I am GLAD it has made its return.

Buffalo: 4.75/5 Mmm. Delicious. Add a little blue cheese and you'd think you were at a sit-in restaurant. Very tasty, although I don't recommend taking a whiff of them. It will clear your sinuses big time.

Honey BBQ: 4/5 Not the best flavor of sauce, and there was almost a milky after taste. Definitely my least favorite, but still pretty good.

Asian: 4.75/5 One tasty meal. The sweet and spicy combo makes this one the best of the three - slightly better than the buffalo. If you get any, and can take a LITTLE heat, this is the one you should go with.

It sucks that these are limited time only, but hey, maybe they'll become a mainstay like the Volcano Taco at Taco Bell. (Crying shame Taco Bell discontinued the Spicy Chicken Burrito.)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Food Review ( Taco Bell's Cheesy Potato Bacon Burrito )

Taco Bell has come out with yet another limited time item - this time around, there's BACON! Today I got this burrito after seeing a commercial for it yesterday. I must say, I wasn't impressed. For one thing, the burrito tasted like it was VERY salty. Also, there wasn't much bacon to be tasted. The texture overall wasn't very pleasent, either. It seemed as if the bacon kept getting stuck in my tonsils. Basically, it's a shame this burrito turned out the way it did. I once thought bacon made virtually everything better... I may have to rethink that.


Pros: Bacon...!, different.
Cons: The bacon isn't great, the flavor is that of mostly saltiness.

I would probably not buy this again. However, I would recommend at least TRYING it. It's cheap, and worlds different than the traditional Taco Bell flavor.