Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So You're Getting A PSP...

These things are a little on the expensive side, but you need one. Here is what you definitely need if you want to be playing your PSP for HOURS...ON...END...

SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo ( If you have WiFi capabilities. )

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee ( Golf fan or not, this game will keep you playing a long time. )

GTA: Liberty City Stories ( I.M.O. a port of the best GTA game ever made? Yes sir. Great game. )

Burnout Legends ( Nothing like the crappy DS version; an awesome game with an insanely good framerate. )

Sandisk 512 MB Memory Stick / Sandisk 1 GB Memory Stick ( At least a 512 MB or higher to put your music or videos on. ( I can put about 140 songs on my 512 MB. )

So You're Getting A DS...

Thinking about it, huh? Don't have it yet? It came out awhile ago, why don't you have one? Well anyways, these are the must-have DS titles:

Mario Kart DS
Metroid Prime DS
Animal Crossing: Wild World!
Warioware: Touched!
Tony Hawk's American Sk8land
Super Mario 64 DS

It also just so happens I have all of those games. They really are all great, especially Mario Kart and Metroid Prime. Definitely pick those two up. If you like your Sim-like feed, try out Animal Crossing. Like your odd-ball games too? Get Warioware. Feel like shreddin'? Get Sk8land. Just want an awesome adventue game? Pick up SM64DS.

So You're Getting A PS2...

Thinking about seriously buying a PS2 finally, or for someone you know? These are the games you have to get:

Kingdom Hearts 1 and/or 2
SOCOM 2 and/or 3
Guitar Hero
Star Wars Battlefront 1 and/or 2

All of those are fantastic games; and if you can't buy them all? Just pick a few for yourself. Hope I helped!

Friday, March 24, 2006

More Game Praise: Metroid Prime: Hunters (DS)

This game is the best I've played on the DS and the best I've played since SOCOM 2 U.S. NAVY SEALs for the PS2. If you have not played this game, you need to. Here are some hints on how to get through the game:

If you're on a long fall to the ground, jump right before you're about to hit the ground; no health lost.

To get all the hunters, play single player and get 22% through the game. ( I believe. ) You will have 50% of the Octaliths by this time as well.

Special attacks:

Samus: Guided missle
Kanden: Electric balls; dissorient enemy
Trace: Invisability + Sniper
Noxus: Freeze
Spire: Ball of fire grenade launcher
Weavel: Grenade-Launcher like green bomb
Sylux: Electrical weapon

I.M.O, the best Hunters in order:
1.) Kanden
2.) Weavel
3.) Spire
4.) Trace
5.) Noxus
6.) Samus
7.) Sylux

Any other help any of you need just hit me up an email.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

[47] Recommends The Following...

Being a hardcore fan of videogames on many systems, I've been wanting a lot of games lately, but I just don't have the money. If you do, these are some of the games you should buy:

Daxter (PSP)
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PSP)
Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2) -Release Date: 3/28-
Exit (PSP)
Metroid Prime Hunters (I have this one) (DS)

There are many more; those are just a few. Stay tuned to the site because I will have a review up soon for one of those games ( I'm buying a game soon. )

Have a nice day. :P

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Game Review (Metroid Prime Hunters - DS)

Metroid Prime Hunters. I've been waiting. I got my DS in January of '05 and I got a "First Hunt" demo that came with it. I can say that I wasn't impressed simply because there was no depth, but I knew that the game certainly could be a great one. Metroid Prime for the Gamecube, to me, was not a very good game. Hard-to-use controls, single player only, a lot of backtracking... and so on. This game has backtracking, but it has easy controls and great multiplayer. Here is my review:

PROs: Great singleplayer and multiplayer, best DS graphics ever, little lag suprisingly, cool characters, WiFi, stat counting... so on.

CONs: Have to unlock the hunters ( not too hard, just play single player ) , occasional lag, grainy sound sometimes, repetitious adventure mode.

Graphics: 10/10. Byfar the best graphics ever shoved into a DS game. They are unbelievable. It's pretty amazing that the whole game was packed into this, let alone the great looking graphics. Very, very nice.

Sound: 9.5/10. Very good on surround sound. The only real problem for sound (for me) is that it's grainy; but it could be my DS. You hear footsteps, the creature's noises... everything works nicely.

Control: 9.5/10. Good controls, but it could be some quick corpal tunnel syndrome. I played with the stylus and my hands kind of got cramped up using this tiny little DS. I now use my wriststrap; it feels like an analog stick.

Fun: 9.5/10. Excellent WiFi, great graphics, and basically the Halo of handhelds, this game has everything any FPS fan would want. Even though the adventure mode is tedious, the multiplayer is great and anyone can hop in and have a great time with this game. Hell, if you have no one to play with, practice with bots. This game is the best on the DS, and I have no intentions of putting this game down any time soon; and I don't think you will either once you pick it up. Go buy MPH now. NOW NOW NOW!!


Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - GC)

I've been a fan of the entire Mario Kart series since it's original game. Any person can sit down and enjoy this game. Simple and easy to play on 50 CC and great Nintendo mascots.

Graphics: 8.5/10. Most game sites did not like the graphics so much in this game. They thought they were good but nothing special. True, but they didn't appreciate them enough. The cartoony and bright graphics fit well in this game, and the character models look great. The only real flaw is that they are a wee bit dated.

Sound: 9/10. It's all here. DK's trademark grunts, as well as Bowser's, Daisy says "I'm Daisy" so much it makes you want to shoot her with a red shell... it just sounds good. The tracks have their own little track too so there is a little music as well.

Control: 9.5/10. A lot of people hate the controls for this game. Why? I have no idea; but they are very realistic. Very, very realistic. For example, when you are going down a straight away and do a sharp turn, you will not turn much unless you use R to drift. Drifting well is essential to win races on 150 CC, so you have to get used to it if you want to win those karts and 2 extra characters.

Fun: 9/10. There is a lot of fun to be had here. Especially on multiplayer. You and a buddy can team up on one kart or go head-to-head; your decision. There are quite a few characters to race with from obviously Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, and so on, to less popular mascots such as Birdo, Diddy Kong, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and many, many more. Each set of characters have their own "special", too. Baby Mario, Mario, Luigi, and Baby Luigi all shoot a set of five fireballs, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong throw a large banana, and so on. You can also unlock the special cup after you beat the star cup, which adds to the games 15 levels to make it 20. This game will be hard for kids, and maybe for some adults, but with practice you will succeed. Even after you have beaten the game on single player, you can still have your way with up to 3 other friends, or you can play on LAN. This is a great addition to the series and I recommend ( if you haven't already ) that you pick it up now.


Game Review (Metroid Prime - GC)

I had this game since about it's launch date or so, and when I got it, I was fairly excited. However, I was mainly displeased at how the game was played. It's a very open-ended game so you will find yourself going through a spot on a level, destroying, searching, finding, and back tracking quite a bit. Here is my review for Metriod Prime for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Graphics: 10/10. Definitely the best standout for the game. Unbelievable graphics show how powerful the little Nintendo Gamecube really is. It's quite easy to compare these graphics to a Graphical King like Halo. Hell, when you walk over some things in this game your mask will get foggy. That is pretty cool. The enviroments look great and so do the critters. Samus' suit is very shiny too. :]

Sound: 9/10. Very well done sound. The music is great, the different baddies you shoot at make unique sounds, the bosses do as well, the water sounds good, everything sounds good. It really adds to the experience with the game.

Control: 9/10. The control for many may be extremely frustrating and confusing, but really it's not all that bad. There are quite a few different controls but it's nothing to get bent out of shape about and get so depressed you want to hang yourself in the bathroom, no, but they are somewhat hard to get used to, I guess. But after you play for about a half an hour you will get the feeling.

Fun: 7/10. This is where the game just sinks for me and takes a step down. The game is great in everything else except the fun. It's fun until you get to a hard part and you have absolutely no idea what to do so you need to backtrack and whatnot just to pass a little part of a level. Another flaw is no multiplayer; which definitely should have been added in this game because it could have been a great party game; even if there would be no online play. So basically, this is a single player game that is about 50% exploration, 20% boredom, and 30% action. This game I found to be very hard, so if you want to succeed in Metroid Prime, you had better get a strategy guide. Good luck.


Game Review (MLB '06: The Show - PS2)

I just got this game today, and as soon as I got into my first game, I got bored. Simple as that. I was just thinking why the hell I just spent forty dollars on this game. The game is really slow paced, I find the commentary voices a little annoying, and the soundtrack for the most part is not very good. But after playing a game or so, it did get a little better. Here is my stack.

Graphics: 7/10. These graphics are way dated. I compare these to the All-Star Baseball 2002 game. They really do look like that, but the textures on a few things are a little bit better, but not much.

Sound: 7/10. Nothing special. A fairly decent soundtrack. But the announcers just "try" and I just don't like them and feel they are very annoying for the most part.

Control: 7/10. I just can't do the pitching or something. I do exactly what I should do to pitch in the spot I want, and then something will happen; like a wild pitch or something. I don't like that at all. I also hate how the ball looks like it is RIGHT OVER THE PLATE and you swing and miss and it says it was in the dirt. It doesn't seem like any other baseball game is that bad at that. I also think the controls are just overall sluggish. The outfielding is just really slow and annoying and it seems like you have to position yourself just right to make a play.

Fun: 8/10. This game has potential. You can do everything; including: make ticket prices, souvenir days, commercialize your team, use the eye toy to put your face on your created character, play online, and much more. The thing is, the gameplay is just not that great. Hell, the menus are so vast it's easy to get lost. Asside from all that, and the slow gameplay, if you are really addicted to baseball (like me) I'm sure you will get some fun out of this game; even if it's not as much as you had hoped. I really wish I waited for MLB 2K6 by ESPN because it promised a great baseball game last year and it was a great game; it also is ESPN based and has excellent features and real commentary. If you haven't already bought this game, wait for 2K6. This game is overrated; easy as that. ( Most websites rated this game between 8-9 ) If you want this game, definitely rent it first.


Game Review (Gretzky NHL - PSP)

Gretzky NHL was a launch title for the PSP that was horrible to say the least. I rented this game yesterday, and just in the first game I got pretty bored.

Graphics: 7/10. There is a little framerate problem that is pretty annoying, but it could be much worse. Character animations are FAIR, and the presentation is decent, but the graphics are really Playstaion 1ish.

Sound: 6.5/10. Where is the commentary? Playing a sports game without the commentary is not nearly the same. There isn't any commentary! Why?! All you hear when you play is the crowd OCCASIONALLY saying "Go (hometeam) go". That's about it. At the beginning of the game, the one guy says " Here is your (hometeam)." When a goal is scored, "goal by (team).", and at the end of the game, "tonight's three stars" and "goodnight and see us next time." or something like that. That is pretty much all you will hear in the game besides the music. Heck, the music isn't very good. I don't know if it's licensed or not. ( I don't think so ) and if it is EA Trax, it's very unpopular bands.

