Monday, March 20, 2006

Hardware Review (PS2 New Design)

I recently got this new PS2 because my old one broke and it would no longer read discs. Well i went to EB Games to get a PS2, hopefully an old one, and they didn't have any; only used ones. I went to EB Games for a NEW PS2 so it had a lower chance of breaking. Well, I got this PS2 instead since it was the only new PS2 they had. Overall it LOOKS great. It's tiny like a book, weighs at most 2 pounds I think, it's nice and small, portable, reads discs very quickly, etc. But looks aren't what matters most. I am a hugggge gamer and I play my games hours on end. Since this PS2 doesn't have a fan... well I can't really do it. The most hours you can leave this on without it freezing ( for me ) is about 4 hours. I can be playing a game, scratched or not, and it will simply freeze and I have to reset. It's happened twice so far and I've had it for about 3 days. Both were on Tony Hawk American Wasteland, but I highly doubt it was the game. It happened once offline, and once online which tells me it was probably just the sytem overheating... it would be better if it was a tad bigger and had a fan! I would stick with the old PS2 if you don't travel a lot, but if looks, portability, and sometimes unreliability are what you like, take your chance with this PS2 design.

Somewhat Recommended

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