Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (SOCOM II U.S. Navy SEALs - PS2)

First off, I think I am the biggest hardcore player on SOCOM II. Online as of May 32st 2005, I have about 9000 Kills and 6000 Deaths. Now, there are many many things in this game to go over, and I couldn't possibly do it all. First off, do not bother getting this game to try the offline expierience.. it's well not worth it. With that out of the way, let me get down with the online play. Here are the POPULAR levels, my ratings, and how they stack up to me.( I most likely will not remember them all.. sorry. :( )

OLD LEVELS: Frostfire: 10/10 : This level takes place on a very large ship, and it's at night time, but it is not that dark. The main thing I love about this map is how it is all flat, allowing for quick kills, and a lot of fun. A main feature about this level though is probably the tunnels, in where the Terrorists normally ' Camp ' from the SEALs with a shotgun and wait for them to come down. This level is different from the old version simply because the tunnels are connected. This is BYFAR my favorite map of SOCOM and SOCOM II. It is also one of the most popular SOCOM II maps. ( Most likely #3 ) Advantage: Most Likely Terrorists

DESERT GLORY: 9/10: In this level, the SEALs must extract the hostages from their cells while the terrorists try and protect them. The title of the level is basically what the level is like. A very desolent level with a lot of sand and run down buildings. There are buildings to camp out in, stuff to hide behind, and it's just a great. This is also a very popular online map. ( Most likely #2 )Advantage: Probably Terrorists

NIGHT STAKLER: 6/10: To many people, this reminds them of DESERT GLORY at night. But to me, I see it as a much different level. Though similar in design, this one is in mid-night ( so its not too dark ) and instead of extracting hostages, you have to plant a bomb. This level is similar to DESERT GLORY in some ways, but this level is bigger ( i think ) and not as fun. ( there are too many sniper positions.. it's almsost impossible to hide from them! ) This map, AS WELL is also a rather popular online map. ( Probably about #6 ) Advantage: Possibly the SEALs

NEW LEVELS: CROSS ROADS: 8/10: This is the first level I played for SOCOM II online. This is litterally ALWAYS full of people in the public rooms, and is very, very popular. This level has the SEALs starting at one corner and the Terrorists starting at the other. You have to find the bomb and plant it at the opposing base. This level reminds me of a fancy middle-east market place for some reason. This level is pretty average to me, thogh. This one like i said is EXTREMELY popular. ( Definitely #1 ) Advantage: None, in ' Clan Wars ' this is normally the tie-breaker. There is many more maps, but those are just a few. I will now goto the guns ( I will try to list them all )


M4A1: 10/10: Great gun. Shoots fast, accurate
M4A1SD: 10/10: Great gun. Shoots accurately, good for headshots, silenced
RA-14: 9/10: Not bad of a gun. Accurate, takes off heavy damage.
IW-80 A2: 10/10: Should be used by ' noobies ' very good accuracy, very good shooting, but considered a ' ***** gun '
AK-105: 8/10: Not too bad. Similar to the RA-14 but shoots slower.
HK5: 6/10: Only good if you are good at getting headshots.
HK5SD: 7/10: Only good for getting headshots, accurate.
HK5K: 7/10: Horrible accuracy, but fast shooting, so almost a guarenteed kill.
12 GAUGE PUMP: 4/10: Useless unless in tunnels on Frostfire!


AK-47: 6/10: Not very good. Bad accuracy, not very good overall.
AKS-74: 6/10: Similar to the AK-47.
STG-77: 8/10: Similar to the SEALs HK5K , to me. Good for headshots.
552: 6/10: Seems useless compared to SOCOM 1. Very weak.
552SD: 6/10: More useless than 552; very weak, but silenced.
9mm SUB: 7/10: Similar to the SEALs HK5K, good for headshots.
TA 12 GAUGE: 6/10: Dont bother. Use the M3
M3 12 GAUGE: 9/10: Automatic, Awesomely deadly, horrible on long range.

NEUTRAL GUNS ( used on both sides )

M16A2: 9/10: Only gun in the game that shoots on burst, similar to IW except harder to use, must tap trigger, deadly accurate.
M14: 10/10: Unbelievebly powerful. Only 20 bullets. Accurate. Considered a ' noobie ' gun by some people.
M60E3: 7/10: Considered a ' noobie cannon ', a lot of bullets, bad accuracy, good for killing someone during their reload time.
M63A: 7/10: Considered a ' noobie cannon ', a lot of bullets, bad accuracy, good for killing someone durring their reload time.

Now, this is how many bullets each gun has per clip. M4A1,M4A1SD,RA-14,IW-80 A2,AK-105, HK5, HK5K, HK5SD, AK-47, AKS-74, STG-77, 552, 552SD, M16A2: ALL HAVE 30 BULLETS

M60E3: 100 BULLETS

Well, I did not include PISTOLS or SNIPERS in there, but i will now. For SEALs, use the MARK 23, MARK 23 SD, or SP-10 for a pistol, and a M87ELR for a sniper. For Terrorists, use the DE.50 or MAYBE the Model 18 ( the only automatic pistol in the game ) for a pistol, and the M82A1A for a sniper. That is finally the END of my LOOOONG SOCOM2 review, and I hoped it helped you out. If you want to send me a friends invite, when I am online, add:

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