Friday, February 23, 2007

Some Future Reviews

MLB 2K7 (360)
Crackdown (360)
Seinfeld: Season Seven (DVD)

These three thing should be up and reviewed in 2 weeks or less. Stay tuned.


DVD Review ( Friends: Season 7 )

[*] Indicates a "Season Great" ... it seems most of these episodes are.

[*]The One With Monica's Thunder: 5/5 Monica accuses Rachel of stealing her "Thunder".

[*]The One With Rachel's Book: 4.75/5 Monica finds out what happened to her wedding money; Joey finds an erotic book Rachel is writing.

The One With Phoebe's Cookies: 4/5 Phoebe wants to give Monica her grandma's cookie recipe, but finds out it was lost in a fire.

[*]The One With Rachel's Assistant: 4.75/5 Rachel hires a young guy as her assistant.

[*]The One With The Engagement Picture: 4.5/5 Chandler can't smile when getting his picture taken.

[*]The One With The Nap Partners: 5/5 Joey and Ross sleep together; Phoebe and Rachel compete to be Monica's maid of honor.

[*]The One With Ross's Library Book: 5/5 Ross finds his book in a local library and finds people having sex in the isle it's located.

[*]The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs: 4.5/5 Ross gets obsessed with trying to name all 50 states; Chandler reveals why he hates dogs.

The One With All The Candy: 4/5 Phoebe gets her first bike; Monica makes candy for the neighbors.

The One With The Holiday Armadillo: 4.25/5 Ross introduces Ben to Hanukkah.

[*]The One With All The Cheesecakes: 4.5/5 Rachel and Chandler eat cheesecakes meant for someone else.

[*]The One Where They're Up All Night: 4.5/5 Joey and Ross get stuck on the roof after a door closes; Phoebe is kept up all night because of a fire alarm that won't stop beeping.

[*]The One Where Rosita Dies: 5/5 Phoebe takes a telemarketer job; Rachel and Chandler both think they've broken Rosita - Joey's chair.

The One Where They All Turn Thirty: 4/5 Rachel worries about turning 30.

The One With Joey's New Brain: 4/5 Joey plays a man with a woman's brain on Day's Of Our Lives; Ross plays an instrument and practices it to play at Monica's wedding.

The One With The Truth About London: 4/5 Chandler finds out that Monica planned on sleeping with Joey on the night she was drunk in London.

The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress: 4/5 Monica and another woman fight over the same wedding dress.

[*]The One With Joey's Award: 4.5/5 One of Ross's students tells Ross he loves him to get a higher grade; Joey is up for a "Soapie".

[*]The One With Ross And Monica's Cousin: 4.5/5 Ross and Monica's cousin comes to town; Phoebe and Rachel try to make a shower for Monica; Monica helps Joey gain a foreskin.

The One With Rachel's Big Kiss: 4.25/5 Rachel reveals she kissed a girl in college, but no one believes her.

The One With The Vows: 4/5 Monica and Chandler don't know what to write in their vows.

The One With Chandler's Dad: 4.25/5 Monica and Chandler seek out to find Chandler's... "Dad"; Phoebe thinks that if Joey were a real man, he'd try on woman's underwear.

[*]The One With Monica And Chandler's Wedding (Pt. 1) : 4.75/5 Joey gets a part in a W.W.1. movie; Chandler gets worried about the wedding; Rachel and Phoebe find a positive pregnancy test in the garbage.

[*]The One With Monica And Chandler's Wedding (Pt.2) : 4.5/5 Joey almost misses the ceremony; Everyone finds out it's not Monica, but Rachel that's pregnant.


Friends: Season Seven was unbelievable in the first half of the season, but then it kind of broke down. But how can you match some of those first few episodes? Either way, season seven is probably the best season so far.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Game Review ( Over The Hedge - DS )

Many people overlook games that are based on movies, especially those not interested in the movie to begin with, but Over The Hedge is actually a good game. It is one of the very few movie games that are actually any fun to play.

Graphics: 4/5 The video clips in this game aren't very good. Not because of the DS's screen, but obviously because the videos are on a cartridge. The videos are grainy and not very clear at all, but the in-game graphics look great. The level design is very cool. There will be times when the game will pause for a moment, and there will be random times when a black bar will appear on the screem, but that's about it. Also, you may get the first impression that the camera in the game will be terrible - I did too. The thing is, it isn't bad at all. Some people may not like the "under-the-ass" camera, but you should get used to it. And finally, this game has one of the best maps - ever. The bottom screen displays a full 3D map of you and your surroundings from a birds-eye view, which is very nice. It looks cool, it's helpful, and it will get you through tough times.