Control: 7/10. Since there is a framerate problem, it kind of hurts the controls. For me, this was a bit of a strange-to-control hockey game. O to shoot? That was odd. Anyways, So get a puck passed to you it has to be right at you; your computer won't auto chase a foot, and if you want to pick up a puck that's just laying around, you have to get right on top of it. This is rather annoying.

Fun: 6.5/10. I am a huge hockey fan and I was dissapointed. Another thing about this game that is also aggrivating, is how the teams always seem to dump the puck, so there will be icing after icing and then off sides after off sides, and if you turn the rules off, it's still annoying, so it's either a lot of face-offs or a lot of racing. This game really isn't worth your time, huge hockey fan or not, unless you can find it for under 10 dollars. ( Good luck with that. )


Game Review (Guitar Hero - PS2)

Guitar Hero is a hell of an addicting game. I got it Saturday, and I've had guitar solos going through my head since then.

Graphics: 8/10. They are definitely simply and only "fair" compared to games out now. They still look good, but as I would think, they probably thought it was more important to get the music and songs on level first.

Sound: 9.5/10. The singers are NOT the real thing ( for some of the songs I knwo for sure in a video you can unlock ) but they sound damn close! Especially Bark at the Moon and Iron Man ( besides the beginning "I am iron man". ) Franz Ferdinand is also done pretty well.

Control: 9/10. The game takes you from noob to pro pretty much. You start out with the first three buttons on easy, first four on medium, and hard and expert introduces the fifth. I simply can not play with the five buttons; way too hard, my fingers get mixed around, even if there is a little notch on the yellow key, just like there is on the F and J buttons on a keyboard.

Fun: 9.5/10 Over 45 songs, multiplayer, plenty of unlockables including 2 characters ( one is definitely cool, find out if you get the game ), a lot of songs, guitar skins, guitars, and the-making-of videos. This is one addicting game, and I can see myself easily playing this for at least another 6 months to a year, no doubt.


Game Review (Animal Crossing: Wild World - DS)

Animal Crossing came out on the Gamecube in (2002?) and i got it in 2003. It was an awesomely unique game somewhat taking the idea of the Sims, but putting it in real time and making all the characters animals. Certainly unique, certainly fun, and was a blast to play each and every day, although not for a long period of time. You play as a male or female human in your own town without a house. Tom Nook makes you a house and you have to pay it off ( extremely similar to the Gamecube version ). After you pay it off, you get upgrades, but it's not TOO easy, but it's not TOO hard.

Graphics: 9/10. Yummy. It looks better than the Gamecube version to me ( many many many MANY would disagree with that ) but it looks far better to me. Less blockiness, and great animations like the Gamecube version. The graphics are cartoony and very different from most games out there.

Sound: 8.5/10. A bit annoying at first, I got this game at about 5 PM and the music was very annoying and just continuously played a weird beeping pattern, but it wasn't THAT bad. The town animal's quick talking high pitched ( or low depending on animal ) voice is still there, you can still make a "town tune", it's all good.

Control: 8.5/10. Sure is easy. you basically use the D-Pad, and stylus or X,Y,A,B buttons, and it's fairly easy to get used to. I would reccomend the stylus way, though, because it just seems more convenient.

Fun: 9/10. Anybody who played the Gamecube version will find Wild World similar in a lot of ways, different in a few ways. you can now make a town flag, and the best addition: WIFI. You can play near or far with your friend ( if you have a friend code ). So if you can convince your friend to get a DS and this game, you're in luck because it's just like an online 3D chat site. Not just one friend, though, there can be 4 people in one town ( including you ) so you can all buy, sell, trade in eachother's town, and you can also just sit around and talk or meet eachother's neighbors in their towns. This is certainly a great game, one of the best DS games out there, may not be the best "hours-on-end" title for the DS ( I personally can't think of one except for maybe Mario Kart DS ) but it is amazing if you play in 30 minute to 1 hour spurts. Pick this up, whether you play Wi-Fi or not, it's a blast.


Game Review (Burnout Legends - PSP)

The Burnout series has been on my list of greatest racing games since Burnout 1, which was a super sleeper hit. Although Burnout was lacking in a lot of things, it had potential. I didn't think a second game would EVER come out, but to my suprise one DID come out. Burnout 2: Point of Impact ( My favorite Burnout game besides Burnout Legends PSP ) That game got a lot of praise, and soon enough, Burnout Takedown came out, and just recently, Burnout Revenge. However, Burnout Legends is a handheld exclusive ( PSP and DS only, but the DS version really stinks. )

Graphics: 8.5/10. Probably the low point of the game. This may be confusing; but Burnout Legends in my opinion is THE BEST looking PSP game available, but I give it an 8.5 simply because of glitches. If you are riding up against a wall or something, you can see through them and stuff, just like if you take someone out against a barrier or a wall, their car will often fall through a glitch. It isn't a bad thing really, it just kinda shows a car falling through blue sky. Not to mention when there are sparks flying and cars rubbing next to eachother, the framerate takes a huge drop and lags. Moving on!

Sound: 9.5/10. At first the soundtrack I thought was horrible except for Goldfinger's song "I Want", but that isn't really true. After listening to the songs over and over again, i found myself singing some of the songs at home (D'oh.) The soundtrack is all new songs that weren't on any other Burnout. Besides the music, all the other sounds are in there, they are pretty much exactly the same as the console versions, they sound very good.

Control: 9/10. Can it get too much easier? In standard driving mode, X to drive, D-Pad or Analog nub to manuever, square to brake, and R to turbo; that's pretty much it. It's very simple, although the game isn't simple.

Fun: 9.5/10. Not suprisingly, this was an amazing game, Suprisingly though, is how well the frame rate holds out. You can literally be taking down cars over and over again and there will rarely be any lag on screen. Due to the fact the PSP's screen is so well sized, you can easily see cars well up the road. ( assuming your face is on screen into action, like mine. ) Many people say this is not worth more than a rental. Uh.. wrong. It is pretty much impossible to even beat this game in a rental period because it's so in depth. I've played it fairly often since christmas ( I have 4 other PSP games ) and I'm only 18 percent through the game. This is simply an amazing game, and a true PSP gem. A must buy for a PSP owner, no doubt.


Game Review (Twisted Metal: Head-On - PSP)

Twisted Metal has been pretty much wickedly popular since it came out, most people loved it, at the time I despised it, but when I saw how it looked on the PSP, I bought it. I didn't like the older games because there was too much action on the screen for its own good; I couldn't see what was going on. However on the PSP, it's not the same.

Graphics: 8.5/10. The graphics are superb in almost every way, except the fact some things are a bit bland ( when driving through water ) but when you shoot any missles off, the smoke effects and explosions are super fly.

Sound: 8.5/10. Some character voices, meh, nothing special, nice music ( kinda ) but the cars sound good, the explosions do too, basically everything sounds good, but it's VERY repetetive and gets boring. You may find yourself playing on mute often.

Control: 8/10. Fast and chaotic, yet reasonably controlable. You can use the analog nub or the D-Pad to move, I use the analog nub, it is EASY but yet HARD, because at times it can be very hard to turn in the same direction you want or back up i ntime of dodging something. It's very hard to hit someone with a power missle, too, from short or far range.

Fun: 7.5/10. Sure it has Infrastructure online play so you can play with anyone anywhere ( near a "hot spot" of course ) but the gameplay is limited. There aren't many cars, ( no unlockables as far as I've seen ) a horrible "story line" ( not much of a story at all ) and it is just repetetive. A good game every once in awhile, but there are many better games for the PSP.


Game Review (Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee - PSP)

I'M ADDICTED... This game is just unbelievable. I've been a HSG fan since the original Playstation and I was pretty happy to see it was on the PSP. I was at Best Buy and I couldn't decide. This, or X-men 2? I'm damn happy I got this game. 250 unlockables, unbelievable graphics, nice sound, and ADDICTING. Oh wow.

Graphics: 9.5/10. Quite possibly the best looking PSP game ever released. Very sharp, great grass, excellent water, beautiful looking characters,it's allll good!

Sound: 9/10. The voices are pretty good, the sound of club-on-ball is great, the sound is very good, but there isn't much of it, sadly.

Control: 9.5/10. Can it get easier? ... No. Basically X.. wait.. X.. done. But you have to ( like in most/all golf games ) know geometry and what not, so you have to kinda think before you try a putt or a whack.

Fun: 9.5/10. Awesome. What's it missing? Infrastructure play. ( Online play ). That would make this game pretty much flawless. That is just about the only thing stopping me from giving this game a 10. This is a must buy. Golf fan or not, you can squeeze a lot of fun out of this game. You can even have your replays saved automatically, I got a "Chip-In Eagle", and I was wondering if I could save the replay. After wandering around the menu, I found out where I could watch it fairly easily. Pretty cool. Your stats are also recorded, and the loading times aren't bad at all for a handheld, they are in fact probably the fastest PSP loading times. Simple, simple, simple. Awesome game, that is a must buy. It's 10 dollars cheaper originally than most PSP games, too! COME ON!! BUY IT!


Hardware Review (Sandisk 512 MB)

It says 512 MB, but when I first put mine in it said 468 MB or something, either way, this is still a GREAT memory stick for the price. ( I can't believe it's so cheap on Amazon, at best buy mine was 80 bucks. ) Definite must buy for anybody with a PSP that wants to take full advantage of its capabilities. Notes: I have about 6 spongebob squarepants episodes on my PSP. ( 11 minutes or so long ) and there is still PLENTY of space left on my memory stick. I had 95 songs on this memory stick and had PLENTY of space left. You should have absolutely no problem getting 120 or so songs on this thing, assuming they are 2-4 minutes in length. So think about this: An Ipod Shuffle holds about 100 and it costs 100 dollars, or you can buy a memory stick that is 50 dollars or so that can hold 120 or more. BUY IT!! IT WORKS GREAT!!

Highly Recommended.

Game Review (GTA: Liberty City Stories - PSP)

Background of series: Grand Theft Auto was a very passable game that was released a while back. Some people liked the game, but most didn't. When GTA:2 came out, it had very similar reviews: mixed ones. However, when GTA:3 came out for the PS2 about 5 years ago, everything changed. The game got between 8-10 ratings everywhere. ( Mostly 9-10 ) The GTA series had gone full 3D and made for an extremely fun title to play. Vice City also came out about 2 years later, and it also got rave reviews. San Andreas came out not too long ago and got great reviews, too. But now, Rockstar has decided to put GTA on the PSP, and it is a great game. It takes GTA 3, and puts it on a handheld; the WHOLE game. This game is different than GTA 3 because it has an entirely different story. You play as Toni Cipriani who was forced into hiding after killing a "made man", but now in LCS you get to take him and make things right. The story line is a pretty good one so far, full of great voice acting.

