Saturday, September 30, 2006

DVD Review (Seinfeld: Volume 5)

This is the most recent release of Seinfeld onto DVD, and it is a pretty good one. This volume surely has some good episodes, and here is my review. ( Rope or firearm? )


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

The Chaperone: 4/5 George replaces polyester uniforms with cotton for the Yankees; Jerry needs to have a chaperone to go on a date with Miss Rhode Island, so Kramer goes as her personal trainer.

[*]The Big Salad: 4.5/5 George purchases a salad for Elaine, and George feels his girlfriend took credit for it by handing it to her; Kramer plays golf with a former major leaguer, who cheats in a golf game. Kramer thinks he's the one to blame for the major leaguer's killing of a dry cleaner.

[*]The Pledge Drive: 4.5/5 Elaine's boss eats Snicker's bars with a knife and fork, and soon it becomes a trend; Jerry cashes past birthday checks written by his grandma, causing her to get her account overdrawn.

[*]The Chinese Woman: 4.5/5 Jerry discovers a woman named Donna Chang's phone number after phone lines get crossed between hers and George. Jerry goes on a date with her, and finds out she isn't Chinese.

[*]The Couch: 5/5 Kramer decides to start a pizza making business with Poppie; George joins a book club, but rents the book's movie instead; Elaine has abortion issues with her boyfriend.

[*]The Gymnast: 5/5 Jerry dates a gymnast; Kramer passes a kidney stone; George is caught eating garbage; Mr. Pitt becomes obsessed with a 3D painting.

The Mom And Pop Store: 4/5 Kramer tries to save a shoe business, but almost gets it shut down; Elaine gets tickets for Mr. Pitt to go to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

[*]The Soup: 4.5/5 Jerry gets a free Armani suit from an obnoxious comedian who tells Jerry to pay for it just by taking him out for dinner; Kramer decides to eat only fresh food.

[*]The Secretary: 5/5 George hires a not-so attractive secretary over an attractive one; Kramer gets Uma Thurman's phone number; Elaine gets a dress but finds out the mirrors at the store she bought it from are "skinny mirrors".

[*]The Race: 4.5/5 Jerry re-races a former high school rival to prove to him he didn't cheat during a race; Elaine tries to find out if her boyfriend is a communist; Kramer becomes a mall santa.

The Switch: 4/5 Elaine tries to get her tennis racket back from Mr. Pitt; Jerry tries to switch his girlfriend who never laughs with a better looking one that does who happens to be her room mate; George's girlfriend seems to be bulimic; Kramer's first name is revealed and his mom makes her first appearance.

[*]The Label Maker: 5/5 Elaine and Jerry think Tim Whatley is a "re-gifter"; George convinces his girlfriend to get her male roommate to move out; Kramer takes playing a game of Risk against Newman seriously.

The Scofflaw: 4/5 This episode features the great Jon Lovitz. Kramer calls a litter-bug a pig around a cop, George gets a toupee, Jerry tries to find out why Jon Lovitz's character would fake chemotherapy.

[*]The Highlights of 100: 4.5/5 Jerry hosts an episode dedicated entirely to the first 99 episodes of Seinfeld; "A show about nothing."

The Beard: 4/5 Elaine attempts to convert a gay; Jerry dates a cop.

The Kiss Hello: 4/5 Kramer puts tenant pictures up in the lobby; Elaine hopes Kramer will tell her friend to get a new hair-do;

The Doorman: 4/5 Mr. Pitt's doorman at his building gives Jerry trouble; George's dad moves in with him; Kramer develops a bra for men.

[*]The Jimmy: 4.5/5 Jerry discovers Penthouse is in the dental office waiting room; Kramer visits the dentist; Elaine tries to date "The Jimmy", but discovers it's not who she thought.

[*]The Doodle: 5/5 Kramer loses his taste because of being in Jerry's apartment when fumes were killing fleas; George discovers his girlfriend thinks he's ugly; Elaine has an interview with a publisher.

[*]The Fusilli Jerry: 4.5/5 Jerry finds out that Elaine's boyfriend is using Jerry's "move" on her in bed; Kramer gets the wrong license plate, that reads "ASSMAN".

[*]The Diplomat's Club: 4.5/5 Elaine finds out she's in Mr. Pitt's will; George tries to prove he's not racist just because he said his boss looks like Sugar Ray Leonard; Kramer tries to resist betting.

The Face Painter: 4/5 Elaine's boyfriend paints his face for a Devil's hockey game, and a priest believes that he has seen the devil; George tells his girlfriend he loves her; A monkey throws a banana at Kramer.

The Understudy: 4/5 George and Jerry are said to have tried to intentionally hurt Bette Midler during a softball game; Kramer becomes Midler's assistant; Elaine get's George's dad to translate Korean.


