Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs - PS2)

Little late to be writing this review, but with SOCOM3 now coming out, there is absolutely no reason why you should buy this game, especially if you were expecting good online play. On the online, it was fun while it lasted ( when it first came out. ) But then again, it wasn't that fun. Afterall; there were glitchers all over the place; and the thing was, the glitches were easy to do. As long as you did not have ' a greatest hit ' version of SOCOM, you could do all the glitches, and they were all easy. Anyways back to the game, the levels are great and always will be for online play, but the thing bad about this game, is its unrealisticality. ( not a word, i don't think. ) You can use a Model 18. ( A terrorist automatic handgun ) and kill someone from halfway across the map. On SOCOM 2, however, you are unable to even take a sliver of health off a guy from that far. I mean an automatic pistol can't be accurate, right? Well forwhatever reason, in SOCOM, it is. Anyways, another thing bad about online, is the lag. Like most online games, its laggy as a mofo. Some other stupid things about online include: You not being able to see your overall stats, not knowing where you're clan mates are at any time, no friends lists... AND, you can kill ANYBODY with ANY GUN in just about the SAME amount of time, so forget about snipers people. That's about it, so in conclusion: if you were thinking about buying this game, you should have bought it before SOCOM 2 came out; or SOCOM 3 ( coming out in september ) P.S.: Only about 300 people are on SOCOM at a time, and on SOCOM at its peak ( usually friday or saturday night ) has a staggering 30000 people online at once. Stick with SOCOM2 people!


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