Pros: City looks damn near the same as GTA 3, very similar controls as PS2 versions of the GTA series, unbelievable graphics for a handheld, nice voice acting, great sound and radio stations, awesome!!

Cons: When going gast in a vehicle and crashing, game pauses temporarily, Many may have wanted a different city, choppy OCCASIONALLY, graphical blurs, hard missions at beginning of game. ( For instance, you with fists against 5 or more guys with guns. )

Graphics: 9.5/10. This is a handheld, Remember that, and the graphics are un..be..li..evable. The game looks just as good ) if not better ) than GTA 3, and it's dandy!

Sound: 9/10. Radio stations are back, my personal favorite? Chatterbox. Still a great station with better humor than GTA 3 at times. Voice acting is superb, too. Cars sound great, guns sound great, everything does.

Control: 9/10. Easy to get used to for sure. Very similar to GTA's for the PS2... not much more to say.

Fun: 9/10. Multiplayer? Haven't played it yet, but I've heard it's "addicting" and it's "hard to stop playing it during class". You can't swim or clib things like in San Andreas, but there are now motorcycles and stuff in Liberty City Stories, as well as new cars, and of course the new story line. If you are a fan of GTA, I don't have to tell you what to do with this game.

Note: This game is hard as hell...!


Game Review (SOCOM Fireteam Bravo - PSP)

The SOCOM series came around a few years ago, and was a fairly silent launch title. After being played by thousands of people all over the world, it became pretty popular. A little while later, SOCOM 2 was released, and attracted SOCOM veterans as well as new players. SOCOM 3 was just recently released late this year, and it brought back former players, and yet more new players. However, many people have been dissapointed in SOCOM 3, so a lot went back to SOCOM 2. Should they have? SOCOM Fireteam Bravo came out shortly after SOCOM 3 for the Playstation 2, and to me in many ways it is better.

The Good: Nice graphics, Nice level design, Decent selection of guns, UNBELIEVABLE ONLINE PLAY, solid single player, connects to PS2 for SOCOM 3 and Fireteam Bravo unlockables, can hear other players without mic while playing online.

The Bad: Few glitches, repetetive missions at time, not nearly as many guns as SOCOM 2 or 3, Need another mic to talk online, take a lot of bullets to kill someone, lock on feature can make newbies kings, hard to throw grenades unless you're used to its strange style. SOCOM Fireteam Bravo delivers a lot more than I anticipated. 14 great missions, pretty solid graphics, awesome online play. ( Usually 10-25 thousand people are on all day every day! )

Graphics: 8/10. Many think that the graphics are bland for this game. They are certainly not as good as other PSP titles, but they still are fantastic. The characters don't show much style and texture, but the enviroments sure are great.

Sound: 9/10. Similar to SOCOM 2 and 3 in many ways as far as the sound goes. The guns sound great, the foot steps, grenades, voices, all great. The only downfall is that there is no music during games online. I was suprised at how much this actually brought down my way of "getting into the game." But not so much.

Control: 8/10. The controls at first ( for me ) were almost impossible to control. I couldn't do anything or kill anybody, but for having one analog stick, Zipper makes this game rock. You use the analog nub to move, hold L to strafe, R to lock on, X to shoot, hold triangle to switch from gun to grenades, tap it to stand, crouch or prone, and so on. It's actually pretty easy, even if it will take you about a half hour to get used to them good enough to take the game online and whoop arse.

Fun: 9.5/10. Single player is certainly a blast, even if it doesn't last long, and it is kind of easy, but if you want the full experience of Fireteam bravo, you must play online. Great level design, very little lag for the most part, awesome fun, and the replay value is the best among any PSP title in my opinion. Fireteam bravo offers much more than any other SOCOM game in my opinion, so you must buy this game. ( This game is rated M for violence, but it really should be T. )

Game Review (Tony Hawk's American Sk8land - DS)

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land (THAS) is one of the best ( if not the best ) Tony Hawk games in the series. THAS has a different style graphics than any other Tony Hawk game; cell-shading. Cell-shading is a unique kind of graphic that looks like a cartoon. You either like this style or hate it, and I love it. Here is my review.

Graphics: 4.5/5. I love these graphics. They are cartoony and take on a new look for the Tony Hawk series. They are bright, nice, sharp, colorful, and just unique. Not very many games have this style. ( Jet Grind Radio, XIII, Killer 7, are some of the few. ) The only reason I don't give this a five is because there are occasional blurs in the graphics.

Sound: 4.5/5. The sound sounds very similar to the console versions. The soundtrack has songs from Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, and that's great, but it doesn't really include my favorites. The soundtrack features about 10-15 songs ( I think. ) and some are good, some aren't. The voice acting, the sound of metal-on-metal grinding, and the landing of wheels on pavement. The sound is great.

Control: 4.5/5. If you played the PS2 version of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, you will be familiar with these controls. ( Or if you've played any Tony Hawk game for that matter. ) Very easy to get used to, although there are occasional camera angle problems, and in replays, the camera angles are so bad you can sometimes not see yourself in the replay.

Fun: 5/5. Best DS game of the year next to Mario Kart DS in my opinion. This was a total stunner; I never expected Tony Hawk to be on the DS; and if it did, I would have NEVER expected it to be any good. Although the Wi-Fi isn't nearly as good as I'd hope, it's still okay. You will be beating highscores as much as you can as long as you can until you're hands cramp up. Great graphics, great sound, great controls, fantastic fun... all the elements you need for a great game are right here. Although the story mode is very easy ( and classic mode ) it is still an amazingly good game. Once you pick this game up, you won't put it down.


Game Review (Warioware: Touched! - DS)

Warioware: Touched! Is a follow up to the GBA version that was extremely loved for it's strange gameplay. Nintendo took that idea and put it on the DS. Was this obviously going to happen? I sure thought so; and few times I've wondered: was the DS actually made because someone had the idea for a Wario Ware game you could... erm... touch? I'll take you through the PROs and CONs, as well as my opinion on graphics,sound,control, and fun. PROs: You can now "Touch" ( hence the name ), plenty of minigames, a lot of unlockables, 5 dollars cheaper than many other DS games currently around. CONs: Though there's replay value, it's not the same going back through minigames you've played a few hundred times over, too short, too easy, not even worth the price in some ways.

Graphics: 4/5. You have to appreciate these graphics somewhat. This is a cartoon game, obviously, but it also takes on some strange graphics. From semi-realistic looking kittens, to some paper-cutout-looking graphics, to a 3D box of matches. The graphics are all different and don't really have one main kind of look.

Sound: 4/5. The sound is decent; there are some decent tunes in and out the game, such as the character "Ashley" who has her own song. The little sounds that go throughout the game are also pretty good, and the faster the game gets, the faster the sound gets, which makes you get pretty twitchy and into the game.

Control: 4/5. This game uses the stylus and stylus only; literally. There is nothing in this game you can do with the D-Pad or any other buttons, unless you want to pause the game. After going through all the games then going through again and again, you can easily get corpal tunnel if you're immune to getting it. The games are just repetetive.

Fun: 4/5. There are so many things to say about this game; it's Warioware with use of a stylus to "get in the game", you can use the DS's microphone to play minigames ( definitely cool. ), there is an array of about 20 ( probably more ) mini-mini games. Warioware: Touched! Is awesome while it lasts, but after you've unlocked everything, there's not much to come back for. This game could be well worth a one week or two week rental, but it could also be worth a buy, it's really up to you. Do you want to be pulling toilet paper off a roll as fast as you can? Do you want to break objects with a blow dart? Do you want to poke bug's eyes? Do you like to do that over and over again? If you like to, you should buy this game. If you don't think it sounds THAT fun, give it a look at your local videostore.


Game Review (Super Mario 64 DS - DS)

Super Mario 64 DS is pretty much the same game that many people may remember from the Nintendo 64 version, Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 DS just about took that same exact idea and just improve on it by making the amount of stars in this game from 120 to 150, including a splash of some fun minigames, pretty solid multiplayer, and the playable characters Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario. This version is better than the Nintendo 64 version in almost every way. Why? It improved on the already fantastic original game.

Graphics: 5/5. The DS's graphical capabilities are nothing compared to the PSP as we all know, but this game delivers the whole Nintendo 64 version of the game on one cartridge, and more. The graphics are a bit sharper and less blocky, but you can see some graphical blurs here and there. Does it matter? No it doesn't, since this game features all levels imaginable from sandy deserts to a cave with a lake to platforms floating on lava. The graphics are extremely sharp and pretty to look at.

Sound: 5/5. The sound in this game is the best I've heard from any handheld: period. It is okay when listening without headphones, but with headphones; the sound is awesome. It's surround sound right into your ears. From Mario's "Woo-Hoos" to the sound of collecting a coin, Bowser's laugh, the music... everything sounds spectacular with headphones on.

Control: 4/5. The control is fine, but it definitely has some frustrating problems. Occasionaly when time counts to get a star, it can definitely be hard to get where you want to go. Since the camera angles are a little awkward, when in a strange position between 2 or 3 walls and you're trying to jump on a platform, you have to predict. Many times you can't see, but you can normally make it. All other controls in this game are great; it's just the camera angles that prevent this score from going any higher.

Fun: 4.25/5. This game has everything Mario fans want in an on-the-go adventure game and more; great graphics, fantastic sound, over 20 great minigames,4 player multiplayer on one cartridge, 4 different playable characters with different abilities, and a not-too-easy-not-too-hard story. If you are craving some on-the-go Mario adventure, this is the only one out there. Why would you need any other adventure game anyways if you have a game like this? This is a great buy for any DS owner.


Movie Review (Splat!)

Okay, i've seen this movie about three times. There are a lot of things I liked and didn't like. This movie to me was a good movie because I haven't paintballed before, but all the rules seemed realistic and logical. The acting is not very good at all, but the paintball scenes are great, and the extra features ( quite a bit, about 45 minutes or more worth. ) are cool. A problem with this movie, though, is that they actually bleep out cuss words. Such as one time near the end of the movie a character says " this is bull..." and it is obvious he said it, but it got cut out. This isn't anything big, I just see how it's funny that it's sometimes cut out and other times it is not. For god's sake it is rated PG-13. This movie is great for any paintball fan or anybody considering to enter paintballing ( Me! ). I didn't think i'd finish the movie after watching the first few minutes, but right in the beginning there is already a paintball scene, and they keep coming throughout the movie. The story line is not too great, but it doesn't matter that much because after a little while you'll appreciate it and find it actually isn't that bad. It took me two times of watching this movie to understand that was going on, there are a lot of ties in the movie you have to watch out for ( or at least I had to. ) Nonetheless, this is a great buy for the price, especially for a paintball fan, or it's great for a rental.


