Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - DS)

Well, it tried. With TCSC being so great on the consol, you think it would be on a handheld. This game just doesn't cut it.

First off, the graphics. The graphics are very, very cheap looking. At times, they look all right, especially the characters, but if you take a look at the enviroments and all, they are just bland and not exciting. 2.5/5

Next, the sound. It's a SplinterCell game, so any sound should sound good, because there isn't much of it. The sound in this game is just as cheap as the graphics, except worse. You might as well play on mute. 1.5/5

Now, controls. The controls are as easy as could be, which isn't fun. I mean this is not a fun game to play on the road for many reasons. It's controls are a bit sensitive, and sometimes non-responsive at times so if you are in a car, and hit a bump, it may cost you the level. 2/5

And finally, the fun. This game is as easy as this: not fun. Consol versions are similar to this in the way they TRY to paly, but consol versions have: better graphics, better sound, better control.. better everything. This game also has problems with its 'loading times'. You may be in the middle of a level and turn a corner, and randomly, the cartridge will freeze temporarily, then resume. The pauses average about 6 seconds or so, and they happen semi-often, which is not cool; especially for a cartridge. 1.5/5

What you should do is stay away from this. I rented this because I had the game pass, and i took it back as quick as it took be to get in and out of the store pretty much. There are some better titles on the DS, and the better shooter is Goldeneye Rogue Agent, even though that game is not too great either, but it IS better.


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