Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (GTA: Liberty City Stories - PSP)

Background of series: Grand Theft Auto was a very passable game that was released a while back. Some people liked the game, but most didn't. When GTA:2 came out, it had very similar reviews: mixed ones. However, when GTA:3 came out for the PS2 about 5 years ago, everything changed. The game got between 8-10 ratings everywhere. ( Mostly 9-10 ) The GTA series had gone full 3D and made for an extremely fun title to play. Vice City also came out about 2 years later, and it also got rave reviews. San Andreas came out not too long ago and got great reviews, too. But now, Rockstar has decided to put GTA on the PSP, and it is a great game. It takes GTA 3, and puts it on a handheld; the WHOLE game. This game is different than GTA 3 because it has an entirely different story. You play as Toni Cipriani who was forced into hiding after killing a "made man", but now in LCS you get to take him and make things right. The story line is a pretty good one so far, full of great voice acting.

Pros: City looks damn near the same as GTA 3, very similar controls as PS2 versions of the GTA series, unbelievable graphics for a handheld, nice voice acting, great sound and radio stations, awesome!!

Cons: When going gast in a vehicle and crashing, game pauses temporarily, Many may have wanted a different city, choppy OCCASIONALLY, graphical blurs, hard missions at beginning of game. ( For instance, you with fists against 5 or more guys with guns. )

Graphics: 9.5/10. This is a handheld, Remember that, and the graphics are The game looks just as good ) if not better ) than GTA 3, and it's dandy!

Sound: 9/10. Radio stations are back, my personal favorite? Chatterbox. Still a great station with better humor than GTA 3 at times. Voice acting is superb, too. Cars sound great, guns sound great, everything does.

Control: 9/10. Easy to get used to for sure. Very similar to GTA's for the PS2... not much more to say.

Fun: 9/10. Multiplayer? Haven't played it yet, but I've heard it's "addicting" and it's "hard to stop playing it during class". You can't swim or clib things like in San Andreas, but there are now motorcycles and stuff in Liberty City Stories, as well as new cars, and of course the new story line. If you are a fan of GTA, I don't have to tell you what to do with this game.

Note: This game is hard as hell...!


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