Hardware Review (DS)

The Nintendo DS; A very unique looking handheld with a unique feature; a touch screen. In this review I'll tell you pretty much everything you need/want to know about it. First off, the Nintendo DS has two screens, one on the top half of the system, the other on the lower half, so it's like a flip phone in other words, with two screens. The design is slightly bulky, but it's the best someone could do with it's kind of idea. When you look straight at the back of the front screen it's flat and has two slopes where the speakers are. At the bottom of it is the word Nintendo. When you open it, there is a screen in the middle at the top with speakers at the side, and below the top screen is another screen, with buttons to the left and right. On the left is the "D-Pad" and the power button. The D-Pad is all one button. On the right is the select and start button, along with the Y,X,A, and B buttons. They work well, but they are extremely small. If you continue looking down the DS, you will see a blank space. It is for a GBA game if you want one in there. To the right is a Headset and a Headphone jack, to the left is volume control. On the back of the DS at the top is where you insert the DS game. To its left is where the stylus goes. The shoulder buttons are on the top and left right corners of the DS. The handheld is pretty small when you open up, it's really actually thin, top and bottom, it's just that when one is on the other it is sort of big. Anyways, about the DS, the graphical capabilities are not on par with the PSP in any way, so if your all about graphics, get a PSP, but graphics aren't THAT important. The overall sound quality is fine, the controls are easy enough, ( but unlike other Nintendo handhelds, this one has four buttons where your thumb hangs over. Instead of just A and B buttons, there is also X and Y. The Game Selection: Not too great. There aren't very many games out worth mentioning, although the recently released Mario Kart DS is an unbelievably great game, there aren't many to comment on. Worth The Money?: Depends. If you are about innovation and want something new from the "handheld king" get the Nintendo DS.


Hardware Review (Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router)

So it's easy to hook up and install and it works great and it's price is good, BUT I literally got 5 in a row that didn't work. Until finally i got one that did. I wasn't installing it wrong either; i phoned them up and I was pissed. It works now, but the past ones, that was hell. The quality is... horrible. 1/5 chance that one will work for me.. 1/1 should work. New Edit: I really hate this now. At least 4 times a week I have to reconfigure it. Why? I don't know, but it sure is REALLY pissing me off...!

Not Recommended

(Unless you really need and can't find another wireless router)

Hardware Review (PSP)

When the PSP was announced, I was super excited; but I didn't know if i should get the DS or PSP. I got the DS because it came out first and in some ways I regret doing so; but anyways, I eventually got the PSP. This thing is great for so many ways I can't name them all, but i'll try. The Possibilities: Endless. You can put a whole lot of stuff on your PSP depending on which size memory card you have. ( the $50 or so 1 GB should be okay. ) You can put a huge load of music on it, you can get movies from the internet ( illegal though, obviously. ) and just put anything you want on it basically; you can even go on the internet on it. (even though it is kinda hard to get used to.) The Games: Great. There are quite a few games out right now that are really good. Starwars Battlefront 2, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo, Tony Hawk Underground 2: Remix, and more. Much better games than the DS has. Overall Graphics: Fantastic. For a handheld, this is more than you'd expect. Fully 3D characters straight from Playstation or Playstation 2 style graphics. Overall Sound: Not too shabby. The sound when you are listening to music isn't extremely clear, but it's still convenient and works nicely. The game sound is very clear and games that went from consol to this, ( Battlefront, GTA ) Have just as good sound. Overall Control: Hard to get used to. The controls arent too easy most of the time because there is only one analog stick. Games like SW:BF2 still work well though if you play enough. it took me around an hour or maybe two to get used to the controls for that game; which is a shooter so I'm sure most shooters would be similar. Overall Fun: Straight up fun. Music, DVDs, Games, Surf the net, anything you can do it home on multiple different things is now on one tiny little handheld. Although you will find your battery running low quickly from your huge use from this thing, it's pretty much its only downfall. My suggestion: BUY IT!!


Game Review (Mario Kart DS - DS)

So it's yet again Mario and other "Mario" characters thrown onto karts and ready to race. So simple in ways, but so complicated. This game is easy at times, frustrating at others. So many things to talk about.

Graphics: 9.5/10. Spectacular. A tiny little cartridge like this can portray these graphics? A cartridge! Not a DISC.. a CARTRIDGE! The graphics are stellar. Better than the N64 version in my opinion. Not much to say, except the fact that they are a little blocky, but they certainly are fantastic for a DS title.

Sound: 8.5/10. This is lower because it was kinda weird hearing DK and Bowser talk in this game. What happened to the REAL voice actors? The noises these two guys make are extremely strange and obviously from a random guy. ( Especially DK ) Other than that, everything is great soundwise, the karts sound good, music does, other characters do... it's all good.

Control: 9/10. Control is awesome. Although many will not be too great at Wi-Fi because it is simply difficult to master drifting perfectly. All the karts ( 36 I believe total ) control diferently, and all go-karters ( of course ) control differently.

Fun: 9.5/10. EASILY THE BEST DS GAME OUT THERE NOW, ( spoilers coming up possibly ) there are a total of 12 characters ( four to unlock ) and 36 karts that can eventually be used on any character with minor changes for the most part. Want Bowser riding in a tiny little mushroom kart the size of toad? Go ahead. There are also 32 great tracks, 16 new, 16 old. There are two cups, as well, the newer cup then the retro cup, which features levels from the Super Nintendo version, Nintendo 64 Version, Gameboy Advanced Version, and Gamecube version. The Wi-Fi is also spectacular. Although I was dissapointed at how you can not communicate at all with the other racers, it was still a great addicting addition. You can play up to three other players with online wi-fi regional or worldwide, which is a heck of a lot of fun; it even has stats. Or, you can play with 8 people with or without cartridges. ( for best gameplay, make sure everyone has a copy ) There are also a lot of missions to play, which are quite unique. Of course, any DS owner or Mario fan will buy this one; need I say more? It's the best in the series, go get this game now. No DS? Get the red hot bundle, because it certainly is RED HOT.


Hardware Review (PS2 New Design)

I recently got this new PS2 because my old one broke and it would no longer read discs. Well i went to EB Games to get a PS2, hopefully an old one, and they didn't have any; only used ones. I went to EB Games for a NEW PS2 so it had a lower chance of breaking. Well, I got this PS2 instead since it was the only new PS2 they had. Overall it LOOKS great. It's tiny like a book, weighs at most 2 pounds I think, it's nice and small, portable, reads discs very quickly, etc. But looks aren't what matters most. I am a hugggge gamer and I play my games hours on end. Since this PS2 doesn't have a fan... well I can't really do it. The most hours you can leave this on without it freezing ( for me ) is about 4 hours. I can be playing a game, scratched or not, and it will simply freeze and I have to reset. It's happened twice so far and I've had it for about 3 days. Both were on Tony Hawk American Wasteland, but I highly doubt it was the game. It happened once offline, and once online which tells me it was probably just the sytem overheating... it would be better if it was a tad bigger and had a fan! I would stick with the old PS2 if you don't travel a lot, but if looks, portability, and sometimes unreliability are what you like, take your chance with this PS2 design.

Somewhat Recommended

Game Review (Tony Hawk's American Wasteland - PS2)

First off; I can tell you this game was rushed, but anyways I can't tell you whether I liked more aspects to this game or disliked more. i got the game yesterday, and beat the story mode on easy yesterday as well, and it was for the most part really easy ( except two missions on Santa Monica ) and it lasted quite awhile; longer than other story modes on other Tony Hawk games. Anyways here we go with my Pros, Cons, and other notes from me to you on my opinion about THAW. Here we go. You start as a low class skater who needs to get his rep up ( yeah yeah you've heard it before. ) And you make a friend, Mindy, who soon takes you to her friend's skate ranch. ( Iggy,Murphy,Boone..etc. ) After proving yourself, you get to skate in the park and you go all around california looking for pieces to get for the park; that's basically it. The game is actually fairly repetetive because you'll feel yourself doing similar things over and over again... doing combos on rails, doing tricks shouted out to you, and so forth. Almost every mission you do in this game after you get to the skate ranch is collect pieces that you destroy from buildings and so on. The level design is once again very well done. THAW has ( 8 levels I believe? ) That are all in some way a little different, and you expand the level each time you play by destroying something to get for your ranch, or to get to the next city. The 'No-Load' times thing was probably a big thing for a lot of people, and there are basically no load times. None between levels, but you can tell when the game actually does load betweem each city. When you are in a 'tunnel' to the next city, you will notice a huge graphical change ( bad bad graphics ) the game will pause for a split second when you are in there, and you can hear your disc moving awkwardly like it normally does when a game loads. The little 'tunnels' are really bland, but hey I'd rather skate down it then sit through a load time. This game is generally easy (I'm only on easy, though but I can't imagine it getting too much harder; it didn't in past games.) And the story in story mode is pretty lame at times, but it has its moments as well. Another thing a lot of people may of heard of was the fact that there would be BMX bikes in THAW. There certainly is; and although many people that have played THAW may have said the BMX addition was a waste of time. It was NOT. The BMX controls make you feel like you are actually riding a bike somewhat and you use both analog sticks. You may think there are only a few tricks you can do on the bike, but actually you can do quite a bit. The only downfall about the bikes it how you can't trick it out or anything. Pro's and con's: PROS: Big levels, No load times, Good soundtrack, BMX BIKES!, Better customization, Better online. CONS: No load times, but you can tell when it's loading, relatively short story mode, lame story mode for the most part, strange graphical errors, a lot of glitches. The Stack:

Graphics: 7.5/10. The graphics at first when I was looking at the game I though "What the hell is this? These graphics are horrible!" But after awhile of playing, they seemed to get a bit better it seemed to me. There are a lot of graphical errors, such as strange blurs, a lot of glitches, and awkward movements. They could definitely be tweaked. In one mission where you are in the skate ranch and there's that crane, if you climb up the ladder all the way to the top and look down on your park, it looks absolutely amazing.

Controls: 8/10. The controls in this game and camera angles at sometimes are extremely frustrating. If you try to get off your skateboard, you may find yourself doing a bert slide or something like that, and when time counts, it gets annoying. Other than that they aren't bad.

Sound: 9/10. A pretty boomin' soundtrack for sure; Fallout Boy, Dead Kennedies, My Chemical Romance, Greenday, and other great bands make for an excellent soundtrack. The voice acting is great as well. The sound is probably one of the higher points of the game.

Fun: 8/10. Classic Mode is not nearly as good as before for some reason, and the game doesn't last long, but while it lasts it's fantastic, and if you have a friend; there is now Classic Co-Op, and since THPS 4, online play that is better than ever. If you're a THPS/THUG fan, definitely buy this, it won't dissapoint, even if it won't last as long as you had hoped.


