Monday, December 28, 2009

Game Review (DJ Hero - 360)

Graphics: 3/5 Just doesn't look that great. The characters are uninspired, the venues only look ALRIGHT - there's nothing stunning - and nothing exactly STANDS OUT.

Sound: 4/5 I give this a 4/5 despite about half the mixes being great, and the other half being mediocre or worse. A good number of these mixes will have you bobbing your hit while you DJ and the some of the others are just not-so-fun to play along to. There is also DLC, although not a lot, and it is sort of expensive.

Control: 4.5/5 This is a very great, new, innovative game. The DJ table is well built, heavy while being light and sturdy, and it's just really fun, including the scratching and whatnot.

Fun: 4.25/5 DJ Hero is music game of the year in my opinion just because of the innovative part. It's probably not quite as fun as The Beatles Rock Band, but it's new, and quite a bit of fun. I just wish there were more GOOD mixes, and better/cheaper DLC. Still, if you're curious and wondering if you'll like this, odds are you will, even though the learning curve is somewhat steep, and you will quite likely get dyslexic playing this game.


Friday, December 25, 2009

DVD Review (Spongebob Squarepants: The First 100 Episodes)

Spongebob Squarepants: The First 100 Episodes is the ultimate collection for any fan of the show. Seeing as how the first 100 episodes are from the first five seasons, these are the best of the best episodes. This DVD has 14 discs, and a bunch of bonus features. For about $80 you get HOURS of Spongebob Squarepants action. I can't recommend this DVD enough if you're a fan of the show. Enough said.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hardware Review ( Premium ION Drum Rocker - 360 )

At Best Buy I saw this ION sitting on a shelf in a beat up box for $159 on clearance down from $300. Apparently it was sitting there for awhile and they just wanted to sell it. I got it, brought it home, and set it up in a little over an hour with two people. All the stuff in the box makes everything seem intimidating, but it's not very difficult at all to set up.

After setting it up, I played a few songs. I instantly felt like I went into a timewarp to over a year ago. Although I set the drums up the same as the Rock Band kit, I was missing the pads now and then. This will take some time to get used to, as will the cymbals.

The pads are nice. I can tell right now they won't peel off or bubble, for sure. They aren't quieter than the stock Rock Band 2 drums, but they are quieter than the Rock Band 1 kit. There is a nice rebound, and they feel good and sturdy. The same can't quite be said for the cymbals. They seem to register flawlessly, but they don't register at all if you hit gently. Also, they are LOUD when you're hitting them constantly. (Like the hi-hat.)

The bass pedal was, and still is a bit funky to me. It's heavy metal, and won't move at all if it's on carpet since you get velcro strips to put on the bottom of it. Thing is, it feels almost broken because it's so easy to use. I really prefer the Rock Band 2 pedal, but this will do for now.

Overall the Premium ION Drum Rocker is a solid and sturdy kit that was well worth the $150 with cymbals. As for someone paying $300 for this kit, I would not say it's worth it. That just seems awfully expensive to me if you're using it just as a Rock Band kit. That's freakin' 150 DLC songs.

+ Well made kit.
+ Looks nice.
+ Well worth $150
- Takes awhile to set up.
- Lots of cords
- Standard price of about $300 is too a little high.
- Questionable bass pedal.

4.5/5 if you get for $150 or so.
3.75/5 if you you have to pay $250+.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drink Review (Monster Assassin NRG Shot)

This is only my second time ever having an energy shot, but basically my first since the original one was just so long ago... okay, enough idiocy. First of all, if you know anything about me, you'll know I'm one out of basically every ten people that prefers Red Bull to Monster... I do by a longshot, actually, but I got this at the Modern Warfare 2 midnight launch for free so decided to give it a try. First off a quick look at the nutrition facts shows that this is indeed a condensed can of Monster, in case you didn't know that. Here are some quick facts: 3 fl. oz., 30 calories, 6g sugar, 2000mg taurine, 5000mg 'Energy Blend', 400mg Panax Ginseng, etc. Anyways, whatever... then I opened it and took a whiff...

Appearance: 4/5 A bit lame reviewing the appearance, don't you think? Anyways, it comes in a small black plastic bottle... I'm sure you're looking at a picture or have already seen one by now. The Monster logo is in the middle with a crosshair on it, and there is shiny silver around the container. Pretty cool and simple, but nothing to cream your pants for.

Smell: 5/5 It smells indescribably awesome. I wish I had an air freshener that smelled remotely close to this. It's got almost a sour appleberry aroma to it. I could sniff the bottle all day.

Taste: 2.5/5 At the very second you put this on your tongue it doesn't taste too bad at all... probably because you're still thinking about the smell... but soon you realize this IS an energy shot, and it basically tastes like poopy cough medicine or mouth wash. It has a syrupy consistency to it, and the aftertaste is pretty appalling... like that of diet pop. To give you an idea of how foul I thought the taste really was, my eyebrows went crazy... in the bad way of course. Blech! Not very good at all.

Overall, I'd just have to give this between a 4.5 and a perfect 5. It does what it says. It's energy in a bottle, and it gives you just that. While I wish the taste was as good as the smell, it gets the job done. I have just one tip - choke it down quick.


400th Review! Game Review (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - 360)

Alas! Over two years later, Modern Warfare 2 has finally been released. While World at War was decent, I really didn't care to play ANOTHER World War II game... so Modern Warfare 2's release was super exciting for me. This is my review.

Graphics: 4.75/5 I didn't think so at first, but looking back, it's plain and simple to see that Modern Warfare 2 just looks much better than the original. Everything about it is just sharper. The only real reason I am not giving this a perfect 5/5 is the simple fact that there seems to be a bit more lag online than there was in Modern Warfare 1. I'm not sure why this is, but I can hope it ONLY improves.

Sound: 5/5 Great, as all Call of Duty games are. The explosions, the guns, the dialogue, everything is basically perfect. The only tiny flaw I have with the sound is the same I had in the original - the online dialogue is repeated over and over again. Still, that's small potatoes compared to the game as a whole. Beautifully done, again.

Fun: 4.5/5 Not a perfect score!? Are you MAD, man!? Hear me out. While Modern Warfare 2 is an easy candidate for Game of the Year, the game is not completely perfect. While all the minor and bigger additions are nice, including custom kill streaks, new third person mode, titles and emblems, new weapons, etc., the game just could have had MORE of those minor things, including a character creation thing. While this may have kind of been a strange and maybe even unwelcome addition to the series, I can't help but think Infinity Ward is holding off until the NEXT Modern Warfare to add that feature just to say they added something new. Modern Warfare 2 is near perfect, but some of the additions just have me scratching my head. The first and biggest thing that comes to mind here is the heartbeat sensor, which just screams for campers. There is a perk to block yourself from being seen, but really there just aren't THAT many people running around with them... so really, I guess I should shut up. Next is the kill streaks. Ha ha ha, yes, all fine and cool that you can customize them, but the 11 kill streak AC-130 / Chopper Gunner option is just completely obnoxious. Every now and then you'll play a game with someone that got one of the two from either a Care Package or just has it as their 11th kill streak. While they seem very different, in the end their very similar, and end in the person using it adding 6 or more kills easily to their killstreak if they have any talent at all. This feature essentially ruins the game, especially Team Deathmatch.

Anyways, moving on, the maps in the game (as seen in a previous preview) are pretty good for the most part with a bit more variety than Modern Warfare 1. However, after playing all the maps, and seeing what was in Spec Ops and in the campaign, I have a sick feeling in my stomach that Infinity Ward plans on releasing Map Packs in the future for multiplayer that resemble or are identical to ones in those modes. If that's the case, I will feel cheated. I mean, yeah, I'll still buy them day one, but... eh. I'll just hope they don't plan on doing this. Although the thought of battling it out against terrorists in Washington D.C. or Pittsburgh sounds pretty tasty...

Overall, Modern Warfare 2 is a near perfect game with a few minor flaws. While it is a lot like the original, - shocker! - Infinity Ward knew they didn't have to change much and didn't... they essentially took the original and added a few small things here and there to make the game better, and succeeded for the most part in doing so, although some things aren't very welcome additions, in my opinion. I'm pretty confident this game will be Game of the Year... developers didn't push back the dates on their games until after November 10th or until next year - they know Modern Warfare 2 will dominate this 2009 season.


