Monday, September 18, 2006

DVD Review (Seinfeld: Volume 4)

Another Seinfeld Volume. This time, Volume 4, which features all the season 5 episodes. There are some excellent episodes in this season. Here is my review.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*]The Mango: 5/5 George believes his girlfriend is faking her orgasms, and Jerry soon finds out that Elaine faked all of hers. Jerry asks for another chance. Kramer gets banned from Joe's ( a fruit market ) so he has Jerry get his fruit. After learning Jerry was buying the fruit for Kramer, Jerry is also banned. Soon, George gets the fruit for Kramer. George and Jerry both discover the sexual power of mangos.

[*]The Puffy Shirt: 4.5/5 After getting a job as a hand model, George starts trying to take care of his hands. Jerry uniwittingly agrees to wear Kramer's girlfriends shirt she created; a puffy looking pirates shirt; without knowing because she is a "low-talker".

[*]The Glasses: 4.5/5 Elaine is biten by a dog and soon becomes scared of them; George believes he sees Jerry's cousin kissing Jerry's girlfriend, and it causes Jerry and George to investigate.

The Sniffing Accountant: 4.3/5 George's father gives George the opportunity to become a bra salesman; Jerry's accountant seems to be a drug user; Elaine finds a perfect boyfriend but whose lack of exclamation marks bugs her. NOTE: I can't give this episode a 4.5 or 4 so I gave it a 4.3. It's a good episode but just isn't one of the best of the season.

The Bris: 3.5/5 Elaine and Jerry's friends ask them to be godparents but realize they don't really want to be because they have to be part of the baby's circumcision; Kramer believes he sees a "pig-man".

[*]The Lip Reader: 4.5/5 Jerry begins dating a deaf line-woman at the U.S. Open and George has her lip-read George's ex-girlfriends lips to see what she is saying about him; Kramer becomes "ball-boy" at the U.S. Open.

[*]The Non-Fat Yogurt: 5/5 In this freakishly good episode, Jerry and Elaine eat at a yogurt shop that says its yogurt is "non-fat". After being told they're fat by Kramer, Elaine and Jerry investigate to see whether or not the yogurt has fat in it or not; Jerry badly influences the store's owner's son by accidently saying f*ck in front of him, who starts saying it; Elaine falls in love with George's "nemesis", Lloyd Braun.

[*]The Barber: 5/5 Jerry gets a mediocre haircut from a longtime hair dresser; after discovering there is a much better one from someone Kramer knows, Jerry gets a haircut from him. Jerry's old barber suspects he got his haircut by another hair dresser and calls on Newman to get a sample of Jerry's hair.

The Masseuse: 3.5/5 Elaine dates a man named Joel Rifkin and asks him to change his name, since Joel Rifkin was the name of a murderer in New York; Jerry's girlfriend, a massager, refuses to give Jerry a massage even though Kramer is one of her clients. Meanwhile, Jerry's girlfriend dislikes George and George doesn't know why.

The Cigar Store Indian: 4/5 Elaine goes on a subway and takes a TV Guide from Mr. Costanza, not knowing tha the collects them; Jerry starts to like a Native American without knowing, and offends her when giving an Indian figurine to Elaine; Kramer comes up with the idea for a coffee table coffee table book.

The Conversion: 3.5/5 George converts his religion and becomes a Latvian Orthodox member to keep his girlfriend from breaking up with him; Jerry finds fungus cream in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet and wonders what it could be for; Kramer finds out that religious women are strongly drawn to him.

[*]The Stall: 4.5/5 While in the bathroom, Elaine asks a woman for toilet paper, but she claims she "can't spare a square". Elaine soon finds out that the woman is Jerry's girlfriend and it's up to Jerry to make sure Elaine doesn't find out that it's her; Elaine's boyfriend falls on his face during rock climbing and wonders if it will ever look the same.

[*]The Dinner Party: 5/5 Jerry and Elaine go to a bakery to get a babka but they discover there is none left so they instead get something else and find a hair in it; Jerry gets a black and white cookie and throws up ending his record; George and Kramer purchase wine but they need change for a $100 bill and then have to wait for a double parker to move his car.

[*]The Marine Biologist: 4.5/5 Jerry meets a former college classmate who Jerry sets up a date with her for George and Jerry tells her George is a marine biologist; Kramer hits golf balls into the ocean and one goes inside of a whale's blow hole; George is called on the scene to get the golf ball out.

[*]The Pie: 5/5 Jerry is baffled and confused as to why his girlfriend wouldn't taste his apple pie at Monk's; Jerry goes to her girlfriend's dad's restaurant and becomes questionable about the food preperation; Elaine notices a mannequin that looks just like her; George tussles with another customer over a suit that makes a funny noise when someone walks with it on.

The Stand-In: 3.5/5 Kramer's midget friend Mickey uses "lifts'' to keep his job and the other midget actors find out- all of whom are dissapointed; Jerry tries to make a friend at a hospital laugh; Elaine dates a friend of Jerry's who takes "it" out on the first date in the car.

The Wife: 4/5 Jerry gets discount dry cleaning for his family, and Jerry pretends his girlfriend is his wife so she gets discounts; George pees in the shower at the health club.

The Raincoats (Pt. 1 and 2): 4/5 Jerry's dad and Kramer attempt to go into business with eachother by selling raincoats in this 1 hour special; Elaine goes out with a "close talker".

The Fire: 4/5 George while at a girlfriend's son's birthday party, tries to leave a burning house by pushing over children and seniors while trying to get out. When asked about it, he says he was saving them.

[*]The Hamptons: 5/5 The gang goes to the Hampton's house to see their new baby; which they all find hideously ugly; Kramer gets illegal crab; George's girlfriend exposes her breasts to everyone; and George fears Jerry's girlfriend saw him during "shrinkage".

The Opposite: 4/5 George notices that everything in his life has gone the opposite of what he wanted it to be, so he decides to do EVERYTHING OPPOSITE; Kramer goes on Regis and Kelly to tell them about his coffee table coffee table book.


Seinfeld: Volume 4 has its episodes. There are some really, really good episodes in this season but then there are some real stinkers. Seinfeld: Volume 4 is well worth buying, but it doesn't have the overall excellence of some of the other volumes available right now.


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