Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories - GBA)

Ready for a GREAT portable RPG for the GBA?

Here we go. This game was great the second I started playing, but it just got better as I went along because at first, I had no idea how to play, but after I got the hang of it, and I got into the story, the game just got better ever minute of playing. It's not really HARD to play, but it's not really EASY either. I'd say the learning curve ( for me at least ) was about 1:30 hours. Which is not bad compared to some other RPGs out there. Anyways here is my stack up on the game:

Graphics: 5/5. The graphics are just amazing in this game, from the opening sequence in 3D, to the in-game graphics, they fit great with the game, and have great color.

Sound: 5/5. Very well done. Each world has a different rhythm, and when you are in battles and using your attacks, the sound is very, very, very good.

Control: 4.5/5. For some people, the control may be hard and annoying, but like I said after that learning curve it will be easy as pie to know how to play the game.

Fun: 4.5/5. This is what a lot of people have been waiting for. Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 was a huge success, so it was put onto the GBA, and done just as well as the consol version. There are times when this game is a little slow, and boring, and repetetive, ( get cards, get keys, open doors, move on. ) but the story is so intriging, and the cards you can use in battles are so cool, you don't really notice it. But there is another thing I didn't care for in this game. When you are in a battle against certain things, or bosses for example, you will be there for a while just trying to kill them. it is pretty hard to die in this game, though, because everytime you run out of cards you can simply hold A and get a new deck. This game is simple enough for most people to play, and the story is so interesting, you can't stop playing. Here's a bit of what the story is about:

This game is based around Sora's memories, so what he sees sometimes can decieve him, and other characters also think different things or similar things. ( Knowing random peoples names with no explanation, hence the game name Chain of Memories. ) The story is basically the title of the game. So the few things I didn't like about this game was: How you are always stuck in a small room unless in a battle, needing cards and different keys to open some doors, and how the game is semi-repetetive. There are too many things in this game to go over that are good, but a few are: It's a portable Kingdom Hearts, it has Disney characters, and it's just a fun and overall great game. Buy this game for anyone at any age, and expierience the fun Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories has to give.


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