+: Improved graphics, same great online play, a few very minor but fun additions including emblems/titles, Spec Ops is great.

-: Nothing major has changed - I guess that could be a bad thing?, some weak maps online (Although that's inevitable, really I think.), overpowered perks.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Game Review (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Part 1 - The Maps)

This is part one of a two or maybe three part review of MW2. This one features strictly around the multiplayer maps in the game, giving a brief description, and my opinion.

Afghan: 3.75/5 This map is hard to rate in my opinion, because it really depends on the opposing team more than any other map... or so I've noticed. Since a good majority of this map is really open, there are snipers aplenty - normally - inside of bunkers and the like. What makes this map more playable and enjoyable is the fact that there are some great places for cover including a mini-cave area which is a nice addition. I must say, I had some fairly high expectations for Afghan, thinking it would be a really great map, but it's really just average to play... most of the time.

Derail: 4/5 This is one of the larger maps in online play, or so it seems anyway. Derail is a very open map with trees and hills including two main buildings in the middle and one far side of the map. Because of the map's huge open areas, if an opposing team gets a helicopter/AC-130... really, anything in the air, and you spawn on the far side of the map away from basically no buildings, you're almost guaranteed to die at least once. The middle building of this map almost makes it. It's large, with two stairways, lots of windows for a bunch of vantage points, and it's just fun to play. Only downside to this map really is its large size.

Estate: 4.5/5 I was looking forward to this map more than any other - besides maybe Terminal - and it didn't let me down. Although parts of this map, and the fact that it does go uphill, remind me of one of my most loathed maps of Call of Duty 4, Creek, this map is a complete blast. It's large, but the different areas are really diverse. There is obviously a large house at the top of the hill, with a greenhouse and barn surrounding it, including a garage at the bottom of it. This is just a very fun map, and hanging around the house inside and out is just a lot of fun. One of the best maps in the game, in my opinion.

Favela: 4/5 Favela, I believe, was the first map to be shown in a multiplayer video... in full. The unique thing about this map is that virtually every rooftop you see you can get on one way or another. There are also a bunch of alley-ways and streets to walk through, making for some really great close encounters. While this map really encourages rooftop/window camping, or just camping in general, the fact that it's so busy makes it easy to escape firefights and thus makes the map more enjoyable to know you won't get shot in the back or get spawn killed every few seconds. A fun map, and the rooftop jumping is cool, but it still doesn't really seem to stand out.

Highrise: 3.75/5 One of the last maps I got a chance to play in MW2, Highrise is a map that just has a Rainbow Six: Vegas sort of look to it... I'm not sure why. Basically, there are two offices on each side of the map, with two open sides... you're on the top of a skyscraper, and if you fall off, well... you're going to die. There is also a lower section of the map that will allow you, and your enemies for that matter, try to get a surprise attack in. This is one of the smaller maps in online play, which will make this a favorite to many, but it just doesn't seem super unique.

Invasion: 4/5 While this map is pretty forgettable - as a matter of fact I had to go on YouTube and see what this map looked like in full as a refresher - by name, it's actually a really cool map. Parts of it remind me of a map from Call of Duty 2... I can't think of which, but it does. A cool desert-like map that takes place in a little town... not much else to say but it is enjoyable.

Karachi: 3.25/5 Ahh.. Karachi. This MAY just be my least favorite map in the game... or basically it. It's hard for me to even stand this map - the camping seems to be out of control on Karachi in particular, and it's just a map that seems to encourage it, even though it is pretty small. The buildings and close quarters all around make this a s'mores making borefest for the most part. I've played this map about three times so far, and every map has been very similar. Frustrating as well as boring. Just not very good.

Quarry: 4.25/5 The first map I played in MW2. I thought I was going to be let down by this map but it turned out to be a LOT of fun. It's pretty big, and the one side of the map is WAY different than the other. There are some buildings to sit in, but there is also a large portion of this map that is laid out with what is basically a concrete graveyard. A fun map for any playstyle.

Rundown: 3.75/5 Rundown is really an average map and there's something about it that makes it feel like it could have been in Call of Duty 2, 3, or World at War. It's not terrible, but it's not great. I have had some pretty awesome firefights on this map, so I will give it recognition for that.

Rust: 4/5 Here we have the Shipment of Modern Warfare 2, but instead of being a tiny map loaded with random boxes, Rust is a small map that basically stacks and there are a bunch of places to go, making the map feel bigger than it actually is. While I didn't care for the oh-so-small Shipment in CoD4, Rust is unique and fun here in Modern Warfare 2. I've enjoyed the games I've played on it so far - just nonstop firefights, really.

Scrapyard: 3.5/5 Another map that sort of feels like it could be in Rainbow Six: Vegas. It's decent, but nothing overwhelmingly special. One building on the four sides of the map, two of which don't face eachother, and a bunch of, well, SCRAPS in the middle of the map. It's a decently fun small/medium sized map, just nothing that will make you say "wow, this is different."

Skidrow: 4.5/5 One of my favorites. Skidrow takes place in an urban city and it's just a lot of fun... you can go inside of apartments all over the place. Up and down stairs, look out windows on two sides of the map - both of those sides which have a lot of space - and there are just some really epic firefights in the hallways on this map. To be honest, it has a Halo feel the way it is played, from what I've dealt with.

Sub Base: 4.5/5 Although it is basically NOTHING like it, I just want to say one... or is it two...? word. Frostfire. That is, Frostfire from SOCOM I/II. It's a snow/cold looking map. You play on a boat of some sort. You can play as the Navy SEALs. There are boxes in the middle of the map... I don't know why I'm giving these comparisons, seeing as how the two aren't even comparable... blah blah blah whatever. They're both a lot of fun. Sub Base is yet another map from this game I really enjoy a lot.

Terminal: 4.5/5 I thought this map would be hands down the best map in the game. Turns out I was wrong... it's still completely incredible to play, but I just got my expectations too high. A great map, and one of the most unique of the disc's sixteen. The only people I say really disliking this map is snipers, but even they could appreciate this map.

Underpass: 4/5 Underpass is a map that seems to, imagine this, take place underneath an express way. There are a good number of war torn buildings though out as well, and the map is of ideal size for a Call of Duty map in my opinion. A medium sized map that I think most will enjoy.

Wasteland: 3/5 I have a lot of dislike for this map. For one thing, it seems to be a map just made for snipers. At first glance, looking at this map you will just likely see slightly hilly land with a few trees and a lot of tall weeds, but after just a few minutes you'll realize there's actually a bunker around most of the map, making this map a BIT better than I would originally say. The center of the bunker will be the hotspot for most gunfire in nearly every game. Basically, without the bunker on this map, it would easily be the dud of Modern Warfare 2... through my eyes, anyway.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Game Review (LEGO Rock Band - 360)

Graphics: 4.25/5 The venues and the Rock Den and stuff like that look pretty good. Vibrant in color, and pretty cool. The thing is, the animations are sort of sad... I KNOW that they are LEGO's but I mean, still. That, and the drummer doesn't play along to the beat of any song at all - only the bass pedal does..

Sound: 4/5 LEGO Rock Band has a strange soundtrack. For every good song, there is 1 or 2 songs that suck. For instance, (This is my opinion of course) you've got "Fire", but then you've got "Ride a White Swan" and "Make Me Smile". There's "Ghostbusters", but there's also "Naive" - you can see where I'm going with this. LEGO Rock Band has a lot of GREAT songs and new bands to the Rock Band platform. You can also do an export for $10 on the PS3 and 360, but it should be known that you can't choose which songs you want to keep, and which you want to delete, as the file (1.28 GB, by the way) is just one hunka hunka burnin' HDD space.

