Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Warioware: Touched! - DS)

Warioware: Touched! Is a follow up to the GBA version that was extremely loved for it's strange gameplay. Nintendo took that idea and put it on the DS. Was this obviously going to happen? I sure thought so; and few times I've wondered: was the DS actually made because someone had the idea for a Wario Ware game you could... erm... touch? I'll take you through the PROs and CONs, as well as my opinion on graphics,sound,control, and fun. PROs: You can now "Touch" ( hence the name ), plenty of minigames, a lot of unlockables, 5 dollars cheaper than many other DS games currently around. CONs: Though there's replay value, it's not the same going back through minigames you've played a few hundred times over, too short, too easy, not even worth the price in some ways.

Graphics: 4/5. You have to appreciate these graphics somewhat. This is a cartoon game, obviously, but it also takes on some strange graphics. From semi-realistic looking kittens, to some paper-cutout-looking graphics, to a 3D box of matches. The graphics are all different and don't really have one main kind of look.

Sound: 4/5. The sound is decent; there are some decent tunes in and out the game, such as the character "Ashley" who has her own song. The little sounds that go throughout the game are also pretty good, and the faster the game gets, the faster the sound gets, which makes you get pretty twitchy and into the game.

Control: 4/5. This game uses the stylus and stylus only; literally. There is nothing in this game you can do with the D-Pad or any other buttons, unless you want to pause the game. After going through all the games then going through again and again, you can easily get corpal tunnel if you're immune to getting it. The games are just repetetive.

Fun: 4/5. There are so many things to say about this game; it's Warioware with use of a stylus to "get in the game", you can use the DS's microphone to play minigames ( definitely cool. ), there is an array of about 20 ( probably more ) mini-mini games. Warioware: Touched! Is awesome while it lasts, but after you've unlocked everything, there's not much to come back for. This game could be well worth a one week or two week rental, but it could also be worth a buy, it's really up to you. Do you want to be pulling toilet paper off a roll as fast as you can? Do you want to break objects with a blow dart? Do you want to poke bug's eyes? Do you like to do that over and over again? If you like to, you should buy this game. If you don't think it sounds THAT fun, give it a look at your local videostore.


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