Saturday, September 30, 2006

DVD Review (Seinfeld: Volume 5)

This is the most recent release of Seinfeld onto DVD, and it is a pretty good one. This volume surely has some good episodes, and here is my review. ( Rope or firearm? )


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

The Chaperone: 4/5 George replaces polyester uniforms with cotton for the Yankees; Jerry needs to have a chaperone to go on a date with Miss Rhode Island, so Kramer goes as her personal trainer.

[*]The Big Salad: 4.5/5 George purchases a salad for Elaine, and George feels his girlfriend took credit for it by handing it to her; Kramer plays golf with a former major leaguer, who cheats in a golf game. Kramer thinks he's the one to blame for the major leaguer's killing of a dry cleaner.

[*]The Pledge Drive: 4.5/5 Elaine's boss eats Snicker's bars with a knife and fork, and soon it becomes a trend; Jerry cashes past birthday checks written by his grandma, causing her to get her account overdrawn.

[*]The Chinese Woman: 4.5/5 Jerry discovers a woman named Donna Chang's phone number after phone lines get crossed between hers and George. Jerry goes on a date with her, and finds out she isn't Chinese.

[*]The Couch: 5/5 Kramer decides to start a pizza making business with Poppie; George joins a book club, but rents the book's movie instead; Elaine has abortion issues with her boyfriend.

[*]The Gymnast: 5/5 Jerry dates a gymnast; Kramer passes a kidney stone; George is caught eating garbage; Mr. Pitt becomes obsessed with a 3D painting.

The Mom And Pop Store: 4/5 Kramer tries to save a shoe business, but almost gets it shut down; Elaine gets tickets for Mr. Pitt to go to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

[*]The Soup: 4.5/5 Jerry gets a free Armani suit from an obnoxious comedian who tells Jerry to pay for it just by taking him out for dinner; Kramer decides to eat only fresh food.

[*]The Secretary: 5/5 George hires a not-so attractive secretary over an attractive one; Kramer gets Uma Thurman's phone number; Elaine gets a dress but finds out the mirrors at the store she bought it from are "skinny mirrors".

[*]The Race: 4.5/5 Jerry re-races a former high school rival to prove to him he didn't cheat during a race; Elaine tries to find out if her boyfriend is a communist; Kramer becomes a mall santa.

The Switch: 4/5 Elaine tries to get her tennis racket back from Mr. Pitt; Jerry tries to switch his girlfriend who never laughs with a better looking one that does who happens to be her room mate; George's girlfriend seems to be bulimic; Kramer's first name is revealed and his mom makes her first appearance.

[*]The Label Maker: 5/5 Elaine and Jerry think Tim Whatley is a "re-gifter"; George convinces his girlfriend to get her male roommate to move out; Kramer takes playing a game of Risk against Newman seriously.

The Scofflaw: 4/5 This episode features the great Jon Lovitz. Kramer calls a litter-bug a pig around a cop, George gets a toupee, Jerry tries to find out why Jon Lovitz's character would fake chemotherapy.

[*]The Highlights of 100: 4.5/5 Jerry hosts an episode dedicated entirely to the first 99 episodes of Seinfeld; "A show about nothing."

The Beard: 4/5 Elaine attempts to convert a gay; Jerry dates a cop.

The Kiss Hello: 4/5 Kramer puts tenant pictures up in the lobby; Elaine hopes Kramer will tell her friend to get a new hair-do;

The Doorman: 4/5 Mr. Pitt's doorman at his building gives Jerry trouble; George's dad moves in with him; Kramer develops a bra for men.

[*]The Jimmy: 4.5/5 Jerry discovers Penthouse is in the dental office waiting room; Kramer visits the dentist; Elaine tries to date "The Jimmy", but discovers it's not who she thought.

[*]The Doodle: 5/5 Kramer loses his taste because of being in Jerry's apartment when fumes were killing fleas; George discovers his girlfriend thinks he's ugly; Elaine has an interview with a publisher.

[*]The Fusilli Jerry: 4.5/5 Jerry finds out that Elaine's boyfriend is using Jerry's "move" on her in bed; Kramer gets the wrong license plate, that reads "ASSMAN".

[*]The Diplomat's Club: 4.5/5 Elaine finds out she's in Mr. Pitt's will; George tries to prove he's not racist just because he said his boss looks like Sugar Ray Leonard; Kramer tries to resist betting.

The Face Painter: 4/5 Elaine's boyfriend paints his face for a Devil's hockey game, and a priest believes that he has seen the devil; George tells his girlfriend he loves her; A monkey throws a banana at Kramer.

The Understudy: 4/5 George and Jerry are said to have tried to intentionally hurt Bette Midler during a softball game; Kramer becomes Midler's assistant; Elaine get's George's dad to translate Korean.


Seinfeld: Volume 5 is, overall, another solid Seinfeld boxset. The good episodes come often, but this is just an opening act setting the stage for future Seinfeld seasons. There are better volumes, but this one is still solid. Definitely a volume worth buying for a Seinfeld fan.


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