Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (MLB 2K5 - PS2)

This game is really actually a good game for 20$. The thing about it though, is there are some cliches. I'll try to name a few while they are fresh in my mind. Sometimes, the announcers say things that aren't even true... For instance: " And the runner is stuck between first in third. " but he's really stuck between second and third, or maybe this will happen: " and thats gone! it's out of here! homerun! " And it's just a pop-out. These things happen semi-often, but If you do get annoyed you could always turn the commentary off. There is also times when an umpire will say ' fair ball ' or ' foul ball ' when it's just the opposite. one more slip-up... when you get a guy in outfield trying to jump the fence to steal a homerun, he will make this twitchy flippy back and forth motion, sometimes causing you to miss the ball. Anyways, this game is still a pretty good one despite the fact that the cliches are enough to make some people get rid of it. The graphics are okay ( not as good as in the pics ) , the gameplay is like any other modern day baseball game, and you can get it for 20$. So why spend 50$ on MVP, when you can spend 20$ on this, and almost be getting the same game? I'll leave that question to you. RECENT EDIT: Wow, I noticed this games cheapness. Okay, i was the Tigers and I was winning 3-2. I almost got 2 homeruns, but I got robbed; this was in the top of the 8th inning. Bottom of the 8th, Podsednik gets on base and Dye smashes one way outfield to give the Whitesox a 4-3 lead. Well, I had 3 outs left and strangely enough, I got struckout twice, then grounded out. This game is just cursed and I can only imagine what will happen in the next series. ( Minnesota Twins. )


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