Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Game Review (Lego Starwars: The Original Trilogy - 360)

The original Lego Starwars was unique in that it was a Starwars game made with Lego characters. Many people think the game looks childish. Maybe so, but I think it is a great idea that also has stellar gameplay. My review. ( I'm going to hang myself. No life. )

Graphics: 5/5 On the 360 version of this game, the graphics are amazing. Sure it's very cartoony and doesn't look realistic, but it looks great. A Lego game can't look much better than

Sound: 4/5 The Starwars music plays in and out of levels, which is great, but here are no character voices. Not like it matters; if you played the first Lego Starwars, you would know that this game's cutscenes are chock full of wordless slapstick brilliance. Therefore, sound is a virtue in this game besides the music.

Control: 4/5 The control in this game is simple, but aggrivating. The camera angles are slightly adjustable using the right analog stick, but that doesn't help that the camera is still terrible most of the time. You often can't judge the distance of a jump and you will die. You use A to jump and X to attack, and X or B to do actions or use the force. Simple controls, they work, but the camera angles are frustrating at times.

Fun: 4/5 Lego Starwars: The Original Trilogy delivers. With improved graphics and great gameplay. Sure, most missions are similar in many ways: build Legos into something, jump around aimlessly trying to find out what to do, unlock doors... etc. But the first game was like that too, and it was great fun; which is what this game is. This game may not last too long, but it is great. The big flaw of this game though is that there is no Xbox Live Co-Op; huge dissapointment. But with this gameplay, you will be sure to be playing for hours until you complete it. This is a game you should definitely rent, but not buy, unless you are a hardcore Starwars collector.


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