Monday, March 20, 2006

Movie Review (Splat!)

Okay, i've seen this movie about three times. There are a lot of things I liked and didn't like. This movie to me was a good movie because I haven't paintballed before, but all the rules seemed realistic and logical. The acting is not very good at all, but the paintball scenes are great, and the extra features ( quite a bit, about 45 minutes or more worth. ) are cool. A problem with this movie, though, is that they actually bleep out cuss words. Such as one time near the end of the movie a character says " this is bull..." and it is obvious he said it, but it got cut out. This isn't anything big, I just see how it's funny that it's sometimes cut out and other times it is not. For god's sake it is rated PG-13. This movie is great for any paintball fan or anybody considering to enter paintballing ( Me! ). I didn't think i'd finish the movie after watching the first few minutes, but right in the beginning there is already a paintball scene, and they keep coming throughout the movie. The story line is not too great, but it doesn't matter that much because after a little while you'll appreciate it and find it actually isn't that bad. It took me two times of watching this movie to understand that was going on, there are a lot of ties in the movie you have to watch out for ( or at least I had to. ) Nonetheless, this is a great buy for the price, especially for a paintball fan, or it's great for a rental.


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