Monday, February 12, 2007

Game Review ( Root Beer Tapper - 360 Arcade )

The goal in Root Beer Tapper (RBT) is to give customers mugs by filling up root beer as a waiter. It sounds pretty easy, but it really isn't at all. My review.

Graphics: 3.75/5 RBT isn't an ugly game, it isn't an awesome looking game, it is just "meh". For 1983, these graphics looked pretty damn good, but now, they are nothing special. Updated to HD, and that's about it.

Sound: 4/5 Nothing more than cheap little generic bleep-bloops, with cheesy sounding music, but it will definitely catch your attention and it is nice to play with the sound on. The little noise that the tap makes after you will a mug will help perfect your timing so that you can complete levels easier, and quicker. The sound definitely helps you out, even if it is nothing special.

Control: 4/5 Thanks ( or no thanks ) to the terrible D-Pad on the 360 remote, there are several times where you will let a mug slip to the floor or get a customer pissed off, simply because the D-Pad won't respond at times. Luckily, there is the analog that can still be used on this game, which works much better.

Fun: 3.75/5 RBT is probably one of those games only certain people will have any interest in. It is certainly repetetive, but addicting, it does get damn hard really quick, ( but after a little practice, you will slowly but quite easily fly through the levels once you learn the patters ) but it's a fun little game to play. There is also a new Co-Op and versus mode. As you guessed, in versus mode you simply try to beat your opponent by getting the higher score, but in Co-Op, you work together to get a nice, big, fat high score. ( There's an achievement for getting 80,000 score. ) The Co-Op is flawed though. Instead of having you and your teammate on the same screen, you are on seperate screens, but your scores combine. Playing on the same screen would be better, more fun, and much easier, seeing as how there are four counters, you could each take two. Either this wasn't thought about including in the game, or it was dropped as an idea because lag could be a factor.

Either way, RBT is definitely a game chock full of flaws. It is fun for a little while up until you get the achievements, but after that you will most likely drop it completely. But since it won't be very easy to get all 200 achievement points, it's likely you will be playing this game for awhile until you get them all.


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