Sunday, March 19, 2006

Game Review (Catwoman - PS2)

HOW FUN IS IT TO REALLY BE CATWOMAN? Not fun at all when you can't play the game. No.. seriously. You can't seem to play this game. The camera angles are unbelievably bad.. ( some of the worst ) and the gameplay is VERY repetative.. Also - When you kill a person, they just get a yellow glow around them. What is up with this game? EA you can do better, and I hope you start showing it again.. This game is reccomended from me to be intended for a 5 - 7 year old girl with WAY too much free time. The only good thing about this game? The graphics. That's it. Believe me - It's not worth the GREEN.. SKIP IT This was also voted the worst game of 2004 by Gamepro ( A video game magazine ) But in my opinion.. it's one of the worst ever. P.S. Reminder: STAY AWAY!


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