Monday, September 04, 2006

DVD Review ( Seinfeld: Volume 1 )

Seinfeld is one of my alltime favorite sitcoms for several reasons; including: atmosphere, constant gags, memorable characters, and so on. Here is my review for the first 2 seasons.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"


Pilot: 4/5 Kramer and George weigh in on Jerry and his girlfriend's situation.

The Stakeout: 3.5/5 Jerry meets a woman and tries to find her house.

[*] The Robbery: 5/5 Jerry gets robbed due to Kramer's stupidity. He finds a new apartment, and George gets jealous of him.

[*]Male Unbonding: 4.5/5 Jerry tries to end a relationship with a childhood friend; Kramer wants to open a make-your-own pizza restaurant is the side story.

[*] The Stock Tip: 5/5 George finds a new stock and has him and Jerry invest money in it. Suddenly, the stock starts going down.


The Ex-Girlfriend: 4/5 Jerry dates George's girlfriend. She breaks up with him after seeing his stand-up.

The Pony Remark: 4/5 Jerry disses pony's and one of his relatives die, subsequently.

[*]The Jacket 4.5/5 Jerry buys a suade jacket and turns it inside out when about to go into the snow; but since it has pink lining, he isn't allowed and it gets ruined.

[*]The Phone Message: 5/5 George says some stuff over his girlfriend's answering machine and he and Jerry change the tape.

[*]The Apartment: 4.5/5 Jerry realizes that Elaine will be moving in right above his apartment and he does anything to stop her.

The Statue: 4/5 Jerry has his apartment cleaned by Elaine's client's boyfriend and he notices a statue he had there was stolen.

[*]The Revenge: 5/5 George quits from work and immedietely tries to get his job back realizing it was a mistake.

[*]The Heart Attack: 5/5 George thinks he has a heart attack but he just needs his tonsils removed.

[*]The Deal: 4.5/5 Jerry and Elaine figure out rules how to have sex without ruining their friendship.

The Baby Shower: 4/5 Elaine has a baby shower and Jerry's apartment while Kramer tries to get illegal cable installed for Jerry at the same time.

[*]The Chinese Restaurant: 5/5 Jerry, Elaine, and George try to go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and realize they aren't being allowed to be seated.

The Busboy: 4/5 George realizes he may have been the one to have a busboy at a restaurant fired and tries to make up with it.


This is a great set. Well over an hour of "The Making Of Seinfeld", commentary on episodes, and on some episodes an introduction on how the episode was made and what happened in the filming of it. This is definitely a must buy for a fan of the show. I just started watching this show, and I must say I'm pleasently suprised.


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