Seinfeld: Volume 5 is, overall, another solid Seinfeld boxset. The good episodes come often, but this is just an opening act setting the stage for future Seinfeld seasons. There are better volumes, but this one is still solid. Definitely a volume worth buying for a Seinfeld fan.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Game Review (Lego Starwars: The Original Trilogy - 360)

The original Lego Starwars was unique in that it was a Starwars game made with Lego characters. Many people think the game looks childish. Maybe so, but I think it is a great idea that also has stellar gameplay. My review. ( I'm going to hang myself. No life. )

Graphics: 5/5 On the 360 version of this game, the graphics are amazing. Sure it's very cartoony and doesn't look realistic, but it looks great. A Lego game can't look much better than

Sound: 4/5 The Starwars music plays in and out of levels, which is great, but here are no character voices. Not like it matters; if you played the first Lego Starwars, you would know that this game's cutscenes are chock full of wordless slapstick brilliance. Therefore, sound is a virtue in this game besides the music.

Control: 4/5 The control in this game is simple, but aggrivating. The camera angles are slightly adjustable using the right analog stick, but that doesn't help that the camera is still terrible most of the time. You often can't judge the distance of a jump and you will die. You use A to jump and X to attack, and X or B to do actions or use the force. Simple controls, they work, but the camera angles are frustrating at times.

Fun: 4/5 Lego Starwars: The Original Trilogy delivers. With improved graphics and great gameplay. Sure, most missions are similar in many ways: build Legos into something, jump around aimlessly trying to find out what to do, unlock doors... etc. But the first game was like that too, and it was great fun; which is what this game is. This game may not last too long, but it is great. The big flaw of this game though is that there is no Xbox Live Co-Op; huge dissapointment. But with this gameplay, you will be sure to be playing for hours until you complete it. This is a game you should definitely rent, but not buy, unless you are a hardcore Starwars collector.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Game Review (Uno - 360 Arcade)

Here it is. Uno's 35th anniversery celebrates by throwing out a new Uno game; this time onto the 360 in great form. This game is simple, fun, and it's never been so addicting. Here is my review.

Graphics: 4/5 The graphics are in HD, but there isn't anything special about the graphics here. There are cards and backgrounds; that's about it. Everything is very colorful. There is nothing special, but nothing to hate.

Control: 4/5 Simple enough controls. The computer normally automatically cursors your best card choice to lay down every time it's your turn. It also puts your cards in order for you, so you don't have to scurry to pick a card.

Sound: 4/5 The sound in this game is pretty mesmorizing. The soft music playing in the background, although annoying, really draws you into the game. You'll hate it most likely, but it draws you in. You can also hear the cards and stuff too. It's good.

Fun: 4.5/5 Uno is a wildly addicting card game, and much more addicting on the 360. There is so much to go over. There is Xbox Live rankings, different themes for your decks, ( standard, 35th anniversery edition, or Project Gotham Racing ) talk over the headset, or even use your Xbox Live Vision Camera; that's right. That makes the game all the more fun. Although this is just a card game with few features, it is downright addicting. Uno runs for 400 Microsoft Points, which is a great price. 400 Microsoft Points is edging around the $4 mark. For that price, you can't go wrong. Of all the 360 Arcade games, this one takes the cake for the most fun. Go out and buy Uno.


Game Review (Gauntlet - 360 Arcade)

Here it is; whether you recognize the game by its name or by a screenshot, most people have played Gauntlet sometime in their life. This is the game: You play as one of four characters ( Valkyrie, Elf, Wizard, or Warrior ) and it's up to you to get through 100 intense levels. Here's my review.

Graphics: 2.5/5 The game was made in 1985 and the graphics look the same. No graphical difference here.

Sound: 3/5 There is barely any music, and the sound is pretty rare. Nothing special here; even for an '85 game.

Control: 3/5 Like most of the "classic" 360 Arcade games, it's very simple to control. Use the analog stick or D-pad to move and just use a to shoot. You also use B at times to use potions, but that's about it.

Fun: 4/5 Gauntlet is still what it was 21 years ago, but a bit better. There is Xbox Live for this game, but very seldom do you see players online. When you do, however, find a full group of people on Gauntlet and you get to know the people, this is a very enjoyable game. Although the game lags quite a bit, it is still very playable, and very fun. Gauntlet costs 400 Microsoft Points, which is about $4. If you like Gauntlet, buy this version; It's well worth it just for the Xbox Live experience.


Game Review (Smash TV - 360 Arcade)

Smash TV has been really one of my alltime favorite shoot-'em-up games just because it's fun and very unique. Of course it's repetetive, but the farfetched idea is great. You play as a contestant on a TV show risking his life to win prizes. I told you it was strange. But it's a good game. Here is my review.

Graphics: 3.5/5 The graphics are supposed to be HD-alized but I can't see a difference. The graphics look the same as they did back in the day; the graphics are nothing but maybe a tiny bit sharper and more colorful.