Fun: 3.75/5 LEGO Rock Band is a pretty fun experience, but I can't help but think this is really a $50 - or really $60 if you pay for the export - track pack. The story is pretty fun to play through - and the cut scenes and Rock Den stuff is pretty cool. You can also use DLC you bought for Rock Band 1/2 in this game, but it should be known that only songs that past an "E" for Everyone filter will get in. For instance, I have 434 songs downloaded. When I went to make a setlist, it said I had 168. So yeah, while DLC from Rock Band 1/2 will work, not all of it does, as this is a family friendly game. LEGO Rock Band is a decent game that is well worth anybody's time that's a fan of music games... I just think this game will be much more popular for its real target audience - children.

Pros: Some great new bands, cool "new" experience
Cons: Unable to choose which bands you don't want in the export, some terrible unknown bands/songs, not all Rock Band songs work, seems like a 'kiddy track pack'


Monday, October 19, 2009

Game Review (Rock Band - iPhone/iPod Touch)

Rock Band has been ported to the iP's. I was pretty excited when I found out about this thing, and downloaded it as quickly as I could. This is my review.

Graphics: 4/5 Looks really good at the menus and everything. In-game, there is simply a loop at the top of the song being played, but it's not accurate.

Sound: 4/5 A pretty good soundtrack, although there are some songs that are so overplayed I'd rather die than play them. Cool thing is, you can purchase 2-song packs for $1 each.

Control: 2.5/5 The game is not a joy to play for the most part. If your timing is perfect, it seems you will STILL miss notes, and quite often when you hit two notes at once, they won't hit at the same time, even if you tap at the same time.

Fun: 3/5 Rock Band for the iPhone/iPod could be a good game, but the control ruins it. You'll find yourself missing notes when it's not your fault, and it is just very frustrating. Also, to go from medium to hard (there is no expert) is a huge step. Just saying.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Food Review (Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell)

So! Taco Bell has something "new", eh? Nah. They don't. The Black Jack was a huge let down, I must say. Why? The sauce that's on it is the same sauce they use on their Cheesy Gordita Crunch... I was expecting something new, but it wasn't. That's not to say it's bad, but it's not a new item. It's just the Cheesy Gordita Crunch's grandson. It doesn't have an extra layer of cheese, or a soft layer of a taco shell. For only 89 cents, it's hard to not recommend this. But if you have a Cheesy Gordita Crunch at your Taco Bell, definitely go with that. It is MUCH better.


+: Good if you don't have a Cheesy Gordita Crunch on your menu, 89 cents.
-: Pointless really if you do have the Cheesy Gordita Crunch at your location.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hardware Review (LG CF360 Cell Phone)

I got this phone last week for about $18 after a mail-in rebate. It came out earlier this year, so the price has dropped considerably. The box the phone is included in features a couple free Napster downloads, a battery, a charger, a screen wiper velvet thing, and a screen protector that is completely useless because its size is that of an iPhone, so you'd have to cut it and shape it yourself.

This will be a pretty long review so bear with me. If you don't want to read, and you'd rather see a video review, check out the one I did here: [Although this written review will probably be a lot more informative]

The CF360 comes in 2 colors - red and blue. As you can see from my video review, - if you watched it - mine is red. It isn't completely red, it's just trimmed, the same goes for blue. The phone slides open, and before sliding open, the phone almost looks like an MP3 player. I don't care for the way the buttons look, but after sliding it open, the phone looks much better. The numbers and all that look pretty sharp. On the other side of the phone, the CF360 has a smooth, slick, almost rubbery texture and appearance. This is nice for a few reasons - it's less likely to scratch, slip out of your hands if they are sweaty, and will probably absorb some of the blow if you were to drop it from a short height. Also on the back of the phone is a 1.3 megapixel camera. While it seems its getting a bad rep for being of 'terrible quality', I think the pictures look alright. The video on the other hand doesn't look great at all, and the audio isn't great either. Still, this isn't a camera, it's a cell phone, so if you get desperate or something / are without a camera, this would work decently enough.

Now, about the phone's features... the one thing that really frustrates me the most about this phone probably is the fact that you can't make your own ring tone unless you buy one or connect to a computer via a USB cable, which doesn't come with the camera, and will run you about $15. The phone's menu is also very easy to navigate, and virtually anyone can learn most of this phone inside out in a matter of a day at most. The outside of the phone also has a few buttons, including the now pretty basic easy-access camera button, a volume +/-, a MicroSD card slot for whatever you want, and the basic charger port which can also be used with a wired headset. It should also be known that this phone works with Blue Tooth. That's about all there is to know about the CF360. If you have any questions, comment my YouTube video, or message me on there.


Pros: Cheap phone in terms of price, solid feeling while still being light-weight, a nice material on most of the phone that basically makes the need for a case unnecessary.

Cons: AT&T... not the best phone service, can't customize ring tones, camera isn't very good for video.

Overall, the CF360 makes a solid basic phone.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Game Review (The Beatles: Rock Band - 360)

Graphics: 4.5/5 The backgrounds and dreamscapes and the overall look of the band is really great. The dreamscapes are really vivid and colorful, and the members look a lot like themselves. My only real problem with any of this is when you use "Beatlemania", and the 'highway' turns yellow... it can make it difficult to play drums.

Sound: 4.5/5 TB:RB has a solid soundtrack, no doubt, with songs that are great to play, including "Back in the USSR", "Day Tripper", "Helter Skelter", "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band", and many more. However, I can't help but notice there are a number of songs that seem to be sort of random inclusions, while great songs like "Eleanor Rigby" and "Hey Jude" are left off disc, forcing anyone interested to pay separately.

Difficulty: 3.5/5 TB:RB isn't a very difficult game, and that was to be expected. There are some surprisingly tricky songs on guitar, and a few somewhat hard songs and sections on drums, but really, this game is what it was thought to be. I'm actually thankful there aren't random not-even-there notes added to the tracks to make them more difficult. *cough* Activision.

Fun: 4.25/5 The Beatles: Rock Band, while probably well worth the $60 just for the experience, might not actually be worth it in the long run. The setlist of 45 songs is mostly great, with a few downers in the set, but the majority of the songs are really fun to play and/or at least listen to, and the backgrounds are all really cool. The menus look good, and there are - I believe - never-before-seen videos and photos, which are unlocked by doing well on songs. If you are a huge, huge, HUGE Beatles fan, this will be an instapurchase with no regrets. However, if you are just a fan, you might soon might wonder why you thought buying this was a good idea. There will be DLC weekly, according to HMX, so that will give this game virtually endless replayability for anybody that gets it.


Pros: A good 85% of the setlist is enjoyable to play, graphics are very good, it's the Beatles.

Cons: Some of the songs added on-disc seem random, only 45 songs, it's the Beatles. This could be a con to anyone that <3's difficulty. :P

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DLC Review ( Rock Band - Week of 8/25 )

I might just start doing this again when I feel like it... this week, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Billy Idol, and a new single from Jet were released. I only bought Tom Petty and Billy Idol, and these are my GUITAR and DRUM reviews for each song. (I will edit as I play the songs.)


"Mony, Mony": 3/5 Just genuinely not a fun song on guitar. There isn't much of it in the song, and you don't do much. It's alright, but I wasn't expecting this song to be real great fun anyway... on any instrument except for maybe the singer.

"Rebel Yell": 4.5/5 This was one of my favorites in Guitar Hero: World Tour, and I got it without hesitation - as with the other songs this week that I got. A great song that makes the guitarist feel involved, unlike "Mony, Mony". I really recommend this song.

"Won't Back Down": 4.25/5 It's a very easy song, I got an FC on my first attempt as with "Mony, Mony", but it's pretty fun... unlike "Mony, Mony". I love listening to this song, and I like playing it now, too.

"Runnin' Down a Dream": 4.75/5 Great song! Probably over-tiered, but this is easily my favorite song I bought this week. It's not only fun to play everything outside the solo, the solo is challenging and a lot of fun. Definitely worth the $2.


*Will review when I play on this instrument.*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DVD Review (The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season)

It's been awhile. Season 12 is finally on DVD. I was skeptical, but after watching the season, I can say I was very pleasantly surprised.


[*] indicates a "Season Great/Epicsode"

Treehouse of Horror XI: 4/5

G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad: 4.25/5 Homer eats broccoli and dies. Homer is told to do one good deed before being accepted into heaven.
Scary Tales Can Come True: 3.75/5 Bart and Lisa are thrown into the woods by Homer and Marge with only a fairy tale book to guide them through.
Night of the Dolphin: 4.25/5 Dolphins get revenge on Springfield, and summon all humans to the sea so dolphins can live back on land.

