Friday, September 28, 2007

Halo 3 is B.S.

First and second day: I'm doing good,owning people left and right. I'm on a good team that knows what their doing.

Last two days: I'm doing terrible, and it's all because my teams have always been SUCKING yesterday. I don't know how the f*ck my teammates can even be so bad at this game. Every time I'm on the losing team, I'm in first on that team.

Also, I've experienced some sh*tty hit-detection. For example, a grenade at a guy, I see his shield deplete, I shoot him a few times, and I die. WTF is that? Whatever. Maybe I just need to not play for a couple hours. Still, this is absolute garbage.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Game Review ( Halo 3 Maps - 360 )

I'm bored. But I'm obsessed with Halo 3 pretty much, so I've decided to review each and every map in the game... here goes.

Construct: 4.5/5 The first map I played in Halo 3. Construct is a map that I think would feel right at home in a Metroid Prime game. It's pretty small, has a few levels, and is sure to be a grenade throwing/tagging fest. This is one of many maps in the game that make me wonder "Am I playing Star Wars Battlefront or Halo 3?". Definitely was pleased with this map.

Epitaph: [Not yet played.]

Guardian: 4.5/5 I'm sure you probably played Halo 2. If so, this is JUST LIKE the map "Lockout", but instead of being in snowy conditions, it's in what seems to be a jungle. It's almost identical. Except I like this version more. Definitely a lot of fun to play.

High Ground: 4.75/5 Another fantastic map in the game. High Ground looks great first off, and the layout is very well done. The only problem I have with this map are the spawn points, which seem a little faulty. My team's spawn will switch with the other team's spawn quite quickly, and before I know it, they spawn and kill me immedietely in the back. Regardless, High Ground is a lot of fun most of the times.

Isolation: 4.75/5 One of the best maps in Halo 3. This map looks like it's in a jungle, or something, with a few bunkers and underground caves. The map looks amazing, and is a LOT of fun to play on.

Last Resort: 4/5 The remake of the ever-so-popular map Zanzibar from Halo 2. Last Resort is very similar to Zanzibar, just with some different colors, and bigger... and that's not much of a good thing. While I liked Zanzibar, I always thought it was overrated. This map, even with 10 people, seems under-populated, and is pretty boring. I actually prefer Zanzibar to Last Resort, but that's just me.

Narrows: 4.25/5 This is another map that could easily fit in to a Metroid Prime game. Narrows to me is a lot like Construct, except that it's... well, narrow. The map has two levels, allowing teams to flank. A good map, but there's nothing real special about it. There is what I call a "booster" you can use to fly from one side to the other, but that's the only thing unique on it. A pretty average map that's surprisingly fun to play - especially with team rockets.

Sandtrap: 4.5/5 At first, this map didn't appeal to me much at all. But after learning the map, and driving a few vehicles around and gunning some guys and vehicles down, it's actually a lot of fun. Sandtrap is one of the few maps in Halo 3 with a lot of vehicles in it, and it's super fun. This map reminds me a lot of the map Dune Sea in Star Wars Battlefront on Tatooine. That's not a bad thing at all. It actually makes me like it more... this map is definitely under-rated.

Snowbound: 5/5 Yeah. This map REALLY reminds me of a Star Wars Battlefront map. Hoth. If you've played Star Wars Battlefront, you'll know what I'm talking about. This map has bunkers just like that one did, but instead of this map being HUGE like Hoth, it's quite similar, but very small in size, which is actually a good thing. Snowbound has proved to be one of, if not, my favorite map in Halo 3. A lot of fun.

The Pit: 4/5 An average warehouse map... it just looks like you're in a giant Costco or something... most games have a map that looks similar to this one, and it's usually "filler". I must say, this definitely is a filler map. It's only kind of fun to play on because it's a Halo 3 map.

Valhalla: 5/5 Another fantastic map. Valhalla is one of the very few maps in Halo 3 with air-flight vehicles, and it's an awesome one. I can't honestly describe this map, besides that it's a LOT of fun. It kind of, no, it REALLY sucks when you're stranded in the middle of the map without a vehicle or a team-mate, but after you learn where you're supposed to be and at what times, you'll likely enjoy Valhalla a lot too.


