Sunday, March 19, 2006

Game Review (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PS2)

Ahh im 14 so i love killing people in games seeing blood and all that jazz? Nah. This game and the others were fun at first, but just after a few short weeks this game can be noticably repetative. No police chase is the same, however, in this game, but it's just not that great. There aren't any more elements that stand out from the other games ( The eating and working out and swimming things do NOT cut it for me ) and the graphics are just as good ( if not worse ) than Vice City. This game is not bad, I'm just saying that if Rockstar wants to start selling more copies of their future games, they gotta make a new series or come up with some brighter ideas for this one. Worth a rental.. or two.. err maybe three. But maybe not a buy. AND NO - - It's not worth buying a PS2 for.


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