Game Review (GTA III - PS2)

I'll just try to make this review nice and short: this is the game I've been dreaming of since I was about 8 years old. You can drive around big cities, get out of your car whenever you want, and shoot anybody at any time, and have cops hot on your trail. Here's my stack on this game:

Graphics: 7/10. The graphics are not good. They are very blocky and overall pretty painful to look at until you get used to it. Some effects are good though, such as when cars explode. These graphics were probably considered fairly good in 2001, but now they are just sub-par.

Sound: 8.5/10. The sound is awesome. Awesome radio stations, people screaming, great sound of rain hitting the pavement, the guns sound great, everything is pretty good soundwise in this game; just not the best.

Control: 8/10. I am a SOCOM player and I like to use the analog sticks at the same time to move, and I like to use R1 to shoot; but that's not the case here. You can move with two analog sticks, but it's not very easy to do, and isn't worth doing anyways. The cars all steer differently and drive differently, which adds to more realism; which is extremely cool, and there are a lot of different cars depending on which island you're on.

Fun: 8/10. This is a great game; the best in the series; and I have great fun with it, and this game doesn't seem to get old. Sure there are times when it will make you want to put it down for awhile, but you'll start playing again whenever you want to take your anger out on something.

( Note: This game is rated 'M' and is not intended for people under the age of 17. )

Even though I'm 14. ;)


Game Review (The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction - PS2)

Being a comic book character has never been so great. I just rented this game, and there are so many things I can say about it. I just don't know where to start, but I can say this game is better than SpiderMan2. Why? Because Hulk can climb and run up walls ANYWAYS. I guess I can start with the games lower point, the graphics. The graphics in the cut-scenes are nice, but compared to many other games out there, these are dated, but they are still nice to look at. The in-game graphics are nothing special at all. They are blocky and kinda rather glitch-like, but they get by. The explosions and particle effects are VERY well done though. Next, to sound. The games sound is pretty good, you get great voice overs, great smash noises, the controller rumbles, Hulk's grunts and all, this game has exceptional sound. Controls are not hard to get used to, heck, anyone can get used to them. The camera angles are often frustrating, and sometimes hard to manuever, but you generally don't need to bother unless you are locking onto a rapidly moving object. ( helicopter for instance. ) This game is extremely fun, but I jsut got it, and I can already tell this game ( even though I'm enjoying it now. ) Will most likely soon be getting repetetive. Sure it has unlockables that are mainly comic books, which is GREAT if you are a HUGE comic freak... which i'm not. SpiderMan2 has similar elements, but just doesn't compare to this game. This is an awesome game for a kid, or ANYBODY wanting to take their anger out on something, this is also a stress reliever. So if you have no punching bag, get ready to F-S-U in Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. ( I hope you know what F-S-U means. ;) )


Game Review (FlatOut - PS2)

This game was not nearly as good as I thought it would be. There are great mini games, which involve you: hitting a bullseye, doing a highjump, bowling, all with a guy.In most of the events, you simply ride your car near something and hold and release R1. This was not too much fun to do. Anyways here' my review. I had great antisipation towards this game, thinking it would be the best game around, but i was wrong.

Graphics: 4.5/5. This i probably the games high point. The dirt and water effects are sweet, and when you crash your car. The bad graphics are when your guy flies out of your car he looks very cheap. ( bad graphics. ) and sometimes the screen flickers, giving ME a headache.

Sound: 2.5/5. Ahh I hated the music in this game. The music is not very poppy, rocky, or good in any way. The songs are all horrible, and all you hear in this game is that, and engine revings.

Controls: 3/5. The controls are okay, but they take time to get used to, and when you turn, you can easily and you usally do, go from about 70 MPH to about 30 MPH on every turn.

Fun: 3/5. This game was simply not that great. I mean there are ragdoll physics in this game, but it just didn't entertain me. The races all suck, the only good part of this game is the mini-games; which are single player; and there is no online play at all. I wouldn't recommend this game unless you have a cravin' for ragdoll physics, like most people. So this is worth a rental, and not a buy.


Game Review (Star Wars Apprentice Of The Force - GBA)

This is a pretty good game for the GBA that takes you through the original 3 movies; in a game. It's a pretty good game, but it's also not that great. here's my review:

Graphics: 3.5/5. The graphics are not that great. You can not see the characters faces, the landscapes are a bit sloppy and boring, but hope the characters move and everything is great.

Sound: 4.5/5. The sound is pretty good. Has original music, and sounds from the animals and all. Blaster pistol noises, Jawas, Sand People.. but like most handheld games, no voice acting.

Control: 5/5. Can't get simplre. To shoot sideways just hold L, to jump press A, to shoot press B. Really easy.

Fun: 4/5. This is one of the best, if not the best, Starwars handheld games I've ever played, but it is still not better than the platform games. This game follows episodes 4-6, and does a fair job, but it also does it rather quickly, cheaply, and using repetetive level design. Great, quick little game well worth a rent and only a buy for a big Star Wars fan.


Game Review (Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey - N64)

Addicting? Oh yeah. This is a very great hockey game, and the BEST GAME ON THE N64 PRETTY MUCH. it's the NFL BLITZ of HOCKEY!

Graphics: 4.5/5. Graphically, the game is great for it's earlier days of the '64. I was pretty suprised.

Sound: 3/5. There are painful sounding hits in this game, and nice music in and around the game, but the major flaw in the sound department is when you nudge a guy on the ice. They make an ape like sound going: "Ooo". And it is very similar everytime. Quiet.. it sounds like an ape...

Control: 4/5. Not too bad for controls.. A to shoot, B to pass, Down C for turbo, Left C to hit.. that's about it!

Fun: 5/5. This game is one of the best N64 games ever, and noones ever heard of it. If you want a realistic hockey game, look somewhere else, but if you liked NFL Blitz, and you like hockey, this is THE GAME FOR YOU.


Game Review (Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories - GBA)

Ready for a GREAT portable RPG for the GBA?

Here we go. This game was great the second I started playing, but it just got better as I went along because at first, I had no idea how to play, but after I got the hang of it, and I got into the story, the game just got better ever minute of playing. It's not really HARD to play, but it's not really EASY either. I'd say the learning curve ( for me at least ) was about 1:30 hours. Which is not bad compared to some other RPGs out there. Anyways here is my stack up on the game:

Graphics: 5/5. The graphics are just amazing in this game, from the opening sequence in 3D, to the in-game graphics, they fit great with the game, and have great color.

Sound: 5/5. Very well done. Each world has a different rhythm, and when you are in battles and using your attacks, the sound is very, very, very good.

Control: 4.5/5. For some people, the control may be hard and annoying, but like I said after that learning curve it will be easy as pie to know how to play the game.

Fun: 4.5/5. This is what a lot of people have been waiting for. Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 was a huge success, so it was put onto the GBA, and done just as well as the consol version. There are times when this game is a little slow, and boring, and repetetive, ( get cards, get keys, open doors, move on. ) but the story is so intriging, and the cards you can use in battles are so cool, you don't really notice it. But there is another thing I didn't care for in this game. When you are in a battle against certain things, or bosses for example, you will be there for a while just trying to kill them. it is pretty hard to die in this game, though, because everytime you run out of cards you can simply hold A and get a new deck. This game is simple enough for most people to play, and the story is so interesting, you can't stop playing. Here's a bit of what the story is about:

This game is based around Sora's memories, so what he sees sometimes can decieve him, and other characters also think different things or similar things. ( Knowing random peoples names with no explanation, hence the game name Chain of Memories. ) The story is basically the title of the game. So the few things I didn't like about this game was: How you are always stuck in a small room unless in a battle, needing cards and different keys to open some doors, and how the game is semi-repetetive. There are too many things in this game to go over that are good, but a few are: It's a portable Kingdom Hearts, it has Disney characters, and it's just a fun and overall great game. Buy this game for anyone at any age, and expierience the fun Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories has to give.


Game Review (Delta Force Black Hawk Down - PS2)

I thoight this game'd be great. I had high expectations. Boy did I think wrong...

Graphics: 2.5/5 The graphics are blocky, cheap, and overall very bad. For a war game, I'd expect a game with better graphics than this. And I also hated this: the WHOLE GAME all you SEE is beige. Beige uniforms, beige sand, beige buildings, EVERYTHING is beige. Ahh.. drove me nuts.

Sound: 3/5 The sound is not TOO bad. Good: when there are guys talking over the com-link, it sounds pretty good, but it's also very quiet when compared to whats going on around you. Bad: every guy you kill makes similar noises over and over again: Ahh! Augh! Ow! and wow is it annoying.

Control: 3/5 Can't get much easier to control. X to get in/on/behind something, R1 to shoot, O to prone, crouch, or stand, and X to jump when in the middle of nowhere. ( which is where you are most of the time anyways. ) Very easy controls, but also pretty clunky and unresponsive at times. ( the menu. )

Fun: 2/5 This game is just NOT fun. One shot kills anyone, there is no recoil, and the game is just overall repetetive, repetetive, REPETETIVE... If you like first person shooters, I might tell you to buy this game, if it was good. If you like 3rd person shooters, buy SOCOM 1, 2, or wait for 3.


Game Review (Yoshi's Island Super Mario Advance 3 - GBA)

What a great game. This is THE BEST YOSHI GAME I've ever played, and THE BEST GBA GAME I've ever played. You play as Yoshi and you guide him and Baby Mario through an array of levels, much like an older Mario side scroller. Everything about this game is great, except some levels you MAY find a little hard, or repetetive, but for me this game was almost perfect.

GRAPHICS: 5/5. Of course the graphics deserve a 5/5. It's a YOSHI game, you can't expect a 3D game. The cartoony graphics fit well in this game, and the backgrounds are very nice.

SOUND: 4.5/5. The sound is very good. Most levels, and all worlds have different music, it's just that some people may find it annoying.

CONTROL: 5/5. Can't be any easier. B to pick someone up with your tongue, press down when he's in, you got an egg. To throw an egg press R, wait for where you want to press, and press R again.

FUN: 5/5 Very good game, although a bit repetetive, it deserves a rental or a buy anyways for sure.


Game Review (Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - DS)

Well, it tried. With TCSC being so great on the consol, you think it would be on a handheld. This game just doesn't cut it.

