Sunday, March 19, 2006

Game Review (Pokemon Dash - DS)

Pokemon Dash

I'm not rating this low because it's Pokemon.. I enjoy pokemon games even though I am 14. This game is pretty bad just because of the fact its so unbelievably repetative. It can get boring while you are just in for first race.. Now i'm not going to be like the other reviewers and buy a PSP and save money, ebcause realistically, you wouldn't be saving you're money buying a PSP. they are 250 bucks. I would simply reccomend you waiting for the DS to come out with better games. I know nintendo can do better, and I hope they will.. i spent 200 birthday bucks on you.. You will be better off waiting though for some new DS games than rushing out for a PSP, because they have no really good games at all on the line. Saps are just buying that thing because of the graphics.. dont be fooled.. nintendo has some tricks up their sleeves its just that this game wasn't one of them.. hopefully..


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