Sound: 3/5 The sound is really annoying. You just hear the guns blasting away and what-not and there isn't anything else to be heard. That and the tedious announcer who constantly repeats everything.

Control: 4/5 Anyone can learn these controls in a moment. Use the analog stick or D-pad to move around, and use A,B,X, and Y to move in the direction you want to shoot. Not hard, but that's all you do the whole game.

Fun: 3.5/5 Smash TV; it's a good game, but pretty dissapointing. There is Xbox Live for this game, but the sad thing is, it is extremely rare you find anyone to play with. Also, once you complete the game once, there isn't much more to come back to. Sure there are other rooms to explore on each level, ( There are 3 levels, all of which take about 20 minutes or so each. ) but they are all very similar. The game is repetetive; simple as that. The co-op is okay but nothing special, you have infinite lives, and the game costs 400 Microsoft Points; which is roughly $4. Smash TV is certainly not the best game at the 360 Arcade, but it is a pretty good one; especially in those times when you're frustrated beyond belief.


Monday, September 18, 2006

DVD Review (Seinfeld: Volume 4)

Another Seinfeld Volume. This time, Volume 4, which features all the season 5 episodes. There are some excellent episodes in this season. Here is my review.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]The Mango: 5/5 George believes his girlfriend is faking her orgasms, and Jerry soon finds out that Elaine faked all of hers. Jerry asks for another chance. Kramer gets banned from Joe's ( a fruit market ) so he has Jerry get his fruit. After learning Jerry was buying the fruit for Kramer, Jerry is also banned. Soon, George gets the fruit for Kramer. George and Jerry both discover the sexual power of mangos.

[*]The Puffy Shirt: 4.5/5 After getting a job as a hand model, George starts trying to take care of his hands. Jerry uniwittingly agrees to wear Kramer's girlfriends shirt she created; a puffy looking pirates shirt; without knowing because she is a "low-talker".

[*]The Glasses: 4.5/5 Elaine is biten by a dog and soon becomes scared of them; George believes he sees Jerry's cousin kissing Jerry's girlfriend, and it causes Jerry and George to investigate.

The Sniffing Accountant: 4.3/5 George's father gives George the opportunity to become a bra salesman; Jerry's accountant seems to be a drug user; Elaine finds a perfect boyfriend but whose lack of exclamation marks bugs her. NOTE: I can't give this episode a 4.5 or 4 so I gave it a 4.3. It's a good episode but just isn't one of the best of the season.

The Bris: 3.5/5 Elaine and Jerry's friends ask them to be godparents but realize they don't really want to be because they have to be part of the baby's circumcision; Kramer believes he sees a "pig-man".

[*]The Lip Reader: 4.5/5 Jerry begins dating a deaf line-woman at the U.S. Open and George has her lip-read George's ex-girlfriends lips to see what she is saying about him; Kramer becomes "ball-boy" at the U.S. Open.

[*]The Non-Fat Yogurt: 5/5 In this freakishly good episode, Jerry and Elaine eat at a yogurt shop that says its yogurt is "non-fat". After being told they're fat by Kramer, Elaine and Jerry investigate to see whether or not the yogurt has fat in it or not; Jerry badly influences the store's owner's son by accidently saying f*ck in front of him, who starts saying it; Elaine falls in love with George's "nemesis", Lloyd Braun.

[*]The Barber: 5/5 Jerry gets a mediocre haircut from a longtime hair dresser; after discovering there is a much better one from someone Kramer knows, Jerry gets a haircut from him. Jerry's old barber suspects he got his haircut by another hair dresser and calls on Newman to get a sample of Jerry's hair.

The Masseuse: 3.5/5 Elaine dates a man named Joel Rifkin and asks him to change his name, since Joel Rifkin was the name of a murderer in New York; Jerry's girlfriend, a massager, refuses to give Jerry a massage even though Kramer is one of her clients. Meanwhile, Jerry's girlfriend dislikes George and George doesn't know why.

The Cigar Store Indian: 4/5 Elaine goes on a subway and takes a TV Guide from Mr. Costanza, not knowing tha the collects them; Jerry starts to like a Native American without knowing, and offends her when giving an Indian figurine to Elaine; Kramer comes up with the idea for a coffee table coffee table book.

The Conversion: 3.5/5 George converts his religion and becomes a Latvian Orthodox member to keep his girlfriend from breaking up with him; Jerry finds fungus cream in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet and wonders what it could be for; Kramer finds out that religious women are strongly drawn to him.

[*]The Stall: 4.5/5 While in the bathroom, Elaine asks a woman for toilet paper, but she claims she "can't spare a square". Elaine soon finds out that the woman is Jerry's girlfriend and it's up to Jerry to make sure Elaine doesn't find out that it's her; Elaine's boyfriend falls on his face during rock climbing and wonders if it will ever look the same.