First off, the graphics. The graphics are very, very cheap looking. At times, they look all right, especially the characters, but if you take a look at the enviroments and all, they are just bland and not exciting. 2.5/5

Next, the sound. It's a SplinterCell game, so any sound should sound good, because there isn't much of it. The sound in this game is just as cheap as the graphics, except worse. You might as well play on mute. 1.5/5

Now, controls. The controls are as easy as could be, which isn't fun. I mean this is not a fun game to play on the road for many reasons. It's controls are a bit sensitive, and sometimes non-responsive at times so if you are in a car, and hit a bump, it may cost you the level. 2/5

And finally, the fun. This game is as easy as this: not fun. Consol versions are similar to this in the way they TRY to paly, but consol versions have: better graphics, better sound, better control.. better everything. This game also has problems with its 'loading times'. You may be in the middle of a level and turn a corner, and randomly, the cartridge will freeze temporarily, then resume. The pauses average about 6 seconds or so, and they happen semi-often, which is not cool; especially for a cartridge. 1.5/5

What you should do is stay away from this. I rented this because I had the game pass, and i took it back as quick as it took be to get in and out of the store pretty much. There are some better titles on the DS, and the better shooter is Goldeneye Rogue Agent, even though that game is not too great either, but it IS better.


Game Review (Yoshi Touch-And-Go - DS)

Yoshi Touch and Go is a great game for the Nintendo DS, which offers ' simple ' gameplay, that any kid can do. It sounds simple, but it isn't as easy as it seems. You take the roll of Yoshi and Baby mario, and guide them alone with a path of clouds, and shoot enemies and other stuff with Yoshi's eggs. There are 5 gameplay modes to play, all of which different in some way. This is a great game, but it just doesn't have depth. The graphics are great for a Yoshi handheald game and all, the controls are simple enough, it's just that there isn't a story. You play the same level over and over again until you can just keep rebeating your records; which is not the funnest of all things to do. So, this is a great rental, but not worth a buy unless you like repetetiveness.

Graphics: 5/5
Sound: 4/5
Control: 4/5
Fun: 3.5/5

Even though I give this game straight 3's, it is just about the best game out right now for the DS.


Game Review (Goldeneye Rogue Agent - DS)

This game gets some straight threes. Here is my stack on the game.

Graphics: 5/5. For the DS, this is probably the best I've seen on it so far. Very nice looking, but there are a few glitches. For instance; if you shoot someone that is standing next to a wall and kill them, their body will fall into the wall. Either way, the graphics are still great.

Control: 4/5. Like MetroidPrime for the DS, you can play the game almost any way you want, I use the touch screen to move, and L to shoot. Very fun, and pretty easy to get into using.

Sound: ?/5. I can't honestly say that I've listened to this much because I played it on mute, but I did here a tiny bit, and from that tiny bit I did not really care for it. This was one of the games lower points.

Value: 2/5. This game is just not very solid. It will not last more than 20 minutes. I played the first level, got 15% through the game. Played another, and then I was at 42%. This game goes too fast, but it was a lot like the consol version, which i disliked more than this one.

Fun Factor: 3.5/5. While it lasts, this is a very good title, but in the long run, it is just way too short, almost unexcusably short, actually. It is just worth a rental, which is what i did.


Game Review (Mercenaries - PS2)

This game reminded me pretty much of SOCOM. Similar graphics, the guys look the same, except SOCOM didn't have vehicles, a great arsenal of weapons, or a great story. Mercenaries has it all. Mercenaries is involved with ExOps, and you take the role of one of 3 characters. You do basic military missions; basically seek and destroy, or seek and capture. And since you are a mercenary, you get money for all the missions you do, which are mainly capturing terrorists. This is an action filled game, and it's a heck of a lot of fun, but there is a bug i found so far, and that's when you are in a vehicle and you are under a very narrow bridge or maybe ceiling of a building, you can't see anything but the inside of the building, and it's kinda frustrating. That and the camera angles are a hastle. Anyways like i said, this is a fantastic game, but like most games, it would be an awesome game if it had multiplayer and/or online play! But it doesn't matter; with the action in this game you don't care if it's online or multiplayer...the only thing you're concerned about is your current mission.

~One of the best games of 04/05~
~Best shooter~


Game Review (Destroy All Humans - PS2)

Original idea; Aliens taking over Humans. And it turned out to be a good game. The MAIN character sounds a bit like a military dude, or Jack Nicholson, and the other one ( i'm not sure if it is or isn't, ) but he sounds like ZIM from Invader ZIM. ( Nickelodeon TV Show. ) The game is really quite fun. There are things you can do such as pick people and animals up and toss them around, like using ' the force '. It's just an overall good game, but missions get repetative, and tossing stuff around does too. It's a funny game, not bad of a story, good acting and cutscenes, but it's not the greatest.


Game Review (The Simpsons: Skateboarding - PS2)

It's The Simpsons in a... skateboarding game? I thought it was pretty strange myself, but I guess it was brought onto the market because of how big The Simpsons are and how big skateboarding it. Sounds like a great match, of course, for me being a Simpsons fan and a skateboarding kid. Well it wasn't. The graphics were not good even for the cartoony look they had, the control was absolutely terrible, every trick wasn't fun to look at, the level design wasn't good, the lines characters say is repetetive, and there is just not a lot of characters to play as. I am a gigantic Simpsons fan, but that does not mean I like the video games. ( except Hit and Run and Road Rage. ) I definitely think you should pass this one up, everything about it is bad, which means NOTHING about it is GOOD.


Game Review (Mario Party - N64)

I've had this game basically since it launched in 2000. I must say, the graphics are rather impressive for an N64 game, and the gameplay is great. The minigames are fun, especially when playing with other people. The only real problem I had with this game is how it didn't last long at all. It has about 100-150 mini games, but you can easily beat the game and unlock them all within about a week of good playing time.


Game Review (Lego Starwars - PS2)

The best game I've ever played this year is THIS game. Sure, it looks very childish, even my mom and sister made fun of me when i got it. Well, I don't care what they think because this is one hell of a fun game. I don't know where to start. Well, i guess i'll start by saying that there are the 3 ' first ' trilogies. Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. I just got this game today, and I've beaten the first 'movie'. Well, it wasn't all that easy... there ARE times when you have to use you're head... It kind of reminded me at times of more a puzzle game than an adventure game. Next, there are a ton of unlockables. You buy these unlockables by using ' Studs ' i believe they're called. You can purchase things such as: ( discontinue reading if you do not want to know. ) Purple light sabers, invincibility, large blasters, mustaches, and other things. You can also play as over 30 characters from the original 3 movies, all with different abilities. And if you've played the game or seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. Just about every character you've seen and more you can play as in this game. Darth Maul.. Yoda.. C3-PO.. R2-D2.. Darth Vader. The only thing I don't care for about this game, is that I don't think it will last long. I got it today and I have already beaten a third of the game. I can almost guarantee I will go back into levels i've played for more unlockables, but this game probably won't last too long after that. But there is one thing that may keep me around this game: CO-OP MODE... yeah you can play with a friend at any time on this game. Plug in an extra controller and press start, that's all you need to do. I said it before and I'll say it again: This is the best game I've played all year; and I hope you think the same too.


Movie Review (Big Daddy)

Big Daddy is a movie in which Adam Sandler stars as a toll booth guy ( Sonny Koufax ) trying to raise a kid on his own to impress his " girlfriend " Vanessa (Kristy Swanson). Big Daddy is my favorite Sandler movie, and one of my favorite ever movies, simply because of its humor and simple enough story. Some people think that some intended humor in this movie was pointless and stupid, but I highly dissagree. There are jokes throughout this entire movie, even sometimes during "emotional" times. if you haven't seen this movie by now, I feel bad for you, because this movie even has Rob Schneider (Nazo), Sonny's "best friend", who is a delivery guy, and is funny throughout the movie. Steve Buscemi is also in this movie, playing the Homeless guy, who also adds some humor into the already funny movie. Why do some people say "this is a movie that creates bad examples for kids"? Well, yeah it might, but they also must forget the fact this is rated PG-13, so kids if they don't wanna shouldn't watch it then. Anyways, obviously buy this movie. If you don't; " I'll give you a crew cut mister. "


Game Review (SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs - PS2)

Little late to be writing this review, but with SOCOM3 now coming out, there is absolutely no reason why you should buy this game, especially if you were expecting good online play. On the online, it was fun while it lasted ( when it first came out. ) But then again, it wasn't that fun. Afterall; there were glitchers all over the place; and the thing was, the glitches were easy to do. As long as you did not have ' a greatest hit ' version of SOCOM, you could do all the glitches, and they were all easy. Anyways back to the game, the levels are great and always will be for online play, but the thing bad about this game, is its unrealisticality. ( not a word, i don't think. ) You can use a Model 18. ( A terrorist automatic handgun ) and kill someone from halfway across the map. On SOCOM 2, however, you are unable to even take a sliver of health off a guy from that far. I mean an automatic pistol can't be accurate, right? Well forwhatever reason, in SOCOM, it is. Anyways, another thing bad about online, is the lag. Like most online games, its laggy as a mofo. Some other stupid things about online include: You not being able to see your overall stats, not knowing where you're clan mates are at any time, no friends lists... AND, you can kill ANYBODY with ANY GUN in just about the SAME amount of time, so forget about snipers people. That's about it, so in conclusion: if you were thinking about buying this game, you should have bought it before SOCOM 2 came out; or SOCOM 3 ( coming out in september ) P.S.: Only about 300 people are on SOCOM at a time, and on SOCOM at its peak ( usually friday or saturday night ) has a staggering 30000 people online at once. Stick with SOCOM2 people!


Game Review (Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith - PS2)

I recently just rented this game from blockbuster for the heck of it because I have the game pass. I must say that when i rented this game, there were some quick things i noticed and liked, or noticed and disliked. I did not really think the graphics were good in this game. From a distance, they seem pretty good, but in cutscenes, they are really lame. What I did like about this game was how you could be a Jedi and use a light saber, or maybe have a duel in multiplayer mode, or do a cooperative mission. About the single player game, many people complained about how easy this game was and how quickly it could be beaten; not for me. I am generally good at games, but I am at the ' showdown with Dooku ' and I can't beat him. If the game wasn't so hard, i wouldn't have quick single player and started to play multiplayer. About multiplayer duels now, you can play with a friend or against an A.I. controlled player. You can select from young Obi-Wan and Anakin from the start of the game. As you progress, you can unlock characters such as ( may be some spoilers, discontinue reading. ) Mace Windu, Darth Vader, Ben Kenobi, Grievous... and others. I was dissapointed though at duel mode, because it didn't include Jedi masters like Yoda or Emperor Sidious. ( no more spoilers. ) Moving on to the cooperative mode, this is just flat out hard. Just on the first level of cooperative mode, and on easy, I had a lot of trouble getting through it with my cousin. There were about 4 waves of droids we faced, and we didn't get to finish because well, lets say about 5 droidekas came in at one time when our health was low. Oh, by the way, there are no bacta tanks to give you some healing. So, cooperative mode is kind of fun, but also very frustrating. I took this game back to blockbuster the next day because of a lack of fun. I am a huge starwars fan, and this game was okay, but the best starwars game i've played is still starwars battlefront. Pick that up instead for a faster paced, more exciting game.


