Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (MLB '06: The Show - PS2)

I just got this game today, and as soon as I got into my first game, I got bored. Simple as that. I was just thinking why the hell I just spent forty dollars on this game. The game is really slow paced, I find the commentary voices a little annoying, and the soundtrack for the most part is not very good. But after playing a game or so, it did get a little better. Here is my stack.

Graphics: 7/10. These graphics are way dated. I compare these to the All-Star Baseball 2002 game. They really do look like that, but the textures on a few things are a little bit better, but not much.

Sound: 7/10. Nothing special. A fairly decent soundtrack. But the announcers just "try" and I just don't like them and feel they are very annoying for the most part.

Control: 7/10. I just can't do the pitching or something. I do exactly what I should do to pitch in the spot I want, and then something will happen; like a wild pitch or something. I don't like that at all. I also hate how the ball looks like it is RIGHT OVER THE PLATE and you swing and miss and it says it was in the dirt. It doesn't seem like any other baseball game is that bad at that. I also think the controls are just overall sluggish. The outfielding is just really slow and annoying and it seems like you have to position yourself just right to make a play.

Fun: 8/10. This game has potential. You can do everything; including: make ticket prices, souvenir days, commercialize your team, use the eye toy to put your face on your created character, play online, and much more. The thing is, the gameplay is just not that great. Hell, the menus are so vast it's easy to get lost. Asside from all that, and the slow gameplay, if you are really addicted to baseball (like me) I'm sure you will get some fun out of this game; even if it's not as much as you had hoped. I really wish I waited for MLB 2K6 by ESPN because it promised a great baseball game last year and it was a great game; it also is ESPN based and has excellent features and real commentary. If you haven't already bought this game, wait for 2K6. This game is overrated; easy as that. ( Most websites rated this game between 8-9 ) If you want this game, definitely rent it first.


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