A Tale of Two Springfields: 4.25/5

A new area code splits Springfield in two and Homer becomes mayor. The members of New Springfield aren't happy with what he's doing, and move to Olde Springfield, leaving only the Simpsons in the New Springfield. To combine the Springfields into one, Homer gets The Who to play in his half of the city.

Insane Clown Poppy: 3/5

Krusty meets his daughter, and is soon seen gambling. He gambles away his daughter's violin, and he and Homer try to get into Fat Tony's hideout to get the violin back.

Lisa the Tree Hugger: 3.5/5

Lisa stays in a large redwood tree that is threatened to get cut down. The stays up in it for a night of protest, but decides to leave. The next morning, the tree is struck by lightning and Lisa is presumed dead.

[*]Homer vs. Dignity: 4.5/5

Homer is paid large sums of money by Mr. Burns to embarrass himself, but changes his ways with a little encouragement from Lisa.
[Will review episodes as I watch.]

[*]The Computer Wore Menace Shoes: 4.5/5

Homer gets a new computer and decided to create his own website under the name Mr. X. His gossip and news site gets spread around really quick and is soon wanted by police. This is a really good episode in my opinion, but most of the ending is just sort of stupid in my opinion.

[*]The Great Money Caper: 4.75/5

Homer and Bart decide to grift after realizing their magic act wasn't working. They soon get "caught" and learn their lesson.

[*]Skinner's Sense of Snow: 5/5

The only school to be open during a massive snowday, the whole school gets snowed in, forcing Skinner to take charge. The students revolt, and Skinner gets serious. Meanwhile, Flanders and Homer attempt to free the school.

[*]HOMR: 5/5

Homer discovers he has a crayon in his brain and decides to have it removed. He becomes smarter but learns he was better off less intelligent. He has the crayon placed back in his brain.

Pokey Mom: 4.25/5

Marge takes in an ex-con who is a very talented artist. Meanwhile, Homer becomes a chiropractor and attempts to patent his own device.

[*]Worst Episode Ever: 4.5/5

After Comic Book Guy has a heart attack, Bart and Milhouse take over his store, Android's Dungeon. Bart and Milhouse soon discover a secret room with hidden tapes. Meanwhile, Comic Book Guy dates Agnes Skinner.

Tennis the Menace: 4.25/5

Marge and Homer decide to join a doubles tournament for tennis, but Marge dumps Homer for it. Homer then recruits Lisa. Homer and Lisa face Marge and Bart in the tournament, but they get replaced by professional tennis players.

Day of the Jackanapes: 4.25/5

Sideshow Bob gets back out of prison and decides to set up another scheme. This time, one that will kill both Bart and Krusty. This is probably my favorite Sideshow Bob episode, besides "Krusty Gets Busted"

[*]New Kids on the Blecch: 4.5/5

Bart, Nelson, Milhouse, and Ralph get recruited to be in a boy band called Party Posse. Lisa realizes that the music videos the guys star in is giving subliminal messages.

Hungry, Hungry Homer: 3.75/5

Homer protests the future possible movement of the Springfield Isotopes to Albuquerque by starving himself outside the stadium.
-Will review as I watch-

[*]Bye, Bye Nerdie: 4.5/5

Lisa discovers that sweat from nerds attracts bullyism. Meanwhile, Homer realizes how dangerous things can be in an everyday household for a baby.

Simpson Safari: 4/5

Homer wins a trip to Africa after winning one. While there, the Simpsons encounter a professor that makes monkeys dig for diamonds.

[*]Trilogy of Error: 4.75/5

Homer gets rushed to a hospital for a dismembered finger, Lisa needs to get to her school science fair, and Bart gets involved in a fireworks problem with Fat Tony. The whole episode follows the three parts to show how it all unfolds.

I'm Goin' to Praiseland: 4/5

Homer and Ned open a place called Praiseland in memory of Ned's deceased wife, Maude. Ned and Homer believe Maude's statue tells people what their lives will be like when they die.

[*]Children of a Lesser Clod: 4.75/5

Homer opens up a daycare service after Rod and Todd recommend it. Because of this, Bart and Lisa get jealous of the attention the kids are receiving from Homer, and come up with a plan to show everyone who Homer really is.

[*]Simpsons Tall Tales: 4.5/5

This episode features 3 tall tales - Paul Bunyan, Connie Appleseed, and Tom and Huck. While I didn't particularly care for Paul Bunyan, Tom and Huck was okay, and Connie Appleseed was very funny.


The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season is one HELL of a season - completely underrated - and, in my opinion, better than seasons 11 and 10, and even 9 and 8. The bonus features are alright, as usual. 24 minutes of deleted scenes on the fourth disc, best Comic Book Guy moments from up until 2001, Butterfinger commercials and a Red Rooster one from 2000/2001, and a Simpsons Fanfest from 200...1 I think? And, as always, there is also commentary on every episode.

As far as the boxing is concerned, Season 12 is a bit better than eleven. The discs are easier to get out of the box, and the material sleeve that the discs go in is a little more scratch resistant. The Comic Book Guy head you see on the box, as with season eleven, can be taken off. There is only bit of that peely-glue stuff to take off.

Overall, as I said, this is a great season, and is probably my favorite season since season 7, or maybe 8... I'm probably one of VERY few to say this, but I just really thoroughly enjoyed most of this season. It started slow, but it really got going, and the Simpsons Tall Tales and Trilogy of Error episodes were a great little change. I really recommend this season.


Pros: Several awesome episodes, I counted 11 "epicsodes" out of 21 episodes... that is a really good ratio. Also some pretty cool bonus features.

Cons: The box, while slightly improved, is still pretty subpar. The first disc for the most part doesn't have very good episodes... that's really about it.

And now we wait for season 13...

Friday, July 31, 2009

My Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience

The day was July 30th 2009 - extraction day. I walked into the dentist's office to sign in and my mom quickly found out that instead of our insurance covering 80% of the surgery, it would only cover about 50%. My mom was pretty pissed, and had to charge about $860 to her credit card. Then we sat in the waiting room, for about five to ten minutes... I forget, I was just really anxious. Then a woman came out with a "goody bag" as she called it, and handed it to my mom while explaining what was inside. After that, I was taken back, and laid in a chair. The same woman asked if I wanted laughing gas. I reluctantly said yes, and didn't mind it for a little while, until I started feeling a little awkward, at which point I took it off... I just didn't like the feeling. A few minutes later, the surgeon came in with the anesthesiologist. I got monitors put on my chest and index finger, and I started to feel a little more anxious. At that point, the surgeon asked me how I felt, and I replied, "I'm just a little anxious." he exclaimed that was completely normal, and he continued to work on the IV. He put the needle in my arm, which was barely a pinch, taped the needle down, and turned on the juice. I asked him, "Will I fall asleep in a few seconds?" and he said, "It will probably be more like a minute." I really don't remember a single thing after that. It was like they say everywhere - in what seemed like a blink, I woke up to a nurse putting lip balm on my lips saying they were chapped... then I remember a few other sketchy scenes. For instance, me attempting to stand up and nearly collapsing. I was given a wheelchair, and wheeled out to my car. From then on, I regained full conciousness.

On the way home, my mom stopped at CVS and picked up chocolate milk, vanilla ice cream, and root beer float ice cream, as well as put in my prescriptions, which included Amoxocillin (the antibiotic I used as a precaution to a possible infection) Vicodin, (a painkiller, of course) and Ibuprofen. (Which is mainly an anti-inflammatory, but it has some painkiller stuff in it. It's basic name is Motrin.) When I got home, my chin, bottom lip, and ears were all completely numb. It was difficult, but I managed to have ice cream and take my meds.