Sound: 3.75/5 The character voices are good and everything, but the background music is quite annoying, and is very repetetive. There isn't much to hear besides that. A fan of the movie would appreciate the sound more.

Control: 4.5/5 Surprisingly good. Given that the camera angles actually cooperate, the controls make for a good gaming experience. Jumping onto small objects isn't hard at all - the controls are very simple. Each character has different abilities, but all are easy to learn.

Fun: 4/5 You can play as quite a few characters from the movie in this game, but you will mostly be playing as Verne the Turtle, or R.J. the Raccoon. There are 20 missions that will last a fair amount of time, and there is even multiplayer, which seems like it'd be fun, but I haven't actually played it. This game will probably be over and done with within a few days if you play it continuously, but even after you beat it, it isn't so bad to go over and play it again. It seems like it'd get repetetive going into houses, getting objects, and getting out, but the truth is, it's not - because there are different things in your way. Cats, dogs, people, and you have to get around them, get the object from where ever it is, and get out. Over The Hedge is virtually a little version of Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, and a little like Splinter Cell. The only thing is, it's a dubbed down kiddy version. But either way, this is still a game that anyone can get enjoyment out of.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Game Review ( Paperboy - 360 Arcade )

In Paperboy, you play a... well, paperboy, who has to deliver papers to customer's houses while avoiding people, cars, dogs, mailboxes, garbage cans, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Graphics: 3.75/5 Well, there's nothing at all different about the game. It is in HD , but looks no different. It runs smooth, and it looks like it did back in the day.,

Sound: 4/5 Still, the nice catchy music remains, with some more of that fake guy's voice that we all know from Gauntlet. ( The "Elf, shot the food" guy ) The voices are obviously pretty crappy quality given it is such an old game, but the sound isn't terrible thanks to the decent in-game music.

Control: 3.75/5 Paperboy is definitely a different game. You drive diagnally down a street throwing papers into a mailbox - diagnally, so it is pretty hard to judge whether the paper will end up on the porch, in the mailbox, or into a customer's window. The game also suffers from Dpadalitis, which hurts most games at the Xbox Live Arcade with the terrible 360 D-Pad.

Fun: 3.75/5 Paperboy is basically a game that you will buy, get the achivements for, and probably delete off your harddrive. There is nothing to come back for. It isn't really the game to continuously play to get on the high score boards, because it isn't fun to keep playing back over like some of the other games out in the XBLA right now. There is Co-Op, though, which is just the same as Root Beer Tapper. Seperate screens, share score, when one person dies, both die, and so on. There is also versus mode, which is a decent addition. Paperboy is just not as good as some of those arcade classics available right now on Xbox Live - there are better games. If you're a Paperboy fan, this is your dream. If you are not, it's just another game for achivement whores to hurry up and buy, because soon after purchasing, it won't be played again.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Game Review ( Mario Hoops: 3-on-3 - DS )

Mario Hoops is a hard game to review. A great piece of work, but being repetetive, might not last too long, depending on the player. Some may love it and play it for months, some on the other hand, may play it for a week and drop it. I'm reviewing this game assuming that you plan on playing it for at the bare minimum a month.

Graphics: 5/5 Spectacular - easily the best looking DS game I've ever seen. The character models look fantastic, and the animations, even better. The courts all different and are really creative and interactive. Definitely a high point of the game.

Sound: 4.5/5 Very good. The music might annoy some, but it fits the game, and the in-game sound is VERY good. The background music is different on every court, the sound effects are good, and the trademark sounds made by characters are all good, too.

Control: 4/5 Definitely unique, but not perfect. You do some movement with the touch-screen, others with the D-Pad and buttons. You can do a unique block feature by sliding the stylus across the screen, you can dribble fast to pick up coins on the court, ( leading you to a higher score ) and you can use weapons. Thing is, the control is kind of strange at times, but mostly simple, and the button layout is also pretty strange.

Fun: 4/5 Mario Hoops: 3-on-3 is not by any means a bad game like most reviewers say. It is relatively easy for the most part, ( There are different difficulty settings, but the game is never terribly hard ) and it will be easy to fly through the game, but there is single and multi-card multiplayer mode, which is pretty fun, there are tournaments, ( laid out like in Mario Kart with seperate tournaments ) and plenty of unlockables, including characters from Final Fantasy. Overall, Mario Hoops is a good game for awhile, but the game gets repetetive if you play it for a long while, and the game seems to be more focused on you collecting coins than to try and just play a game of basketball. Most anyone will like this game, even if it doesn't last a really long time.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Game Review ( Root Beer Tapper - 360 Arcade )

The goal in Root Beer Tapper (RBT) is to give customers mugs by filling up root beer as a waiter. It sounds pretty easy, but it really isn't at all. My review.

