Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Game Review (Rock Band 3 - 360)

After over 2 years since Rock Band 2's release, Rock Band 3 is finally here with many new features. Quite understandably and obviously, Rock Band 3 is even better than the second.


Graphics: 4.5/5 I could go for paragraphs and paragraphs - the graphics have quite vastly improved here over Rock Band 2. Despite a lack of many new venues, the character models are sharper, and shinier than in past games. Not only that, but the menus look absolutely fantastic. The whole new drop-in/drop-out at any time thing is really cool, there are extremely short load times that seem to be almost non-existent... the game just looks and runs greatly.

Sound: 4.75/5 Obviously, you can't please all people all the time with a soundtrack you put in a game. I am pleased with nearly the whole set list - even songs I didn't know and assumed I wouldn't like before playing, turned out to be a blast. You really have to give Harmonix credit - imagine you being in charge of finding a good balance of songs for keys, guitar, drums, and bass - Harmonix did it here almost flawlessly. And of course, just about ALL of the Rock Band songs that worked on Rock Band's 1 and 2 will work here, which is obviously great news to those like me who have invested hundreds, or even over a thousand dollars on DLC.

Fun: 4.5/5 Before I praise, I want to say that there are only two things that gripe me about this game. The first is that Rock Band 3 does away with the Career Mode that was in Rock Bands 1 and 2. Instead, there are maybe a dozen Road Challenges you can do. They feature random setlists, pre-made setlists, as well as make your own setlists. My second issue, and I suppose it's a minor one, is that it's very easy to 'beat the game.' While Rock Band 3 never really ends, as there are always challenges for you to do, after the Road Challenges, the game's 'story' is over with. Biggest bummer about that, is that it only takes a day or two of solid play time to finish it. Band 3 is Rock Band 2, and more. Was that obvious? Despite the minor flaws, Harmonix has done really everything fans requested. If you're burned out on the rhythm genre, then you should probably pass on Rock Band 3. But if you think you were just in need of something new, maybe the keyboard, pro guitar, or pro drum modes will do that for you.


+: Overall fun-to-play setlist, easy to search for songs you want to play, great new menus, updated graphics, hardly any loading times.

-: Not all songs that worked in Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 work in this game,(Anyway You Want It, Spoonman, Creep, Battery, Paranoid, etc.) including a few DLC songs as well. (The European songs that were on the Rock Band 1 disc don't transfer over.)

NOTE: Keyboard peripheral review coming later. Pro guitar peripheral coming much later - if ever.