Currently, I'm laying in bed at 1:36 A.M. on day one. I feel alright, but my bottom right extraction area is not feeling too good. While the other three seem to be doing great, this one is having issues. First, when I look at it, it seems to be the only one that has a little hole - gasp - like a dry socket. It also continuously keeps bleeding, even if I use gauze... it doesn't seem to want to clot. I'll see what happens tomorrow, and if the blood doesn't clot and I keep bleeding, I'll likely have to go back to the dentist/surgeon... I don't know what they'll have to do - maybe stitch it or give me clove oil gauze - but I'm not expecting anything too bad. I think I've been through the worst part, and it really wasn't even all that bad. I was really anxious about the whole fact that I'd be asleep during the procedure, paranoid about not knowing what would happen, if I'd wake up, if I'd have an allergic reaction, all that nonsense. Well, everything went fine... so far.

A couple hours ago my surgeon called me on the phone, Dr. Schneider, and asked how I was doing. I said I was fine, (which I am, not really lying.) and he just said that while today may have been painful, tomorrow will be worse, and I'd only get better from then on. While this is true, that's only true if you DON'T have a dry socket... which I think I may... but it's too early to tell. I'll keep you updated.

4/17/13 Update: Yeah, it's been almost FOUR YEARS since I got my wisdom teeth out, but for anybody that reads this, I know how annoying it is to read an article or post that says "I'll keep you updated." and see no response. It's been a long time, but better WAYWAY late than never.

Basically, getting them out sucked, but it wasn't the worst thing ever. I couldn't completely open my jaw for about a week or so, and I was extremely cautious about what I ate, but the Vicodin helped with the pain considerably. I didn't get a dry socket like I was scared of getting, either. Basically, getting your wisdom teeth out can be a kind of scary experience, but a lot of the stress is taken out of the equation when you get put under. If you're scared of getting them out, don't be. I had teeth extracted when I was about ten years old because I had extra adult teeth, and I needed them out before getting braces -- I was awake for that, and while I was numb for awhile and in minor pain, I survived that too.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hardware Review (Sony Vaio NW150J Laptop)

I got this laptop a couple days ago after realizing I had enough graduation money to get it, and read a lot of positive reviews. There are a few things about this laptop I dislike, but mostly, I'm pleased. First, it costs $799 at Best Buy, but you'll end up spending about $1000 if you get Anti-Virus, taxes, and a warranty. That's a decent deal for this thing, and it has a Blu-Ray player for the same price as a similar laptop by Sony. Here's the catch - that laptop was preloaded with Microsoft Office, but it didn't have a Blu-Ray player. The laptop screen itself is something like 720P, and the Blu-Ray discs look very good on it. One pretty big downfall is the fact that the audio/video sync gets screwed up every now and then. How do you fix it? Pause and play, or stop and play. Sort of annoying, but easy to fix.

The screen itself is, I believe, 15.5 inches, which is great for me. i just like a big screen on a laptop. The keyboard is probably the best I've ever used on a laptop. The keys are raised as if it were a desktop's keyboard, and it's much easier for me to type quick and efficiently.

The HDD is about 320GB, I forget the exact amount, and the RAM is a very nice 3.8 GB. While mostly everything about this laptop is great, there are a few flaws. The audio/video sync as I stated earlier is one thing, and the other two are as follows. First, the battery is SUPPOSED to last 5 hours according to the advertisement. It actually lasts a little over 2. Now THAT is serious false advertising. The BIGGEST flaw about this laptop, and the reason why I think this laptop was only $799, is the terrible video card. I went to and found out that I can't run very many new-age games because my videocard is just crap. The worst part? It is NOT replacable. Sony soldered the puppy in, so it's permanent. A definite bummer if you plan on using your laptop for games as I planned to. Guess I should have looked into it more.

Overall, the Sony Vaio NW150J/S laptop is pretty much ideal if you are business person. Weighs a little over 6 pounds, looks great, has a blu-ray player for potential trips to wherever, and it's a very reasonable price. I have only had it for maybe half a week, but so far, no problems, and a good amount of praise. Worth a look into.


Pros: Lots of RAM, big screen, nice looking, nice keyboard, Blu-Ray!

Cons: Terrible irreplaceable video card, false advertising about the battery which is pretty poor, audio/video sync is occasionally off on Blu-Ray movies.

???: I'll never get over this... why can't the video card be swapped!?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Game Review (Counter-Strike: Source - PC)

Graphics: 4.5/5 While it does vary depending on the map, (Whether it is user or Valve created) for the most part, the graphics look really good, especially since considering this game was released so long ago. They aren't mindblowing, but they are nice and sharp. A downfall is the lag that seems inevitable when there is a lot of stuff going on at once, or when there are several people on screen at once.

Sound: 3.5/5 Pretty average. The BOT dialogue is alright, but they really do just repeat themselves over and over again after a short while. The guns don't sound very good, either. Not terrible sound, but not award winning.

Control: 4/5 A classic PC FPS. WASD to look, mouse to move/strafe/shoot. Other letters on the keyboard also have different uses. Not much to say, but it really is nice to finally play a shooter away from the 360.

Fun: 4.25/5 CS:S is a fun game for a number of reasons. First off, although it doesn't really affect the fun factor at all, it is pretty inexpensive at $20. Secondly, there are a solid number of sites where you can download some new maps to play with other people and/or bots. There are SEVERAL great maps, including ones that emulate The Simpsons's own Springfield, a pool, office, et cetera. While the game takes some getting used to, (It is difficult to play online. Everyone seems to get insta-kills... look it up.) CS:S is a nice change from a console FPS. It is old, but now it is only twenty bucks, you can download it digitally, it has a fanbase that seems to be running VERY strong, and the gameplay is virtually endless with the number of free maps available. Definitely recommend this game.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drink Review (WoW Game Fuel)

The Blue Stuff:


Really is pretty good. It has a color similar to voltage, it smells a lot like Pepsi Blue did, and it really does taste what I imagine Voltage, Super Nova, and Revolution would taste like if mixed. I'm pretty sure that's what this essentially is. Pretty good, but nothing really DIFFERENT.

The Orange Stuff


It's the good old Game Fuel! This is the same formula as the Halo 3 Game Fuel was that came out a couple years ago now. Has that great taste with the aftertaste of almost cotton candy. Mmm...

Looks like the Horde wins in this battle.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Game Review (MLB 2K9 - 360)

Graphics: 3/5 Just bland. Besides the jerseys and the stadiums from a distance, most everything else is pretty bad. A huge majority of the players look nothing like their real life countrrparts, whacky animation is a mainstay, and the little puffs of dirt that float around are a very small but annoying eye sore. The menus really do look nice - at least.

Sound: 3.5/5 Gary Thorne and Mr. Phillips do the commentary this time around, replacing John Miller and Joe Morgan. They do a good job, but as expected, repeat a lot of lines over-and-over again. The soundtrack features some good songs, but there aren't many. Not a terrible sounding game, but not spectacular.

Control: 3.5/5 Meh. I don't mind the pitching as much as some do, I actually like it. The hitting is okay too, but the fielding is buggy. You will likely find yourself running past balls that should automatically be picked up. Pretty buggy, but managable.

Fun: 3.75/5 Despite these issues, MLB 2K9 is playable. Errors that were fixed also created new ones, but for the most part, 2K Sports really seemed to just mask the issues of the game with a slicker looking interface. The menu is nice and inviting and the Live Rosters are cool, but the game some what does lack in gameplay. While not very good, it's the only option for a simulation baseball game on the 360 until next year. While the game is a bit glitchy, it often times doesn't really affect plays in the field. In short, if you disliked previous installments of 2K games, you won't like this. Otherwise, I - flame away - almost actually encourage you to try this game and decide for yourself.


Pros: Nice menus, great stats.
Cons: Buggy/glitchy, still an MLB 2K game.
?: What baseball game will we get next year?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Game Review (Battlefield: 1943 - XBLA)

Graphics: 4.75/5 While they are nothing short of phenomenal - and the best looking game on XBLA - there are a few issues. Occasionally black bars will pop up and flash aroud on screen, and Ive also experienced some in-game freezes every couple games. Other than that though, very impressive. The graphics just about rival that of an Xbox 360 disc.

Sound: 4.5/5 Also very nice. The best part no doubt is when you hear a plane fly by overhead, although the tanks andmost everything else also sound very nice. Again, I should remind you this is an arcade game.