[*]The Dinner Party: 5/5 Jerry and Elaine go to a bakery to get a babka but they discover there is none left so they instead get something else and find a hair in it; Jerry gets a black and white cookie and throws up ending his record; George and Kramer purchase wine but they need change for a $100 bill and then have to wait for a double parker to move his car.

[*]The Marine Biologist: 4.5/5 Jerry meets a former college classmate who Jerry sets up a date with her for George and Jerry tells her George is a marine biologist; Kramer hits golf balls into the ocean and one goes inside of a whale's blow hole; George is called on the scene to get the golf ball out.

[*]The Pie: 5/5 Jerry is baffled and confused as to why his girlfriend wouldn't taste his apple pie at Monk's; Jerry goes to her girlfriend's dad's restaurant and becomes questionable about the food preperation; Elaine notices a mannequin that looks just like her; George tussles with another customer over a suit that makes a funny noise when someone walks with it on.

The Stand-In: 3.5/5 Kramer's midget friend Mickey uses "lifts'' to keep his job and the other midget actors find out- all of whom are dissapointed; Jerry tries to make a friend at a hospital laugh; Elaine dates a friend of Jerry's who takes "it" out on the first date in the car.

The Wife: 4/5 Jerry gets discount dry cleaning for his family, and Jerry pretends his girlfriend is his wife so she gets discounts; George pees in the shower at the health club.

The Raincoats (Pt. 1 and 2): 4/5 Jerry's dad and Kramer attempt to go into business with eachother by selling raincoats in this 1 hour special; Elaine goes out with a "close talker".

The Fire: 4/5 George while at a girlfriend's son's birthday party, tries to leave a burning house by pushing over children and seniors while trying to get out. When asked about it, he says he was saving them.

[*]The Hamptons: 5/5 The gang goes to the Hampton's house to see their new baby; which they all find hideously ugly; Kramer gets illegal crab; George's girlfriend exposes her breasts to everyone; and George fears Jerry's girlfriend saw him during "shrinkage".

The Opposite: 4/5 George notices that everything in his life has gone the opposite of what he wanted it to be, so he decides to do EVERYTHING OPPOSITE; Kramer goes on Regis and Kelly to tell them about his coffee table coffee table book.


Seinfeld: Volume 4 has its episodes. There are some really, really good episodes in this season but then there are some real stinkers. Seinfeld: Volume 4 is well worth buying, but it doesn't have the overall excellence of some of the other volumes available right now.


Friday, September 15, 2006

DVD Review ( Seinfeld: Volume 3 )

Seinfeld won their first award in their 4th season; Volume 3. With good reason. Even though the first 3 seasons were already really good, people for some reason just noticed the show more-so into season 4. Here is my review for Seinfeld: Volume 3.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]The Trip (Pt. 1): 4.5/5 Jerry is called on to do appear on the Tonight Show in L.A. George decides to go, and the two also try to look for Kramer.

The Trip (Pt. 2): 4/5 Kramer is arrested and is said to be a serial killer. Jerry and George go back and find Kramer in Jerry's apartment soon after returning.

[*]The Pitch: 4.5/5 NBC executives give Jerry and George to write at TV show for them. Crazy Joe Davola start stalking them.

[*]The Ticket: 4.5/5 Newman uses Kramer as reason for why he was speeding.

[*]The Wallet: 5/5 Jerry has to come up with a false excuse as to why he doesn't wear the watch they bought for him; Jerry's Dad (Morty) gets his wallet stolen while at the hospital.

[*]The Watch: 5/5 Jerry tries to buy his watch back from Uncle Leo who finds it in the garbage he threw it away in; George passes on the opportunity to write for the show; Elaine ( with Kramer's help ) tries to break up with Crazy Joe Davola.

The Bubble Boy: 4/5 Jerry visits a "bubble boy" as a birthday surprise, but George and Susan visit him on the way. Jerry and Elaine get lost and arrive late. Kramer takes Jerry's Girlfriend to Susan's dad's cabin.

[*]The Cheever Letters: 4.5/5 Jerry offends Elaine's assistant; Kramer starts buying Cuban cigars that are illegal in the U.S. and becomes a usual at the local private golf club; John Cheever letters are the only remains of Susan's dad's cabin calapse.

The Opera: 4/5 Elaine and Jerry realize that Crazy Joe Davola is the guy Elaine is dating; Jerry, Elaine, and George have to sit through an opera.

[*]The Virgin: 5/5 Jerry discovers his girlfriend is a virgin; Kramer continues to harass George and Jerry while they are trying to write the pilot for their new show.

[*]The Contest: 5/5 ( This is the show's one and only Emmy win. ) After George is found masturbating by his mom, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer all devise a plan to see who can last the longest without masturbating.

[*]The Airport: 4.5/5 Jerry and Elaine figure out just how big the difference is between coach and first class on an airline. George and Kramer have to drive to different airports after realizing the trip was rerouted.

