Friday, February 02, 2007

Game Review ( Pimp My Ride - 360 )

Graphics: 3/5 Probably the best part of the game. Not to say the graphics are really spectacular or anything, because they're not, but the textures look good, the cars don't look bad, and the enviroments look alright. No one would expect much from an MTV game, anyways.

Sound: 3/5 Well, Xzibit is in the game doing voice overs, he has some of his songs on here, and other things. The customers in this game are comical and pretty much LOL funny. They are so obviously fake, it's hilarious. The body movements don't go with the mouth either... what the hell...

Control: 2.75/5 What's there to control? You drive the car around, you go to different garages, you press buttons, and get the item. Wow? What's so cool about that? It's like playing an unbelievably bad version of DDR or something ( without any music ), with the 360 controller.

Fun: 2/5 Pimp My Ride is just really, really, really NOT good. It has potential, and it is decent fun, but it is absolutely repetetive, and there is no reason to play it unless you're an achievement point whore. Even then, you won't really want to play this. You constantly "pimp" rides, by pressing random button combinations. The saddest part is, Pimp My Ride has potential. If you could actually pimp the rides, it would be a lot more fun. But since you just take cars into garages and press buttons, it makes this game repetetive, boring, useless, pointless, and one hell of a bad game.


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