Control: 4.25/5 Like Call of Duty with a few subtle differences and button switches. You can't prone in this game, sadly, which is a shame for you snipers out there. Also, the weapon switching and grenade throwing may take a little bit of time to get 100% used to, but overall, managable.

Fun: 4.5/5 Battlefield: 1943 is just one hell of an Xbox LIVE "Arcade" title. Great graphics, surprising depth, and addictability... is that a word?However, the game isn't perfect. Being that it does cost 1200 MSP, and not 4800 MSP (Which would be the price equivalent of the average Xbox 360 disc.) you only get 3 maps, which are all great, don't exactly differ drastically. A fourth map is promised if XBL kills exceed 53 million, but it is Dogfight only. I.E., planes only. Nevertheless, the fact that you don't need to put anything in your disc tray to play this game is pretty cool, and the game itself is just fun, but not perfect. The game gets glitchy here and there, the hit detection isn't perfect, there are only three classes, (Rifleman, Infantryman, Scout) and the "in-depth stats" don't even display deaths or kill-death ratio. Despite these minor flaws, Battlefield: 1943 is a virtual must-have for FPS fans and XBLA fans alike. We can now only hope we get more maps for this game in the near future to keep it fresh, and hope we can have more games like this on the Arcade.


Pros: Only $15/1200 MSP, looks great, pretty addictive.
Cons: Not a LOT of depth, online only, how long will it last?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Game Review ( Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - 360 )

Graphics: 4/5 Do you remember what Guitar Hero World Tour looked like? Yeah - this game looks like that. Pretty decent, but what stands out are the venues that once again look very cool.

Sound and Control: Pointless to review, it's a Guitar Hero game.

Fun: 3.5/5 Guitar Hero Smash Hits (GH:SH) is a game you'd expect from Activision, who is basically milking this franchise for all it's worth. The soundtrack isn't spectacular, seeing as how a number of the songs are already in Rock Band on disc or as DLC, or are just terrible choices. Through the Fire and Flames is probably the most annoying song in the game for the simple fact that I had to play it enough on Guitar Hero 3 online with 7 year olde trying to play it on Expert. Overall, GH:SH just isn't a game you'll be playing for a long time at all. While it is cool to finally strum throgh a master track of "Free Bird", or push your vocal chords to the extreme on "Killer Queen", 48 songs for 60 dollars just isn't worth it, especially since - as I stated a few sentenced back - Rock Band already has a decent number of these songs. Smash Hits is an okay game, but it's no Rock Band - or even Guitar Hero: Metallica, for that matter.


Pros: All masters!
Cons: Not the greatest setlist, not many songs, Activi$ion milking the franchise cow.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gun Review ( M82 Double Eagle )

Price: $30-$40
Where: Amazon and other online retailers.
Sucks for: Marc Fennell
Because: He can't have one

I got this gun from and got it a few days later only paying a little bit for shipping. Out of the box I wasn't expecting anything unexpected - I had seen unboxings and reviews on YouTube. Basically, you get the gun, which looks great, has some weight to it, (only because concrete or metal was added for the "realistic effect") and feels nice, and a bunch of other litle things. First, you get a suppresor/silencer that doesn't do anything for quieting the gun itself, but enhancing how the gun looks in my opinion. Then you have the ACOG scope which really is crap. While it also enhances the appearance, like any of the other attatchments, to try and actually use it would be stupid. Another thing you get is a flash light that is actually pretty cool. People have complained in reviews about leaky batteries but O haven't had a problem with that, and the light is just bright and functions pretty well. Another attachment is the grip, which is all plastic. It doesn't do anything either, since the gun has no recoil to begin with obviously, but it's more comfortable to hold than the jagged rail without attachments on it. Finally, the last extra you get, and byfar the worst, is the laser. Why is this? For one thing, you basically have to build and put it on your gun yourself, which takes about a half hour, just to find out that it doesn't even work, and the "instructions" are pigeon English no one could ever understand. Pretty crappy.

Anyway, more about the guns visuals. The M82 is a take on a 552 Commando, and looks a lot like it, and is a 1:1 scale. There is also a foldable stock. I don't know what good that is because I'm a BB gun n00b, but I'll assume it's for storage. The clip you get with this gun is basically crap. It works fine, but it holds an abysmal 30-35 rounds, which is basically an F on an Airsoft gun's mag capacity report card unless it's a sniper or pistol. You will definitely want to buy a few spare clips, which cost only $5-$10 each. The battery you get to charge this thing is sort of also a pain. It's pretty fragile, and it's moderately frustrating trying to get it out of its covering. It also takes about 2-3 hours to charge and lasts for a good while.

Now, how the gun performs. I charged this up and took it outisde not expecting much. I shot a few rounds, I came to a quick conclusion that this gun has very inconsistent accuracy. Was I surprised? Of course not. After all, so paid only $35 for this thing. As I explained earlier, the clip empties in seconds, and can take up to about two minutes to reload. You get a "speed loader" with the gun, but it's like loading up a Civil War style musket, and it still takes a little while, which leads me to remind you wain that you should get an extra mag or two or three if you get this gun. There is also a hop-up feature as well as normal on this gun, but I saw virtually no difference between the two, so I peace mine on normal. Speaking of features, there is a safe, single shot automatic, and full automatic feature on this gun. Now while talking about SHOOTING the gun, let me tell you about the BB's you get with this gun - complete crap. I'm not sure if they are .12 or .20, but they break if you hit anything thats not somewhat cushy, I.E. a human or a couch. I managed to split a BB in half Davy Crockett style when I shot at a candle holder thing.

After this long review of M82 Double Eale bashing, I close by saying that this gun is well worth a purchase for first time buyers of an automatic airsoft gun, or someone who wants a decent gun for backyard wars. It's cheap in price, not all-too cheap in quality, looks really cool, and could easily be used as a prop in a video if you do that sort of thing. I haven't used the Double Eagle M83 or M85, but I know they look like an M4/M16 and G36C respectively. If you want any more info send me a message on XBL. My tag is in the right column.


Pros: Looks great, feels nice, cool attachments FTMP, cheap in price.
Cons: The attachments really are all useless, it's all plastic, won't last a long time most likely.

Other information: Uses 6mm BB's, .20g recommended, 240-260 FPS.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Food Review ( Wendy's Buffalo, Asian, and BBQ boneless wings )

They had these awhile back and I am GLAD it has made its return.

Buffalo: 4.75/5 Mmm. Delicious. Add a little blue cheese and you'd think you were at a sit-in restaurant. Very tasty, although I don't recommend taking a whiff of them. It will clear your sinuses big time.

Honey BBQ: 4/5 Not the best flavor of sauce, and there was almost a milky after taste. Definitely my least favorite, but still pretty good.

Asian: 4.75/5 One tasty meal. The sweet and spicy combo makes this one the best of the three - slightly better than the buffalo. If you get any, and can take a LITTLE heat, this is the one you should go with.

It sucks that these are limited time only, but hey, maybe they'll become a mainstay like the Volcano Taco at Taco Bell. (Crying shame Taco Bell discontinued the Spicy Chicken Burrito.)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Food Review ( Taco Bell's Cheesy Potato Bacon Burrito )

Taco Bell has come out with yet another limited time item - this time around, there's BACON! Today I got this burrito after seeing a commercial for it yesterday. I must say, I wasn't impressed. For one thing, the burrito tasted like it was VERY salty. Also, there wasn't much bacon to be tasted. The texture overall wasn't very pleasent, either. It seemed as if the bacon kept getting stuck in my tonsils. Basically, it's a shame this burrito turned out the way it did. I once thought bacon made virtually everything better... I may have to rethink that.


Pros: Bacon...!, different.
Cons: The bacon isn't great, the flavor is that of mostly saltiness.

I would probably not buy this again. However, I would recommend at least TRYING it. It's cheap, and worlds different than the traditional Taco Bell flavor.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Game Review ( NPPL Paintball 2009 - 360 )

Graphics: 2.75/5 The environments look okay and the bunkers look nice, but everything else is sad, including the character movements and MOSTLY the lag. The game slows down constantly in single player, especially so when you are sprinting across the field. Also, players pixelate and disappear after being shot, and the shadows are also pixelated and bizarre.

