Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Metroid Prime - GC)

I had this game since about it's launch date or so, and when I got it, I was fairly excited. However, I was mainly displeased at how the game was played. It's a very open-ended game so you will find yourself going through a spot on a level, destroying, searching, finding, and back tracking quite a bit. Here is my review for Metriod Prime for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Graphics: 10/10. Definitely the best standout for the game. Unbelievable graphics show how powerful the little Nintendo Gamecube really is. It's quite easy to compare these graphics to a Graphical King like Halo. Hell, when you walk over some things in this game your mask will get foggy. That is pretty cool. The enviroments look great and so do the critters. Samus' suit is very shiny too. :]

Sound: 9/10. Very well done sound. The music is great, the different baddies you shoot at make unique sounds, the bosses do as well, the water sounds good, everything sounds good. It really adds to the experience with the game.

Control: 9/10. The control for many may be extremely frustrating and confusing, but really it's not all that bad. There are quite a few different controls but it's nothing to get bent out of shape about and get so depressed you want to hang yourself in the bathroom, no, but they are somewhat hard to get used to, I guess. But after you play for about a half an hour you will get the feeling.

Fun: 7/10. This is where the game just sinks for me and takes a step down. The game is great in everything else except the fun. It's fun until you get to a hard part and you have absolutely no idea what to do so you need to backtrack and whatnot just to pass a little part of a level. Another flaw is no multiplayer; which definitely should have been added in this game because it could have been a great party game; even if there would be no online play. So basically, this is a single player game that is about 50% exploration, 20% boredom, and 30% action. This game I found to be very hard, so if you want to succeed in Metroid Prime, you had better get a strategy guide. Good luck.


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