Music Review - (Pezcore - Less Than Jake)

I found this in Best Buy... I was looking for it, and this was the only one left. When I first heard it, to be honest, I hated it. But after about 2 months I finally found it to be O.K. The only thing I foudn weird about this CD though, is that it says ' ONE LAST CIGARETTE ' is on this CD. On my CD though, There is only 18 songs, and ONE LAST CIGARETTE isn't on there. I've heard It's a good song, but it's not on my CD for whatever reason. Here's my stack on the songs, anyways:

Liquor Store: 10/10
My Very Own Flag: 8/10
Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts: 10/10
Big: 8.5/10
Shotgun: 9/10
Black Coffee: 7.5/10
Throw The Brick: 8/10
Growing Up On A Couch: 9/10 B
lindsided: 9.5/10
Downbeat: 7.5/10
Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore: 9/10
Out Of The Crowd: 7/10
Robo: 7/10
Where The Hell Is Mike Sinkovich?: 8/10
Process: 7/10
Three Quarts Drunk: 8/10
Boomtown: 9/10
Short On Ideas: 9.5/10

Those are the songs I've got. Overall, this CD is good from beginning.. then skids at certain songs near the end of the CD


Game Review (Madagascar - DS)

Like most games, this game is not as good as the movie. The movie was not superb, and neither is this game ... by a long shot. There are rather repetetive levels, no real voice acting, and very tedious ' missions ' . it didn't seem like the creators even tried to make use of the DS's graphical capabilities.

Verdict: don't buy it.


Game Review (Need For Speed Underground 2 - DS)

I love the NFS series, and I wished I had a portable version that was pretty good.. well I got what i wanted and more- a game VERY good. The racing is realistic, there is a HUGE amount of customization, ( there are only 18 cars, but it doesnt stop the game from being amazing ) Here's a little breakdown:

GRAPHICS: 4/5 - For the DS in these early few months and in it's first year since release, this is the best it's gonna get until the creators put more time into the graphics. They are not as good as the PSP, but I don't think graphics matter THAT much - do they?

SOUND: 3/5 - The sound is one of the lower points of the game. The revving of the cars and the engine sounds are pretty good, but basically the sound is just dull. There is nothing going o in races except for the engines sounds, and the cheap music playing in the background. ( there is no liscensed music ). You might just want to listen to your own music and mute this.

CONTROL: 4/5 - For a handheld game without an analog stick, driving games may be a little tough for some; but not me. I played this game and thought it was a little strange at first, but after just about half a race I got into how you have to stear and let up the gas. It's overall pretty good for control.

USE OF THE TOUCH SCREEN: 2/5 - There is virtually no use of the touchscreen unless you want to use it to scan through the menu, which you are better off doing with the D-pad and the rest of the buttons. There are some mini games in here to try and make it be of more use, but they are extremely boring, repetetive, and have no sound or ANYTHING.

FUN FACTOR: 4/5 - Simple as this: If you like racing games, buy it. But even if you don't, you should at least rent it once or twice.

FLAWS: The major flaw in this game is definitely the lame crashes, and followed closely by the difficulty. Though it's rather easy to get parts for your car, there is a time that will come when it is extremely hard to win. About those crashes: Horrible. All the none racing A.I. cars are ALL semi's ( that i've seen ) and when you hit them, you're bumper goes into it a bit, and you just bounce back and just stop. If you crash once, you are more than likely going to lose the race if you were in first and he was on your tail, or if you were already in last.

Aside from the problems, this is one of the better games on the DS. I may have just rented this one, but I'm most likely going to purchase it some time very soon.


Music Review (Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon)

I'm only 14, and i'm probably one of the few kids that like this CD. I like rock, metal, alternative, SOME pop... a wide variety. This CD is more a slow rock or alternative kind of CD, and its a pretty good one. The lyrics are nice, easy to memorize, and some songs will be stuck into your head for hours.. days.. or maybe weeks. ( You're a God and Everything You Want especially... ) The only thing bad about this CD is that most of the songs are very similar, so this isn't really a CD to keep listening to over and over again, but it's a great one, nonetheless!


Game Review (Everquest Online Adventure: Frontier - PS2)

Alright, I had my sare of addiction towards this game and it was actually awhile ago, but I'll try to explain what I liked about this game. From the start of this game, you'll most likely notice the very bad graphics that are displayed... or maybe the bad sound.. or maybe the decent number of people online at one time Well, i think this game was the best game in the world to me at one time, I had a level 27 Warrior Halfling ( Hobbit ). But simply, I stopped playing ebcause I stopped paying the 10$ a month. And after that, a few months leter i went to the computer version, Everquest II. ( see my review for that. ) There are some good things about this game. It is online so you can play with other players, it's overall a fantastically made RPG, ( in my opinion better than FinalFantasy by a long-shot. ) And improvements over the first one for the PS2, there is a new Race. ( The Ogre. ) and new class. ( Alchemist. ) There are also some new areas to explore, with new creatures. The team also updated you're leveling, so instead of the highest level being 50, it is now 60. The final thing that was updated, was a very very slight update in graphics. They are hard to see, but they are there. Anyways, if you do play this game and begin to like it, trust me; your hours will be FLYING by. My summer in 2003 and part of 2004 was gone before i knew it. ( I played the first one too. ) Anyways enjoy yourself with it. This game can be enjoyable to you, or a piece of junk.


Game Review (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 - PS2)

Wow! This game looks great! When it comes out i've got to buy it! Yeah, the commericals made this game look way better than it is, it almost was made to look better than SOCOM II... Well, awhile back I rented this game to give it a shot. I absolutely hated this game fromt he start. Here are the reasons: Totally unacceptable loading times, they litterally take up to 2 or 3 minutes each time. The camera view: the angle you play your character at is horrible. Its like you are playing over his shoulder, and it's just really hard to control him. Also bad thing about this game is how the map is useless and doesn't tell you how to complete the missions, so you have to use your head. Don't buy this game, as a favor to me and you're well earned money.


Game Review (SOCOM II U.S. Navy SEALs - PS2)

First off, I think I am the biggest hardcore player on SOCOM II. Online as of May 32st 2005, I have about 9000 Kills and 6000 Deaths. Now, there are many many things in this game to go over, and I couldn't possibly do it all. First off, do not bother getting this game to try the offline expierience.. it's well not worth it. With that out of the way, let me get down with the online play. Here are the POPULAR levels, my ratings, and how they stack up to me.( I most likely will not remember them all.. sorry. :( )

OLD LEVELS: Frostfire: 10/10 : This level takes place on a very large ship, and it's at night time, but it is not that dark. The main thing I love about this map is how it is all flat, allowing for quick kills, and a lot of fun. A main feature about this level though is probably the tunnels, in where the Terrorists normally ' Camp ' from the SEALs with a shotgun and wait for them to come down. This level is different from the old version simply because the tunnels are connected. This is BYFAR my favorite map of SOCOM and SOCOM II. It is also one of the most popular SOCOM II maps. ( Most likely #3 ) Advantage: Most Likely Terrorists

DESERT GLORY: 9/10: In this level, the SEALs must extract the hostages from their cells while the terrorists try and protect them. The title of the level is basically what the level is like. A very desolent level with a lot of sand and run down buildings. There are buildings to camp out in, stuff to hide behind, and it's just a great. This is also a very popular online map. ( Most likely #2 )Advantage: Probably Terrorists

NIGHT STAKLER: 6/10: To many people, this reminds them of DESERT GLORY at night. But to me, I see it as a much different level. Though similar in design, this one is in mid-night ( so its not too dark ) and instead of extracting hostages, you have to plant a bomb. This level is similar to DESERT GLORY in some ways, but this level is bigger ( i think ) and not as fun. ( there are too many sniper positions.. it's almsost impossible to hide from them! ) This map, AS WELL is also a rather popular online map. ( Probably about #6 ) Advantage: Possibly the SEALs

NEW LEVELS: CROSS ROADS: 8/10: This is the first level I played for SOCOM II online. This is litterally ALWAYS full of people in the public rooms, and is very, very popular. This level has the SEALs starting at one corner and the Terrorists starting at the other. You have to find the bomb and plant it at the opposing base. This level reminds me of a fancy middle-east market place for some reason. This level is pretty average to me, thogh. This one like i said is EXTREMELY popular. ( Definitely #1 ) Advantage: None, in ' Clan Wars ' this is normally the tie-breaker. There is many more maps, but those are just a few. I will now goto the guns ( I will try to list them all )


M4A1: 10/10: Great gun. Shoots fast, accurate
M4A1SD: 10/10: Great gun. Shoots accurately, good for headshots, silenced
RA-14: 9/10: Not bad of a gun. Accurate, takes off heavy damage.
IW-80 A2: 10/10: Should be used by ' noobies ' very good accuracy, very good shooting, but considered a ' ***** gun '
AK-105: 8/10: Not too bad. Similar to the RA-14 but shoots slower.
HK5: 6/10: Only good if you are good at getting headshots.
HK5SD: 7/10: Only good for getting headshots, accurate.
HK5K: 7/10: Horrible accuracy, but fast shooting, so almost a guarenteed kill.
12 GAUGE PUMP: 4/10: Useless unless in tunnels on Frostfire!


AK-47: 6/10: Not very good. Bad accuracy, not very good overall.
AKS-74: 6/10: Similar to the AK-47.
STG-77: 8/10: Similar to the SEALs HK5K , to me. Good for headshots.
552: 6/10: Seems useless compared to SOCOM 1. Very weak.
552SD: 6/10: More useless than 552; very weak, but silenced.
9mm SUB: 7/10: Similar to the SEALs HK5K, good for headshots.
TA 12 GAUGE: 6/10: Dont bother. Use the M3
M3 12 GAUGE: 9/10: Automatic, Awesomely deadly, horrible on long range.

NEUTRAL GUNS ( used on both sides )

M16A2: 9/10: Only gun in the game that shoots on burst, similar to IW except harder to use, must tap trigger, deadly accurate.
M14: 10/10: Unbelievebly powerful. Only 20 bullets. Accurate. Considered a ' noobie ' gun by some people.
M60E3: 7/10: Considered a ' noobie cannon ', a lot of bullets, bad accuracy, good for killing someone during their reload time.
M63A: 7/10: Considered a ' noobie cannon ', a lot of bullets, bad accuracy, good for killing someone durring their reload time.