Graphics: 3.75/5 RBT isn't an ugly game, it isn't an awesome looking game, it is just "meh". For 1983, these graphics looked pretty damn good, but now, they are nothing special. Updated to HD, and that's about it.

Sound: 4/5 Nothing more than cheap little generic bleep-bloops, with cheesy sounding music, but it will definitely catch your attention and it is nice to play with the sound on. The little noise that the tap makes after you will a mug will help perfect your timing so that you can complete levels easier, and quicker. The sound definitely helps you out, even if it is nothing special.

Control: 4/5 Thanks ( or no thanks ) to the terrible D-Pad on the 360 remote, there are several times where you will let a mug slip to the floor or get a customer pissed off, simply because the D-Pad won't respond at times. Luckily, there is the analog that can still be used on this game, which works much better.

Fun: 3.75/5 RBT is probably one of those games only certain people will have any interest in. It is certainly repetetive, but addicting, it does get damn hard really quick, ( but after a little practice, you will slowly but quite easily fly through the levels once you learn the patters ) but it's a fun little game to play. There is also a new Co-Op and versus mode. As you guessed, in versus mode you simply try to beat your opponent by getting the higher score, but in Co-Op, you work together to get a nice, big, fat high score. ( There's an achievement for getting 80,000 score. ) The Co-Op is flawed though. Instead of having you and your teammate on the same screen, you are on seperate screens, but your scores combine. Playing on the same screen would be better, more fun, and much easier, seeing as how there are four counters, you could each take two. Either this wasn't thought about including in the game, or it was dropped as an idea because lag could be a factor.

Either way, RBT is definitely a game chock full of flaws. It is fun for a little while up until you get the achievements, but after that you will most likely drop it completely. But since it won't be very easy to get all 200 achievement points, it's likely you will be playing this game for awhile until you get them all.


Friday, February 09, 2007

New layout. New name.

"It's about time", I know. I finally remade the entire site layout-wise, and even made a new site name. It still may not be great, but anything is better than [GGR] ( Gnarly Game Reviews ), or [TBR]. ( Tru Blu Reviews ) I hope you like the layout. Some more reviews should be coming soon, but right now, I'm pretty addicted to Rainbow Six: Vegas (360).

Have a nice weekend.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Game Review ( Diddy Kong Racing DS - DS )

Graphics: 4/5 DKR DS definitely doesn't show off the DS's graphics, but they get the job done. They look quite a bit better than the N64 version, but Mario Kart DS looks nicer, even being a year older. The best part about this game is the retextured maps which make them look and feel better, and the nice framerate. ( Although it is 30 FPS while Mario Kart DS was at 60 ). This game is also considerably slower paced than Mario Kart DS is in races, but it is still fun.

Sound: 3.75/5 If you liked the soundtrack in the old game, you'll like it here. The maps have the same songs with a few exceptions. The voices are, however, pretty much mediocre. Taj sounds weird - sort of British, instead of having a different accent in the original version, which sounded much better. Overall, Diddy Kong Racing DS passes in sound, but it's nothing at all spectacular.

Control: 3.5/5 Almost where the game fails. Controlling the cars aren't too bad, ( even though they take getting used to ) what's worse is controlling the plane or the god awful hovercraft, which is very difficult to handle. The controls in this game are twitchy, and at times unresponsive, and the hovercraft makes for a frustrating water race. This definitely drags the game down. Also, the balloon challenges in this game are also hard. A challenge where you must pop balloons and while doing so, trying to grab coins as well. It wouldn't be bad if it weren't so hard to grab a coin. If you try to grab coins while popping balloons, good luck, because the touch screen controls in this game are not very good at all.

Fun: 4.5/5 Overall, I really do think this game is a blast. I can't understand in any way why people think this game fails, because it doesn't. You do have to work quite a bit to get coins and unlock stuff, but that is the point - it gives it great replay value. The balloon challenges drag the game down fun-wise in a way, and it will take awhile and be hard to unlock some of the hidden characters, but this game is great. Wi-Fi play could be better, ( not quite as good as Metroid Prime: Hunters ) since you can't communicate in a race, but it is more fun than Mario Kart DS in my opinion online. If you enjoyed Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, then you will definitely love this game on the DS. It has control problems, it is sometimes aggrivatingly repetetive, and there are some unneccesary things thrown in the bag, but if you are forgiving, Diddy Kong Racing DS may be one of your favorite DS games to date.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Game Review ( Diddy Kong Racing - N64 )

With Diddy Kong Racing DS just around the corner, I thought it'd be a good idea to review Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64.