Sound: 2/5 The paintball guns shooting and splatting is all very satisfying, but hearing the same few lines repeated constantly, and the same few songs loop constantly just gets annoying in minutes.

Control: 3/5 The shooting of the paintball gun is very realistic and cool, but everything else is quite a failure. Your guy often won't prone when you want, it's difficult to sprint and turn, and the crosshairs turns very strangely.

Fun: 2.5/5 NPPL is just flawed. Very, very flawed. The Career Mode forces you to play 30+ tournaments on 30+ different maps, but you'll get bored and feel the redundancy in about a half hour. Unlocking stuff is cool, but a lot or it is just for show and doesn't really do anything. Speaking of not doing anything, let's look at the AI! Even on the "hardest difficulty", you can simply ditch the "precise tactics" of a realistic paintball experience and bum rush the A-holes, and it almost always works. There are also "skill points" you can buy for your teammates, and you can set-up a "pre-game plan", but none of that is even worth the time, because the game is just SO damn easy. NPPL PAINball should be the name of this game because it really will be just that - a pain - tryin to finish this 6-hour-got-boring-in-a-half-hour career. I don't even think the most hardcore of paintball fans will be playing this game for long. Simply put - not good.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Game Review ( World Series MLB Baseball - App Store )

Graphics: 3.25/5 3D graphics, some pretty nice animation, but there isn't much. characters look nothing like their ownselves, and there are only 4 generic parks to play in. at least we get official MLB jersies.

Sound: ?/5 Cant say, honestly because I didn't listen. I would think it'sprobably pretty generic and bland though, andwith no commentary.

Control: 4/5 Many reviewers despised the control, but i think it's pretty cool. you tilt your iPod/iPhone to bat and pitch. my only itch is with the fact that theball travels SUPERslow to the plate and it can end up in you striking out a bunch. My first game, though, I won 5-2 with 20 hits.

Fun: 3/5 There are a lot of things hinting at the developers laziness and lack of money. Only four stadiums, no ability to steal bases, a pointless season mode that tracks only your wins and losses, and apparently the MLBPA didn't want in on this game. AKA, there are NO player names which is probably the biggest problem with this game to me. Every player is simply called by position. (And pitchers are named "Starting pitcher", etc.) I do like a few things about this game. There is no fielding that the player controls except the runners - thank god. the fielding would probably be a bitch. If you want to play a baseball game on your iPod, get 9 Inning Baseball '09. it's cheaper and more fun, even if it doesn't have MLB teams.


Would not recommend purchasing for its current price of $6.99 unless there is a BIG update.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Game Review ( Halo Mythic Map Pack - 360 )

Assembly: 4/5 Assembly is virtually a Midship remake from Halo 2, with a bit of a Gemini feel, too. Although Bungie said nothing about Assembly supposedly being a remake, it most definitely is. While it's not a bad thing, I was caught off guard and wasn't too pleased at first. Assembly is a decent map, but expect to get shot in the back a lot on this map, seeing as how it's a round-like map.

Orbital: 5/5 Quite possibly my favorite Halo 3 map. Orbital is a great asymmetrical map that has a Star Wars feel to it. This map is great for Team Slayer and Capture the Flag. Not much else can be said but that it is quite epic. It also features a rocket launcher, sniper, and tricky crouch-jump area.

Sand Box: 4/5 In itself, Sand Box isn't fun or impressive. Playing this map in a playlist with Capture the Flag is completely trashy. When the opposing team is driving around the map on a Warthog while someone else is spawn camping with a Brute Chopper, it makes it virtually impossible to escape. However, Sand Box as a Forge map is better than Foundry for the simple fact that it has three levels. A monster air level, a bigger-than-Foundry under level, and a decent sized ground level. My main gripe about this map in Forge is that it the pieces are kind of ugly for the most part. Foundry's pieces are just more appealing.

The Mythic Map Pack, to me, isn't a very strong pack. Forging around on Sand Box is fun, but you can't really build a huge map on the "air" part of the map because of a lack of pieces. The biggest map I've made on Sand Box is a Vacant remake from Call of Duty 4. That barely worked. I recommend downloading this map pack if you're a huge Forge user or Halo 3 fan. Otherwise, you should probably wait until the price goes down.


Food Review ( Big Mac vs. Whopper )

It's been a very long debate - which is better? A Big Mac or a Whopper? I know there are many people that are saying, "Fast food burgers are disgusting", and frankly, if you're one of them, get the fuck out. But for those that are wondering what my take is, I can tell you for the most part it depends on what mood you're in. Overall, though, I'd say Big Mac is better than the regular Whopper. Ask me in the past, I'd probably say a Whopper was better than a Big Mac. I pick Big Mac because it's just more different than a Whopper is from a, say, Wendy's burger, in that they have the same contents. Not every hamburger has a thousand-island-like secret sauce. However, I'd probably say the Angry Whopper is better than the Big Mac.

Verdict: Big Mac

Food Review ( Angry Whopper from Burger King )

I always love when Burger King has limited time things - they are usually great - with the exception of the burger shots... can you say POINTLESS? The Angry Whopper is a delicious Whopper with crispy onion-ring like things, a mysterious but tasty sweet-like sauce, and jalapenos on it. If you like spicy foods, I don't think I can recommend this more. I wish this was a mainstay on the Burger King menu.


+ Amazing!
- Doesn't last long... ='[

Food Review ( Carne asada chipotle taco salad from Taco Bell )

I can just say off the bat I am more than unimpressed with this Taco Salad. For one thing, it is $5 - probably because of the fact "steak" is in it. That's all fine and good. Anyway, this is what this thing is if you don't know what a taco salad is. A taco shell, with beans and rice on the bottom, followed by a decent amount of steak, a LOT of lettuce, a few sprinklings of cheese, and a chipotle dressing. At 'only' 960 calories, this thing is of pretty decent size. My main problem is that it just isn't worth the $5 when there are several better things you can get off the 79, 89, 99c menus. Also, the chipotle just doesn't taste that great. It's hard to recommend - I don't think I'd be willing to buy this again.

Not recommended.
3/5 (Good to try once, maybe.)

Food Review (3,5,7 layer nachos from Taco Bell)

These came out awhile ago but I just now decided, "I really do have no life. Maybe I'll start reviewing "limited time" things from certain fast food restaurants. Off we go.

Three Layer Nachos: 4.75/5 For only 79 cents, you get nachos that have Taco Bell sauce, cheese, and beans on them. Very good, and not overwhelming. May very well be the best of the three nachos I can tell you right now.

Five Layer Nachos: 4.5/5 For a measly ten cents more, you can get the five layer nachos, which have what the three layer nachos have, including a Monterrey jack cheese and meat.

Seven Layer Nachos: 4/5 And for ten cents more than the five layer nachos are the over-done and not-so-yummy seven layer nachos. They have what the five layer nachos have plus sour cream and guacamole. The reason I don't care much for these nachos is that there is simply too much stuff on them, and not enough chips.

Overall, I strongly recommend the three and five layer nachos over the seven. Not to mention the Taco Bell guacamole is pretty runny and doesn't taste that great. Still, to get all three of these nachos for under $3 is a great value.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Game Review ( GRID - 360 )

Graphics: 4.75/5 Completely fantastic. The cars, tracks, and sense of speed are remarkable. The game even runs great to boot. My only itch is with the in-car review mirrors. What's up with the PS1 graphics there? Anyway, as said, great looking game. Every car looks different inside, too.

Sound: 4.5/5 The cars sound unbelievable. Try putting on some headphones, put the volume up, and go in-car view. What a great experience. The engines and crashes and different surfaces you race on sound great. The flaw with the sound here for me are the tedious line repeats over your inter-com. The acting isn't good and there are only five lines of seems; all of which you hear in every race.

Control: 4.75/5 I could only wish I had the 360 wheel... still though, the game controls really great. Each car controls differently, too, better yet. Not much else can be said about the controls except that they are virtually perfect.

