Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Yoshi's Island Super Mario Advance 3 - GBA)

What a great game. This is THE BEST YOSHI GAME I've ever played, and THE BEST GBA GAME I've ever played. You play as Yoshi and you guide him and Baby Mario through an array of levels, much like an older Mario side scroller. Everything about this game is great, except some levels you MAY find a little hard, or repetetive, but for me this game was almost perfect.

GRAPHICS: 5/5. Of course the graphics deserve a 5/5. It's a YOSHI game, you can't expect a 3D game. The cartoony graphics fit well in this game, and the backgrounds are very nice.

SOUND: 4.5/5. The sound is very good. Most levels, and all worlds have different music, it's just that some people may find it annoying.

CONTROL: 5/5. Can't be any easier. B to pick someone up with your tongue, press down when he's in, you got an egg. To throw an egg press R, wait for where you want to press, and press R again.

FUN: 5/5 Very good game, although a bit repetetive, it deserves a rental or a buy anyways for sure.


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