The Pick: 4/5 Jerry is seen "picking-his-nose" by his model girlfriend, but she doesn't believe he was just scratching it. Elaine sends everyone she knows a Christmas card that's a little revealing.

[*]The Movie: 4.5/5 Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer continuously miss eachother while trying to see a movie together.

[*]The Visa: 4.5/5 Jerry tries to keep Babu Bhatt from being deported; Elaine tries to get George's girlfriend attorney to drop her lawsuit.

The Shoes: 4/5 Jerry and George don't get to get their show aired because of looking down an executive's daughter's cleavage. Elaine tries to get rid of the problem.

[*]The Outing: 4.5/5 Jerry and George are mistakenly said to be "gay" and people around town assume it.

The Old Man: 4/5 Jerry, George, and Elaine all get volunteer jobs to help out senior citizens.

The Implant: 4/5 Elaine tries to find out whether or not Jerry's girlfriend's breasts are real or not.

[*]The Junior Mint: 4.5/5 Jerry can't remember his girlfriend's name; Jerry and Kramer watch an operation on Elaine's boyfriend and Kramer drops a Junior Mint in his open chest, ultimately changing the results of the surgery.

[*]The Smelly Car: 4.5/5 Jerry's car begins to smell because of a smelly valet; George believe he is what made his ex-girlfriend, Susan, turn lesbian.

The Handicap Spot: 4/5 The gang parks in a handicap spot and results in a handicap person being hurt. An angry mob trashes the car. George's dad is introduced for the first time.

The Pilot (Pt. 1 and 2): 4/5 Jerry and George begin casting for their pilot episode; Russel Dalrimple becomes obsessed with Elaine; Elaine files a complaint at Monk's saying that they only hire waitresses with big breasts. Jerry and George begin filming the episode; Elaine wears a disguise to stay away from Dalrimple.


Seinfeld: Volume 3 is another great DVD set. Although most of the great episodes are in the beginning and middle of the season, this season has some classics. There are some deleted scenes as usual, Notes About Nothing on every episode as usual, and some scattered commentary... as usual. This is another must buy set for a Seinfeld fanatic.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Game Reivew ( Burnout: Revenge - 360 )

Let me just start by saying Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360 is an excellent game. Sure it's a port, but the graphics are great, the sound is amazing, and the game is very fun. My review.

Graphics: 4.5/5 The graphics in this game are unbelievable. The blur effect you get when you're going 200 is nice looking. The cars look great, and so do the tracks. When your car gets scratched up and crashed up it looks really cool. Definitely part of what makes this game great.

Sound: 5/5 Jeez! Though the soundtrack is kind of lame, ( to me ) the cars sound freakishly good. They sound like they have a jet engine or something. Also when you're flying through the streets passing cars, the sound of the wind and the other cars is sweet. Try playing this game with some surround sound.

Control: 4.5/5 There isn't much to say about the controls. RT to drive, LT to break, X to look back, and A to use boost. That's about it. Effective controls, and very responsive.

Fun: 4.5/5 There is plenty to do in this game. It's a port, but a great one. There are some exclusives on the 360, such as different cars. There are several game modes, and great online multiplayer. Take someone out? That person is notified and it's up to them to get back at you. What a great game this is. If you haven't played Burnout Revenge yet, definitely try this out. If you HAVE played Burnout Revenge... definitely try this out.


DVD Review ( Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 1 )

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a very unique show with some good characters. It's about 3 "super heroes": Master Shake, a stupid water loving shake, Meatwad, a dimwitted ball of meat, and Frylock, the more serious of the three; the one who attempts to find out the "mysteries" in each episode. Here is my review.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

Rabbot: 3/5 This is the pilot episode. Dr. Weird creates a giant robot rabbit named rabbot; it ( like it always is ) is up to Aqua Teen to stop it.

Escape From Leprachaupolis: 3.5/5 Leprachauns get a rainbow machine used to steal shoes. When Carl is in trouble, Frylock, Meatwad, and Master Shake investigate.

[*]Bus Of The Undeaed: 4.5/5 Master Shake believes that Dracula is alive, but to prove that he is dead, Frylock takes him over to Memphis, Tennessee. Meanwhile, Moth Monster Man takes over their house and lays eggs on Carl.

[*]Mayhem Of The Mooninites: 4.5/5 Mooninites land on earth and try to take Meatwad and make him corrupt. Frylock gets fed up and drives them away with his powers.

[*]Balloonenstein: 4.5/5 A giant balloon with a huge electric charge gets away and it's up to Meatwad to stop it. Meatwad gets a charge, becomes a buoy, and it's up to him to pop the balloon. At the end of the episode, Meatwad is huge.

Space Conflict From Beyond Pluto: 3/5 Plutonians unsucessfully try to blow up Earth. They suck up Frylock and Master Shake onto their ship. Master Shake has to go in a room and learn about horse's anuses.

