Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction - PS2)

Being a comic book character has never been so great. I just rented this game, and there are so many things I can say about it. I just don't know where to start, but I can say this game is better than SpiderMan2. Why? Because Hulk can climb and run up walls ANYWAYS. I guess I can start with the games lower point, the graphics. The graphics in the cut-scenes are nice, but compared to many other games out there, these are dated, but they are still nice to look at. The in-game graphics are nothing special at all. They are blocky and kinda rather glitch-like, but they get by. The explosions and particle effects are VERY well done though. Next, to sound. The games sound is pretty good, you get great voice overs, great smash noises, the controller rumbles, Hulk's grunts and all, this game has exceptional sound. Controls are not hard to get used to, heck, anyone can get used to them. The camera angles are often frustrating, and sometimes hard to manuever, but you generally don't need to bother unless you are locking onto a rapidly moving object. ( helicopter for instance. ) This game is extremely fun, but I jsut got it, and I can already tell this game ( even though I'm enjoying it now. ) Will most likely soon be getting repetetive. Sure it has unlockables that are mainly comic books, which is GREAT if you are a HUGE comic freak... which i'm not. SpiderMan2 has similar elements, but just doesn't compare to this game. This is an awesome game for a kid, or ANYBODY wanting to take their anger out on something, this is also a stress reliever. So if you have no punching bag, get ready to F-S-U in Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. ( I hope you know what F-S-U means. ;) )


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