The Halo 3 Maps are just unbelievable. As of now, I haven't played them all, but from what I have played, just about all of them are spectacular. That's about it - I'm gonna go play some more Halo!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Game Review ( Halo 3 - 360 )

Here's my review on what is one of, if not the, biggest game and what some say the most overrated game, of all-time. I've only played it for about 6 hours, so I will probably be editing this review. This is my first impression. ( Note: I didn't play the beta. )

Graphics: 4.5/5 Look quite good, but don't really blow you away. The character models for the most part look phenomenal, and the environments do as well. Still, it's not the most impressive looking game out there right now. Hell, to all the whiners, I'd rather have an okay looking game that runs smoothly than a fantastic looking game that lags a lot.

Sound: 5/5 Top notch. The talking throughout your men in campaign is really well done. The voice acting in the cut scenes are also great. You will likely never hear the same thing twice in battle. The explosions and guns still sound fantastic too. Everything Halo 2 sounded like, but better.

Control: 4.5/5 Not quite perfect. In my opinion, Halo 2 had better controls for a 360 controller. Still, Halo 3 doesn't control bad, but it does take some getting used to. Such as you having to learn how to use the RB button to get in vehicles and pick up guns and what-not, as well as reload, instead of using the X button used in Halo 2. Still controls very well though.

Fun: 5/5 I must say, this game left a great first impression. I started with Campaign first, and was less than surprised at the start, mainly because the game kept on lagging. But once the game started going, the Campaign got pretty fun. And, in case you don't already know, you can have four person co-op, which makes Legendary quite a bit easier to play through. ( Still not a sinch in any stretch of the imagination though. ) I could review this game all day. The single player, co-op, Forge, multiplayer, all the maps, how the guns hold up, the AI, the ability to record your games, and what not. All I really need to say though, is it's worth it. There aren't many maps currently available to play on Halo 3, but just about all of them are a lot of fun. If you don't think they are at first, go ahead and play them a few times. The game looks good, controls great, and sounds fantastic. Almost everything about this game that I've seen so far is top notch.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Game Review ( The Bigs - 360 )

Graphics: 3.75/5 Very mixed bag here. The graphics and textures of the jerseys and stadiums and what-not look really good, but a lot of the players faces look like they were glued on, and have no expression. The game looks pretty good, kind of next gen, but they certainly could be better.

Sound: 3.75/5 A pretty average soundtrack, and a pretty decent commentary, although when you start hitting a lot of homeruns, the announcer does get pretty repetitive. Still, the game has good sound. Especially in-game when you hit home runs and stuff.

Control: 4/5 The only thing that's not too hot about the controls in this game is the baserunning. Instead of pressing a button to advance to another base, you run with the analog stick. It works well most of the time, but sometimes, it will mess you up. Your runner will sometimes run halfway to a base, and if you don't control him, he'll be out. Other than that, this game controls pretty well.

Fun: 4/5 The Bigs is a game for anyone, like Slugfest was. Baseball fan or not, you'll likely enjoy playing this game. Hitting balls at unbelievable lengths, and pitching balls at impossibly fast speeds. It's quite fun. There are several modes, including Rookie Challenge, in which you create your own player and take him through the Major Leagues by playing in MLB games, and participating in batting and fielding practice to gain experience and different apparel to let him wear. It really seems like an RPG element. It's fun, but does get repetitive. Another thing worth noting are the difficulty levels. Medium should be Very Easy, and Easy shouldn't be a difficulty choice. This game is very easy for the most part. No one should have much trouble. I won a game 14-0 and it was only a 5 inning game. Albeit it was on Medium, but it shows how not-so-challenging this game is. Still, this is a very fun baseball game. Fun on single player, but it's a game meant to be played with friends, in my opinion. Well worth a few week rental from Gamefly, because it is a lot of fun, but you should definitely think twice before paying full price on this game.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Call of Duty 4 Beta... tragically flawed.