-More reviews as I watch the episodes.-

Monday, September 11, 2006

DVD Review ( Seinfeld: Volume 2 )

Seinfeld Season 3, to me, was when the series really took off and became the great show that kept it on the air. Seasons 1 and 2 had their episodes, but in season 3 it all came full circle. The actors got more comfortable with their rolls. Jason Alexander really became the more low and desperate "loser" not so good with girls, and Michaels became the poor, stupid, and seemingly bum and sap that everyone knows as Kramer. Here is my review for season 3.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]The Note: 5/5 George and Elaine go to a massage therapist and George gets a massage from a man. George admits it feels good, and thinks he may be gay.

The Truth: 3.5/5 George tells his ex-girlfriend the real reason he broke up with her and she checks herself into a mental institution. Meanwhile, Kramer sees Elaine naked while in her apartment dating her roommate.

[*]The Pen: 4.5/5 Jerry and Elaine go to Florida to meet Jerry's parents. While there, Jerry experiences a SCUBA accident, and Elaine has back problems because of sleeping on a pullout couch.

The Dog: 4/5 Jerry is stuck in having to raise a man's dog for a few days, and George and Elaine realize that they having nothing to talk about and nothing in common without having to mention something Jerry does, or without him around.

The Library: 4/5 Jerry and George recall what happened in 1971 when Jerry was called up about a library book 20 years overdue.

The Parking Garage: 4/5 Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer all get stuck in a parking garage after shopping for an air conditioner.

[*]The Cafe: 5/5 Jerry offers to help out a restaurant owner with no customers, by telling him to open a Pakistani restaurant. Meanwhile, Elaine takes an I.Q. test for George.

[*]The Tape: 5/5 George orders baldness cream from China, while Jerry tries to figure out who left a "sexy" message on his tape recorder.

[*]The Nose Job: 4.5/5 Kramer tells George's girlfriend she needs a nose job. She gets one, and it isn't good until it's redone. Meanwhille, Jerry is in love with a beautiful woman that he has nothing in common with.

[*]The Red Dot: 4.5/5 George buys a $600 for $85 cashmere sweater that has a red dot on it; Jerry accidently turns Elaine's boyfriend ( a recovering alcoholic ) back into an alcoholic.

The Alternate Side: 4/5 George gets a job by moving cars street-to-street; Elaine cares for a 66-year-old boyfriend; Kramer gets a line in a Woody Allen movie being shot in New York with the line "These pretzels are making me thirsty".

The Suicide: 4/5 Elaine goes on a "fast" for 3 days; Jerry falls in love with a girl who's husband attempted suicide and is now in a coma; George questions whether or not he should go on a vacation; Kramer goes on George's vacation and has a great time.

The Subway: 4/5 Kramer, Jerry, George, and Elaine all have different experiences while riding on the subway. Jerry becomes friends with an overweight nudist, George meets a woman and misses an interview, Kramer wins big bucks at the horse races, and Elaine misses a lesbian wedding.

The Pez Dispenser: 4/5 Jerry's Pez dispenser makes Elaine laugh at a recital; Kramer attempts to create a beach smelling cologne.

[*]The Fix-Up: 4.5/5 George and Elaine's friend go on a date and have sex; Kramer thinks that the condom he gave George may be defective, and George thinks he'll be a dad.

[*]The Boyfriend (Pt. 1 and 2 ): 4.5/5 Jerry becomes with baseball player Keith Hernandez, while Kramer and Newman recount an incident of being spit on at a Met's game. George's "Vandilay Industries" company fails, but attempts to marry Ms. Sokol's daughter so he won't get in trouble. Jerry becomes jealous when Keith Hernandez dates Elaine, and the "spitting incident" is revisited; this time finding who the "second spitter" was, a la the Kennedy assassination.

The Limo: 4/5 George and Jerry get in a limo intended for other passengers; and they meet a couple that are Nazi's, and "Murphy" who is Jerry and "O'Brian" who is George are discovered to be fakes.

[*]The Letter: 4.5/5 Jerry finds out that his girlfriend plagerized a letter to keep him from breaking up with her; Elaine gets in trouble at a Yankees game for wearing a Baltimore Orioles hat.

The Good Samaritan: 4/5 Jerry trails a hit-and-run driver and finds her attractive and dates her; Kramer has seizures when he hears Mary Hart's voice.

The Letter: 4/5 Jerry finds out his girlfriend plagerized a letter she wrote to him to keep them from breaking up; Elaine refueses to remove a Baltimore Orioles cap while at a Yankee game.

[*]The Kets: 4.5/5 Jerry takes Kramer's spare keys because Kramer is invading Jerry's privacy so Kramer moves to California; Elaine writes a "Murphy Brown" script.


