Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Mercenaries - PS2)

This game reminded me pretty much of SOCOM. Similar graphics, the guys look the same, except SOCOM didn't have vehicles, a great arsenal of weapons, or a great story. Mercenaries has it all. Mercenaries is involved with ExOps, and you take the role of one of 3 characters. You do basic military missions; basically seek and destroy, or seek and capture. And since you are a mercenary, you get money for all the missions you do, which are mainly capturing terrorists. This is an action filled game, and it's a heck of a lot of fun, but there is a bug i found so far, and that's when you are in a vehicle and you are under a very narrow bridge or maybe ceiling of a building, you can't see anything but the inside of the building, and it's kinda frustrating. That and the camera angles are a hastle. Anyways like i said, this is a fantastic game, but like most games, it would be an awesome game if it had multiplayer and/or online play! But it doesn't matter; with the action in this game you don't care if it's online or multiplayer...the only thing you're concerned about is your current mission.

~One of the best games of 04/05~
~Best shooter~


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