Fun: 4.75 So much can be said about this game - I'll try to keep it a little short here. First, it should be known that you start needing a certain amount of money to fix up your car. After a few races, you'll raise enough money to get to the meat of the game. This all really works out well because Codemasters gives you a chance to really get familiar with the game. As you race, you get money for new cars and Rep in three separate regions: The US, Europe, and Japan. Reputation gets you more races and a higher rank, buy more on that later. US type tracks are generally more intimate and city-based. You'll find yourself racing through San Francisco, Detroit, Long Beach, and Washington DC. On Europe, you race on more open-sided tracks - Indy car races aren't uncommon. And in Japan, you will me doing a lot of one-on-one races down mountain sides, and drift races/challenges. Basically, all three regions vary pretty well and give this game some staying power. Anyways, back to the career really quick. Not to really "spoil" what happens a few seasons in (there isn't a story anyway) but you will eventually get a teammate. This teammate can be hired and fired by you. Depending on price, you can get a skilled or unskilled player, agressive or passive racer, and so on. This gives the game even more depth. Overall, GRID has to be my favorite racing game in a long while, if not ever. Think Burnout and Gran Turismo; a game with depth, great graphics, cool crashes, and more. GRID truly is a must play of you haven't played it yet - racing fan or not.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Game Review ( Quantum of Solace - 360 )

Graphics: 3.75/5 Explosions are cool and Bond looks a lot like Daniel Craig, but the fame can lag miserably with smoke on screen, and the graphics overall just aren't spectacular.

Sound: 4/5 Voice acting from Daniel Craig and nice overall, but the guns sound very... I don't know... arcade-y, and the lines repeated in multiplayer will likely lead to one killing thyself.

Control: 4/5 Almost exactly like Call of Duty 4, but with a behind-the-wall feature a la Rainbow Six Vegas. Works nicely. Only real problem for me is "wall sticking" when you don't want to.

Fun: 3.75/5 QoS is a pretty good game. It's a LOT like Call of Duty 4/5 with a few differences, and without the real drive to play. You can buy your guns, you don't level up with ranks. Really though, once you get the Hutchinson "shotgun", you'll molest anybody in the game. This "short ranged shot gun" is an auto-kill-in-one-shot machine... it may get the record for scrubbiest gun ever in any game. And you can silence it! Anyway, the maps in QoS made me chuckle. Not because they are bad, but there are maps that seem to be ripped from CoD 4 with slight modifications. Say hello to Countdown, Wet Works, and more! And, to my pleasent surprise, there is a map that looks quite a bit like a part of Facility from Goldeneye. Quantum of Solace doesn't get the reviews it deserves for the most part. It's got a fun single player, and the multiplayer is fun, too, despite virtually everyone using the damn Hutchinson "shotty". QoS is ideal as a play all week long rental, but I wouldn't pay more than, say, $25 for this game that just isn't that amazing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Game Review ( GTA IV: The Lost and Damned - 360 )

Graphics: 4/5 A step down from the core GTA IV game - only because there's an unnecessary film grain added in by Rockstar. Thankfully, it can be turned off. ( Go into the menu and turn "Noise Effect" off. )

Sound: 5/5 Better than the main game. The voice acting is great as usually, with some funny moments, the TV shows are funny, and the Liberty Rock songs are ace. "Funk #49", "Highway Star", "Run to the Hills", "Renegade", etc. Songs from the disc version of the game are also mixed in, and these songs can be heard on the radio even when you go back to Niko's story. Niceee.

Control: 4/5 To be honest, I don't like it much. Rockstar changed up the bike controls a bit to make them easier to control for the noobies and even more skilled players. I don't like it at all, mainly because on turns the bikes tend to spin out, when they never used to before. Also, it's harder to fall off your bike - you basically have to go top speed head-on into a wall or car to fall off.

Fun: 4.25/5 A great value at $20, but there are some issues. First, Johnny isn't exactly what you'd call a "likable" character. Niko was a naughty boy himself but Johnny is just... a dick - you'll know what I mean if you download TLaD. ( Which you should. ) The story doesn't suck you in a BUNCH, and the gang wars and races, while fun at first, are really just repetitive - especially if you play them a lot. The multiplayer is okay, but some modes ( Like Lone Biker ) throw you in the same starting point every round. It is definitely fun, but WHY the same spot? And finally - the weapons. The "mini-shotgun" as I call it and grenade launchers are great - it's just a shame they can't be used outisde of TLaD. Anyways yadda, yadda, yadda, TLaD is a good deal at $20 - despite there being a fully nude... guy. ( Yes, a penis. We see a penis. ) and there are a few pretty easy achievements. All you really have to do is beat the story and by then you'll have 250 achievement points. Did I mention the story was 10 hours or so long? And this DLC only costs $20? What are you waiting for exactly?


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Game Review ( Rock Revolution - 360 )

Graphics: 3.25/5 Character models look decent, but really the only thing that makes the game somewhat attractive are the venues. Everything else is pretty terrible. The audience is the same looped over model, and the bassist and guitarists strum the same note all song, even whenthr instrument isn't being played. Worse yet is the singer, who sings without any movement or emotion - at least the drummer is better than the Guitar Hero drummer.

Sound: 3.5/5 40 tracks, and all but two are covers. It's really hard to judge the covers... Some are great, while some like Chop Suey and Spirit of the Radio ( Which uses two singers in the song at different times. ) are literally laughable. For the most part, the soundtrack is pretty "okay", covers and all. Major downfall is only having 40 songs.

Control: 3/5 Bizarre as can be. On guitar, the hammer ons just seem impossible to hit at times because of the way the fret board comes directly down at the speed it does. The drum layout: atrocious. I plugged in my Rock Band 2 set and decided to give Last Resort a go. Look, I can 5* songs like Kool Thing on Rock Band so I'm not slouch - needless to say I failed Last Resort in seconds. The seven pads for the Rock Revolution drums stay on screen and you're expected to play - not easy - especially since the bass pedal icon, instead of being a bar, is a round logo. Very weird, and hardly worth getting familiar with.

Fun: 3/5 The game is bad - but not as bad as people seem to think. It only costs $20 new, for 40 songs, to play on guitar. ( I believe drums are not even worth learning. ) Rock Revolution just seems like it wasn't made to contend with Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Instead, it feels like a beta test - and a pretty mediocre one at that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Game Review ( Mercenaries 2 - 360 )

Graphics: 3.75/5 Mostly unimpressive. While the game runs well for the most part, the game looks more like an Xbox 180 game than Xbox 360. Character models are decent, world looks meh... the fact that you can basically destroy anything you want is definitely cool, though. It's just a shame the framerate drops and there are some seriously weird graphical issues here and there. The explosions almost make up for it.

Sound: 3.25/5 Decent may be generous. Voice acting is average, and you will be hearing a lot of the same lines over and over again very quickly. The guns and explosions and the like are alright, buy again, not spectacular.
Control: 3.75/5 Its all fine and good and not much is too wrong with it... Well maybe a few things. Tanks control strangely, the camera feels strange, you hold A to drive - what is this a PS1 game? Seriously though, this game heavily reminds me of the game Star Wars Battlefront with the way it controls. Not a bad thing, but
it is different. Also, if you've layer Mercs 2, you'd better know your controller. This game is surprisingly deep and you might sort of want to learn how to do everything otherwise you'll get pwnd out of nowhere by an RPG while trying to figure out how to call your helicopter buddy.

Fun: 3.75/5 From what I've played, Mercs 2 is a good game. Somewhat repetitive, a lot of driving, difficult and seemingly impossible at times without a co op buddy, but the game is fun. May not be worth $60, but if you like blowing stuff up, this game is a must play. Unless you have someone to play with, don't buy this game because I think you'll find it to be more frustratingly easy ( Youll know what I mean ) than delightfully and overwhelmingly fun. Basically - rent it.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Just got GameFly again.

I'll be posting a lot more reviews now that I got GameFly again.

Happy playing.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Drink Review ( Recon Coffee NRG Cola )

This may very well be the most disgusting things I have ever tasted. It's coffee + cola + it's sugar free. The can looks cool, like camoflauge, so I got it. Boy do I regret it. The smell itself almost made me vomit. It smells like burning hair with rubbing alcohol. The taste? Oh god. Coke + coffee is a TERRIBLE mix. And THEN it's sugar free. This is the worst energy drink I've ever had byfar.


Nice looking can.