Season 3 of Seinfeld is a great season. Although the episodes fall short of spectacular at the end of the season, for the most part, this is a great season. The bonus features include how Kramer became Kramer, 10 minutes of Seinfeld stand-up, 15 minutes of bloopers, and more. Definitely worth a buy for a sitcom fan.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

So You're Getting A 360...

So you're thinking about getting a 360? If you get these games, you'll have a hell of a lot of fun.

Advanced Warfighter: Great single player, great online, and good local-multiplayer, this game also really shows off the 360's graphical power.

Oblivion: An awesome RPG; another way to show off the 360's graphics. Only single player, but this game is addicting.

Call of Duty 2: Amazing single player. Although tough on Veteran Mode, this is still a fun game to play. It will get old, though, unless you have at least 3 friends, or Xbox Live.

Project Gotham Racing: Great sim. racing game. Nice graphics, awesome cars, addicting game. Racing fan? Pick this up.

Saint's Row: Last but not least, Saint's Row. Granted a GTA rip-off, but this is an amazing game that will hold out well until GTA IV is released in '07. Definitely buy this.

Stay Away From:

I'm sure you'll be tempted, but don't even think about buying these 2 games:

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland: It's the same game that was on the XBox and PS2 versions. There isn't even a graphical improvement; if there is, it's hard to tell. It's a good game, but if you've played it, don't bother with the 360 version.

Madden '07: This game has the graphics, but not the gameplay. This is a downgrade from the PS2 and Xbox versions and it costs more money. Stay away.


Buy the 360! It's a great buy. $300 - $400 sure, but it's well worth it.

DVD Review ( Futurama: Volume 1 )

Futurama is an excellent show; great characters, cleaver writing, and good voice acting. This is just one of the best animated shows ever. Here is my review for Futurama: Volume 1. ( I have no life. )


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]Space Pilot 3000: 5/5 In the pilot episode, Fry accidently goes 1000 years into the future to the year 3000. Professor Farnsworth, his cousin, and he gets a job as a delivery boy, but this time isn't so depressed about having to do it. Fry in this episode meets Bender and Leela for the first time.

[*]The Series Has Landed: 4.5/5 On the groups first delivery, they goto the moon. Fry is really excited while everyone else thinks it's nothing special. Fry learns that there's a Lunar Theme Park, but is soon upset and wonders why they don't let you go on the moon. Fry and Leela soon go on a "track-ride tour" of the moon, but go off the track and have a drive on the moon's surface. They almost die from having low oxygen. Meanwhile, Bender is having some fun with a farmer's robot daughters.

[*]I, Roomate: 5/5 Everyone is sick of how Fry lives, so they have him get his own apartment. Fry moves in with Bender but learns that it's only 2 meters wide. Fry moves into a new, bigger, more "human" apartment, not regretting leaving Bender in his "house". Leela tells Fry that he is hurting Bender's feelings, but Fry doesn't really mind. Soon, Bender moves into Fry's apartment closet.

Love's Labors Lost In Space: 2.5/5 Leela meets Zapp Brannigan while on a trip. She tries to save animals on a collapsing planet while there. Fry and Bender are thrown in jail, but are then released. Fry, Bender, and Leela all escape and Leela in the end meets a cute and useful creature called Nibbler.

Fear of a Bot Planet: 4/5 While at Madison Cube Garden watching a Blernsball game, Bender explains of how he feels about the bad treatment of robots, about how they do work and get no respect. Bender soon has to deliver a package to a planet that is ruled by robots and kills humans on sight. Fry and Leela dress as robots and try to find Bender on the planet. When Leela and Fry are captured, Bender has to decide whether to remain popular on the planet or save his friends.

[*]A Fishful of Dollars: 4.5/5 A thousands years of saving up money, Fry soon finds out that he has over 4 billion dollars and becomes rich. Fry finds anchovies have been extinct for a long time and wins a can at an auction. Soon, "Grandma" tries to steal it from him, but forget and only take his money.

My Three Suns: 4/5 Fry, on a delivery in a desert, enters a kingdom and drinks the emperor. Fry becomes the new one, but soon learns that the emperor in his stomach needs to come out and he needs to cry, puke, or pee to get him out.

A Big Piece Of Garbage: 4/5 A large piece of garbage that was shot out to space from Earth, is coming back to Earth like a meteor. The team has to find out a way to stop it.

[*]Hell is Other Robots: 5/5 Bender is condemned to hell for "jacking-on", going to strip clubs, drinking beer, and so on.

[*]A Flight To Remember: 4.5/5 Bender falls in love with Countess De La Roca, and Fry is stuck fake loving Amy and Leela.

[*]Mars University: 4.5/5 Fry goes back to college to prove he'll drop out and finds out his roomate is a super intelligent monkey; Bender teaches fraternity robots how to be cool.

