Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Everquest Online Adventure: Frontier - PS2)

Alright, I had my sare of addiction towards this game and it was actually awhile ago, but I'll try to explain what I liked about this game. From the start of this game, you'll most likely notice the very bad graphics that are displayed... or maybe the bad sound.. or maybe the decent number of people online at one time Well, i think this game was the best game in the world to me at one time, I had a level 27 Warrior Halfling ( Hobbit ). But simply, I stopped playing ebcause I stopped paying the 10$ a month. And after that, a few months leter i went to the computer version, Everquest II. ( see my review for that. ) There are some good things about this game. It is online so you can play with other players, it's overall a fantastically made RPG, ( in my opinion better than FinalFantasy by a long-shot. ) And improvements over the first one for the PS2, there is a new Race. ( The Ogre. ) and new class. ( Alchemist. ) There are also some new areas to explore, with new creatures. The team also updated you're leveling, so instead of the highest level being 50, it is now 60. The final thing that was updated, was a very very slight update in graphics. They are hard to see, but they are there. Anyways, if you do play this game and begin to like it, trust me; your hours will be FLYING by. My summer in 2003 and part of 2004 was gone before i knew it. ( I played the first one too. ) Anyways enjoy yourself with it. This game can be enjoyable to you, or a piece of junk.


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