Now, this is how many bullets each gun has per clip. M4A1,M4A1SD,RA-14,IW-80 A2,AK-105, HK5, HK5K, HK5SD, AK-47, AKS-74, STG-77, 552, 552SD, M16A2: ALL HAVE 30 BULLETS

M60E3: 100 BULLETS

Well, I did not include PISTOLS or SNIPERS in there, but i will now. For SEALs, use the MARK 23, MARK 23 SD, or SP-10 for a pistol, and a M87ELR for a sniper. For Terrorists, use the DE.50 or MAYBE the Model 18 ( the only automatic pistol in the game ) for a pistol, and the M82A1A for a sniper. That is finally the END of my LOOOONG SOCOM2 review, and I hoped it helped you out. If you want to send me a friends invite, when I am online, add:

_.-*[NoS]*-._ to your friends list. So long!


Game Review (Star Wars Battlefront - PS2)

Alright, now... there has not been a single StarWars game that has been released before this one that is really any good ( to me. ) I always thought it would be a very good idea for StarWars to make an all out battle game like this. I basically got my wish in this game. In playing this, I found that it was exactly what i wanted.. pretty good A.I., bodies fly when hit by grenades, good graphics, air craft and ground vehicles... it's fantastic... but there are also some problems; glitches, if you will. For instance, on Dune Sea on Tantooine or maybe the Docks on Kashyyk, you can fly or jump onto the cliff or hut ( depending ont he level ) and you can prone down to be unseen. I found this ' glitch ' awhile ago when I first got the game, but it's not very useful simply because they are not in good positions. Changing that subject on the game, i'll tell you what i think about the A.I. I found that there are times when the A.I. just stands around in a corner and does not move at all ( for whatever reason ) , so to settle that, you could kill him ( on your team or not ) but if he is on your team, you could use one of the commands using the PS2 D-pad, such as ' Follow Me ' or ' Move Out ' . About the levels, there are about 8 or more ( i'm not sure right now ) different planets to play on, and about 16 levels. ( 2 on each planet, if you do the math. ) Just about all the levels are fun and unique in their own way, and you could simply place your character on a roof-top and go into ' first-person ' view, and simply watch the battle. You can also play in Galactic Civil Wars or The Clone Wars, The GCW having the Empire and the Rebels, and TCW having the Clones(Republic) and the CIS(The Evil Dudes). Either way you play, it's fun. ( Although if you are playing the in TCW and you are on the Republic side, you have to play against the Driodekas, which are very hard to exterminate. You would know that if you saw the star wars movies or played this game. ) There is also a few game modes as well, which allow you to play the battles in order, starting from the Episode IV, A New Hope. It even shows movie clips if you play in this mode. Though this is rather fun, there are really no awards except ( for what I find extremely lame for your hard labor playing this game ) concept art. I thought maybe I would be getting a Jedi and would be able to use his light saber. ( Which you can see A.I.ed players using on certain levels. ) But hey, with StarWars Battlefront II coming out, you WILL be able to play as the Jedi! One last thing to say about a flaw in this game; the difficulty levels. Easy is too easy, on Medium most cases you are the only one doing anything, and on Hard.. well.. I can't honestly say I even played this mode yet.. at least that I remember. Anyways on a last note, I got this game the first day of it's release and I do not regret it, this game is well worth your money, but only if you play a few times a day/week.


Hardware Review (RioVolt SP100 MP3)

i must have had this since the first week of its release. my dad got 2 for free somehow, and this thing can take a beating. This thing runs as smooth at the day i got it, and i've dropped it like crazy. this was much better than any other mp3 on the market in the past, and its still one of them now.

(Pretty much obsolete, though. Might as well buy an iPod or something.)

Game Review (Asphalt Urban GT - DS)

Despite the fact this game was reviewed rather ' bad ' by the pro's im a 14 year old pro at games and i know my games. Most reviews complained the steering was bad. Well, its a racing game.. to me, a REAL racing game. At first, this game was a little shaky and frustrating while trying to drive, but i got into it after 2 races or so.. i think this game is a hot one out for the DS right now, and is better over ridge racer. I only rented this game; and that was awhile ago; but i played it long enough to recognize this games capabilities

SOUND: 3/5/5
CONTROL: 4.5/5
FUN: 4
OVERALL: 4 or 4.5

Buy it for someone with a knack of playing racing games while they are on the road.. :)


Game Review (Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith - DS)

You know, star war hand-held games have never been standing out, but this game really isnt too bad. It's a handheld starwars game thats 3d.. just for that reason, i bought it. So ont he way home i was playing it, and i was pretty much stunned by how fun the game was to play... the game is fun, easy to control, and is the best handheld starwars game.. ( even though thats not saying much.. ) its true. buy it for your kid that's a fan of star wars. it'll but a smile on his face for sure.


Game Review (Destruction Derby 64 - N64)

I am serious when I say this is my favorite game of all time.... this game was and still is unbelievably awesome. I used to always play my 64, and I did it with my cousins, playing all the game modes in this game. Nothing about this game is bad... nothing. I think this game is better than any game, on any system, or in any genre. And I am a serious addict when it comes to gaming. I just can't get over this games brilliance, how easy it is, or how underrated it is. If anyone is reading this, you better buy it. There is no possible way you will not enjoy this one. T-H-I-S G-A-M-E A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y R-O-C-K-S!!!


Game Review (Test Drive: Eve Of Destruction - PS2)

The 2nd best smash em' up car game on the market and this game only has 4 reviews? Must be a sleeper hit..? This game is 2nd to Burnout 3, which has been dominating the whole car-crashing-arcade driving franchise. This game is simply awesome ( especially 2 player Red Rover, that kills me. ) I would HIGHLY reccomend this game!


Game Review (Vigilante 8 - N64)

This game is probably the best car-arena-fighting game next to Destruction Derby 64. This game is pretty close to straight up amazing, but since the graphics are 64ish, it is to me hard to see whats going on at times... but for a 64 game, this game should be an auto buy for someone who can find it.


Game Review (Everquest II - PC)

This game is 15 dollars a month and not too much worth it. It runs slow even on the best computer i have ( i have 4 ) I play this on my 2005 Sony Vaio. This computer is way past all requirements needed to play this game. However, online is simply brutal when you try to play. Even on high speed other than high quality, this game still runs slow. This game is FAIRLY fun but I don't see the need for the high graphics, when even some of the top computers on the market can't handle them. This game is good for people with an illegally made high performance computer, and someone who is willing to give up 15 bucks a month.


Hardware Review (Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer - PC)

The feel of this mouse is fantastic, and everything about it is great. There is only one thing: I think the back buttons above where you rest your thumb are useless. I think my other laser mouse is better in that aspect but that one is not wireless. This one is wireless, works and feels good, and it's the best on the market. ( that's what the dudes at Best Buy say. ) This mouse is a little on the heavy side, too. ( It's not heavy, but it weighs more than most mouses. ) Enjoy your mouse.

Highly Recommended.

Game Review (Animal Crossing - GC)

I'm making this ultra short because it's a simple review, really: fun, cool, good after a long hard day, not a game to play hours on end, but i definitely reccomend it to be played a few hours a day.


Game Review (Time Crisis 2 - PS2)

First i want to say, the gun they give you for this game when you buy it is a piece of junk. I don't want to be too harsh, but honestly, the thing blows. I bought another ' controller ' for this game to play 2 player. ( I got a laser gun.. it kinda hurts when it shines in your eyes.. ) This game is worth a buy for someone a fan of shooting, obviously. I enjoy the shooting mini-games they threw in this game.. even though there were only 2 or 3 of them. There is one that is a retro kinda game where you shoot little plates. That game can then be upgraded though to a newer 3D game where you shoot plates. Another one is just shooting a target. I am really good at it, if i do say so myself. But the thing about this game though, it's like playing an arcade game at home. And it really is some good fun. ( with two people. )


Game Review (Simpsons Hit & Run - PS2)

This is one of very few games I enjoy that are cartoony adventure games. This game should be fairly simple to most adults, semi-easy to teens, and maybe a bit challenging for kids. This game as i'm sure everyone could guess, is along the lines of a GTA Simpsons game. But to be kid friendly, in this game when you hijack a car, you just get in the passenger side... :'(. This game is so rad though..! Even ask Wee-Man. ( He was playing it on TV and saying how cool he though it was. ) All this praise i've been giving it...it must be perfect. Not really... It's an adventure game, so it will get old quickly. ( But you can get coins you find and go around and buy new stuff for your Simp. ) This game also has another flaw: Camera control. I havent played this game for awhile, but I think it was with Homer, and i had to collect some stuff at the Nuclear Plant. The mission involved a lot of jumping, and I got mad at the camera... ( to me, a bad angle view in a game is almost the worst thing in a game... ) But all in all, aside from the bugs and little things that are annoying.. you'll find this game to be GREAT. ( Ohh... err... some missions can get very annoying because MANY of them include going through checkpoints, or collecting stuff... )


Game Review (Burnout 3: Takedown - PS2)

This game is amazing. Just plug in two controllers and go away in any mode of playing. This game has fantastic crashes, and effects. Just buy it. I'm sure after looking at these other reviews, you will LOVE it if you enjoy smashing cars ( fake ones or real ;) ) and/or racing games. I am a hardcore gamer, and this is in my top 5 for all time favorite racing games. ( Probably number 2. ) There is only one flaw though.. I don't know why this is, but on two player, there are very few levels.. and when you hit random, you WILL get the same track every time.


Game Review (MLB 2K5 - PS2)

This game is really actually a good game for 20$. The thing about it though, is there are some cliches. I'll try to name a few while they are fresh in my mind. Sometimes, the announcers say things that aren't even true... For instance: " And the runner is stuck between first in third. " but he's really stuck between second and third, or maybe this will happen: " and thats gone! it's out of here! homerun! " And it's just a pop-out. These things happen semi-often, but If you do get annoyed you could always turn the commentary off. There is also times when an umpire will say ' fair ball ' or ' foul ball ' when it's just the opposite. one more slip-up... when you get a guy in outfield trying to jump the fence to steal a homerun, he will make this twitchy flippy back and forth motion, sometimes causing you to miss the ball. Anyways, this game is still a pretty good one despite the fact that the cliches are enough to make some people get rid of it. The graphics are okay ( not as good as in the pics ) , the gameplay is like any other modern day baseball game, and you can get it for 20$. So why spend 50$ on MVP, when you can spend 20$ on this, and almost be getting the same game? I'll leave that question to you. RECENT EDIT: Wow, I noticed this games cheapness. Okay, i was the Tigers and I was winning 3-2. I almost got 2 homeruns, but I got robbed; this was in the top of the 8th inning. Bottom of the 8th, Podsednik gets on base and Dye smashes one way outfield to give the Whitesox a 4-3 lead. Well, I had 3 outs left and strangely enough, I got struckout twice, then grounded out. This game is just cursed and I can only imagine what will happen in the next series. ( Minnesota Twins. )