At first glance, the Call of Duty 4 Beta seemed near perfect. But after a few days of playing, I've finally found out a pretty big "chip in the paint". When shooting at an opponent, sometimes nothing hits him. Even though the cross hairs are on him. In the Kill-Cam, it shows me not even aiming at him. It's just super frustrating. If this error is also in the full version of the game, I might not purchase it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Game Review ( Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Beta - 360 )

Graphics: 5/5 One of, if not the best, looking games on the 360. It runs extremely well with little lag. ( All depends on the host. ) The game looks amazing. It will probably look even better once the full version of the game is released.

Sound: 5/5 Best sounding game on the 360 for sure. The back-talk, explosions, and guns, sound better than any other game available.

Control: 4.75/5 Feels just like Call of Duty's 2 and 3 on the 360, but a tweaked a little bit. They actually feel a little bit better. There are still some frustrating moments, though, such as when your teammates won't get out of your way when you're running.

Fun: 5/5 Only 3 maps, and you can only get to level 16 max, but it's still an amazing game, for sure. I don't know how long I'll be playing the beta, since it's so restricted and has such few things to do on it, but it's a TON of fun. Actually, to be honest, there is almost too action in this game for its own good. I can't wait for the full version of the game.


The Maps:

Vacant: 4.75/5 A very good map. Vacant is a pretty small map, based mainly inside a square building, with the ability to go outside. This map is super close quarters... it's also awesome. Non-stop firefights make this one of the bests maps I've played on any shooter.

Overgrown: 3.75/5 Purely average. Overgrown reminds me a lot of the map Harvester on SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs for the PS2. It's really, really average. It looks a bit like something out of a Call of Duty 2 or 3 games at times, too. It's a pretty big map, with little shelter. Really a sniper's paradise. Not very good.

Crash: 5/5 Amazing to say the least. Crash is a small/medium sized map that has a wrecked helicopter in the middle of the map. ( a la Black Hawk Down? ) The atmosphere of this map is spectacular. There are several buildings to go in and on to shoot from, plenty of ground to run around... and whatnot. This map will be liked mainly by run-and-gunners, like myself. Fantastic map.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Game Review ( Uno Decks: Kameo and PGR )

Uno has been out for well over a year now, and these packs have been out for a long awhile themselves. However, I just bought them. I can say right now they are worth the measly 100 points each. The Kameo deck is based off the 360 game Kameo, and it has one really unique feature. You can swap your hand with someone elses. It's cool, but can also be frustrating at the same time. The PGR deck is based off Project Gotham Racing 3 for the 360. The special thing about this deck is Gotham TV. With it, you can see one of another player's hand, which is really handy. Overall, I'd say the PGR deck is better, because it's simpler, I like the added element more, ( Gotham TV ) and it's a deck with cars on the cards. Still, both decks are very fun to play and add longevity to the time you will play Uno. Well worth it, at least for an Uno fan. For the price, it deserves a:


Drink Review ( Mountain Dew Game Fuel )

After looking in several stores, I finally found and bought a 12-pack of this limited edition drink.

Taste: 4.5/5 It definitely is different. It's supposed to taste like cherry citrus. The drink is orange though, for some reason... anyway, it tastes quite good. Some say it tastes like cough syrup, but it really doesn't. If you ask me, it tastes like Baja Blast from Taco Bell mixed with Mountain Dew Code Red. It's pretty good.

Smell: 4.5/5 It really smells like it tastes. Has a cherry smell. Not much else to say.

Look: 5/5 The can looks very cool. It's black, blue, and orange, and has Mountain Dew Game Fuel written on one side of the can. The other side has Master Chief and the words Halo 3. It's not saying much, but it's the best looking can of pop/soda I've ever seen. The box that the 12-pack comes in look much like the can. As for the actual drink, it's a very cool looking neon orange color. It looks just like Mountain Dew Livewire. I don't know why the drink is orange, though, as the drink has cherry flavor.

Overall: 4.5/5 Mountain Dew Game Fuel should be bought by any can collector, Halo fan, NRG drink drinker, or anyone that likes pop/soda. It's not the BEST drink in the world, but it is very good. It is only available for a limited time, so you might want to get some - now!

-You can find Mountain Dew Game Fuel anywhere pop/soda is sold. It's actually selling out pretty quick, so if you want some NOW, you should try LOOKING now.-