[*]When Aliens Attack: 4.75/5 Omicronians invade Earth wanting to see the final episode of "Single Female Lawyer". The crew re-enacts the show and gets a "C+".

Fry and the Slurm Factory: 4.25/5 Fry wins a trip to the Slurm factory and he finds out the disgusting ingredient in Slurm that tastes so good.


Futurama: Volume 1 is a fantastic DVD set. If you love The Simpsons and/or Science Fiction, this is your show. It has great characters, fantastic stories, and you know it's good before you watch it because Matt Groening created it. This is definitely a DVD worth purchasing.


Monday, September 04, 2006

DVD Review ( Seinfeld: Volume 1 )

Seinfeld is one of my alltime favorite sitcoms for several reasons; including: atmosphere, constant gags, memorable characters, and so on. Here is my review for the first 2 seasons.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"


Pilot: 4/5 Kramer and George weigh in on Jerry and his girlfriend's situation.

The Stakeout: 3.5/5 Jerry meets a woman and tries to find her house.

[*] The Robbery: 5/5 Jerry gets robbed due to Kramer's stupidity. He finds a new apartment, and George gets jealous of him.

[*]Male Unbonding: 4.5/5 Jerry tries to end a relationship with a childhood friend; Kramer wants to open a make-your-own pizza restaurant is the side story.

[*] The Stock Tip: 5/5 George finds a new stock and has him and Jerry invest money in it. Suddenly, the stock starts going down.


The Ex-Girlfriend: 4/5 Jerry dates George's girlfriend. She breaks up with him after seeing his stand-up.

The Pony Remark: 4/5 Jerry disses pony's and one of his relatives die, subsequently.

[*]The Jacket 4.5/5 Jerry buys a suade jacket and turns it inside out when about to go into the snow; but since it has pink lining, he isn't allowed and it gets ruined.

[*]The Phone Message: 5/5 George says some stuff over his girlfriend's answering machine and he and Jerry change the tape.

[*]The Apartment: 4.5/5 Jerry realizes that Elaine will be moving in right above his apartment and he does anything to stop her.

The Statue: 4/5 Jerry has his apartment cleaned by Elaine's client's boyfriend and he notices a statue he had there was stolen.

[*]The Revenge: 5/5 George quits from work and immedietely tries to get his job back realizing it was a mistake.

[*]The Heart Attack: 5/5 George thinks he has a heart attack but he just needs his tonsils removed.

[*]The Deal: 4.5/5 Jerry and Elaine figure out rules how to have sex without ruining their friendship.

The Baby Shower: 4/5 Elaine has a baby shower and Jerry's apartment while Kramer tries to get illegal cable installed for Jerry at the same time.

[*]The Chinese Restaurant: 5/5 Jerry, Elaine, and George try to go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and realize they aren't being allowed to be seated.

The Busboy: 4/5 George realizes he may have been the one to have a busboy at a restaurant fired and tries to make up with it.


This is a great set. Well over an hour of "The Making Of Seinfeld", commentary on episodes, and on some episodes an introduction on how the episode was made and what happened in the filming of it. This is definitely a must buy for a fan of the show. I just started watching this show, and I must say I'm pleasently suprised.


Game Review ( Saint's Row - 360 )

I have been waiting to play this game since it was first announced over a year ago. In Saint's Row, you play as a cuztomizable character ( get into that later ) that joins a gang called The Saint's. You will do missions that mainly include having gang wars, doing drive-bys, running from the cops, and so on. Here is my review for Saint's Row.

Graphics: 4/5 The graphics in this game are pretty dissapointing. Some character models look great while others look bland, the cars look nice, the explosions look VERY good, and the city looks pretty good up close, but from a distance, there are some glitches. A good looking game, especially with the fact that it's a "sandbox" game, but they could have been quite a bit better.

Sound: 5/5 Very nice sound. The sound is just so precise. The cars sound great, you can hear the music blarring from the cars, the guns sound nice, and the voice acting is pretty well done. There are also licensed songs in this game; which was great to see. One example is "Everything Is Alright" by Motion City Soundtrack. The sound in this game surpasses GTA to me.

Control: 3.5/5 The control is the biggest bummer in this game. Unresponsive controls and aggrivating in-car camera angles are just some of the problems with this game's controls. The cars control fairly well, but to make things really frustrating are the camera angles. You can move the right stick to aim your gun at people, but it's hard to continue driving. Sometimes, you have to wait for the camera to reset.

Fun: 4.5/5 This is an amazing game. A GTA rip-off, sire, but it's a great tide-over until GTA IV comes out in late 2007. The customizability is great. You can get in depth with your character customizing, and you can even pimp out your car. Change the grill, rims, give it hydraulics, NoS, anything you want, really. There are also "side-missions" in which you can get hit by cars to get money, or steal ho's from their pimps. This is a great game that has some features that GTA couldn't make right. I highly recommend you try out Saint's Row; a great game with awesome playability.