Graphics: 3.75/5 Diddy Kong Racing came out in '97 but even for the early days of the N64, these graphics weren't as good as they were capable of. The graphics, although screaming with color, are just bland and boring. The framerate is damn good, though, so that is a plus.

Sound: 4/5 The sound for Diddy Kong Racing gets this score because of its music. The music in this game, I thought, was very nice. It may be kiddy and poppy, but it fits the game perfectly, and nothing else could fit better. Preventing it from being a higher score are the somewhat annoying voices, and grunts, made at times by racers.

Control: 3.75/5 Certainly not the best of controls, but they work decently. If you played Mario Kart 64, this is a downgraded version of those controls. Diddy Kong Racing plays like it came out several years before Mario Kart 64 control-wise, and it's kind of aggrivating. The controls are touchy, jerky, and overall don't work well. I blame it on the Nintendo 64's controller, though.

Fun: 4/5 Diddy Kong Racing was a good game in '97, it's a good game here in '07. It may not be quite AS good, but it's a fun game to play. The game may turn off some gamers because of it being more of an adventure-racing game, but I find it unique, and it turned out to be a great idea. The boss battles may get repetetive, coin collecting gets old, unlocking the secret characters isn't the easiest thing in the word, and the game may feel very unrewarding, but it is still a fun game to play a few races with. If you haven't played Diddy Kong Racing, I suggest you do, because it's a nice experience.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Game Review ( Cars - 360 )

Graphics: 3.75/5 Surprisingly good. This may be rated high, but the graphics really are nice. The cars are nice and shiny, the animation looks great, the framerate just about never drops, and the overall graphics look pretty nice. The main problems are that the enviroments don't look stellar, there are a few glitchy looking spots, and the sense of speed is terrible. When you're going 150 MPH, it looks like you're going 40 MPH at best. But the overall graphics really don't look that bad, and they are not painful at the eyes in any way.

Sound: 4/5 I liked this too. Good voice overs, but that's about it. There are some licensed songs during the races ( Not any that I can think of now ), but there are a few. Not much to say about the sound, except that the voice overs are some of the best I've heard recently.

Control: 3/5 Cars certainly controls weird for normal gamers. Most next-gen games use the right trigger to drive, and left trigger to brake on the 360, but with Cars, you use A to accelerate and X to stop. This is really confusing and hard to get used to if you've played many other racing games on the 360. The camera angle is also pretty annoying, ESPECIALLY in Tractor Tipping, a mini game that could be a game within itself, really.

Fun: 4/5 Cars was a huge surprise. I was expecting nothing out of this game, but I sure was wrong. The game is just a hell of a lot of fun. You can roam around outside of races just for the hell of it, you can get some lessons from Cars characters, you can do mini games, ( Tractor Tipping is a LOT of fun ) customize the paint job on your car, and participate in some big races like in the movie. Cars may get overlooked because of its seemingly kiddy approach, but I'm sure that when you play this game, you will be just as surprised as I was to see that a licensed movie-to-game was actually a lot of fun.


Game Review ( Pimp My Ride - 360 )

Graphics: 3/5 Probably the best part of the game. Not to say the graphics are really spectacular or anything, because they're not, but the textures look good, the cars don't look bad, and the enviroments look alright. No one would expect much from an MTV game, anyways.

Sound: 3/5 Well, Xzibit is in the game doing voice overs, he has some of his songs on here, and other things. The customers in this game are comical and pretty much LOL funny. They are so obviously fake, it's hilarious. The body movements don't go with the mouth either... what the hell...

Control: 2.75/5 What's there to control? You drive the car around, you go to different garages, you press buttons, and get the item. Wow? What's so cool about that? It's like playing an unbelievably bad version of DDR or something ( without any music ), with the 360 controller.

Fun: 2/5 Pimp My Ride is just really, really, really NOT good. It has potential, and it is decent fun, but it is absolutely repetetive, and there is no reason to play it unless you're an achievement point whore. Even then, you won't really want to play this. You constantly "pimp" rides, by pressing random button combinations. The saddest part is, Pimp My Ride has potential. If you could actually pimp the rides, it would be a lot more fun. But since you just take cars into garages and press buttons, it makes this game repetetive, boring, useless, pointless, and one hell of a bad game.