Thursday, April 20, 2017

Drink Review (Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino)

Starbucks has gotten a lot of crap recently in the media, and now they're getting more with the Unicorn Frappuccino. I'm not one to order frappuccinos, but I made an exception just to see what people were going on about with this thing.

Basically, I understand why it's so polarizing. The pink "body" of the Unifrap (as I'll call it) doesn't have much flavor -- it's rather vanilla. Literally. What makes the Unifrap so "special" is its sour blue syrup, which tastes like mango. And, apparently, a lot of people aren't mango fans.

My girlfriend and I each got a grande Unifrap, but for some reason, hers didn't have syrup. After having half of each I came to the conclusion that $5 is too much and 16 ounces are too many. While I didn't dislike the sour mango sauce, it wore on me pretty quickly. But, without it, it's like a faintly fruity milkshake. It's nothing special.

I'd love to tell Starbucks to stick with what they know (coffee), but it's clear that these things are super popular for one reason or another. While I wouldn't order it again (especially a grande), I'm glad I tried it so I could fairly say that, rather than attack Starbucks relentlessly for no reason because this non-coffee drink isn't coffee and doesn't have caffeine (seriously -- I've seen that a lot.)


+ Eye catching. Pretty decent flavor.
- Can't imagine having more than a tall/too sweet. Not worth the price.

The galpal. So white. Much basic. Wow.