Monday, March 20, 2006

Hardware Review (DS)

The Nintendo DS; A very unique looking handheld with a unique feature; a touch screen. In this review I'll tell you pretty much everything you need/want to know about it. First off, the Nintendo DS has two screens, one on the top half of the system, the other on the lower half, so it's like a flip phone in other words, with two screens. The design is slightly bulky, but it's the best someone could do with it's kind of idea. When you look straight at the back of the front screen it's flat and has two slopes where the speakers are. At the bottom of it is the word Nintendo. When you open it, there is a screen in the middle at the top with speakers at the side, and below the top screen is another screen, with buttons to the left and right. On the left is the "D-Pad" and the power button. The D-Pad is all one button. On the right is the select and start button, along with the Y,X,A, and B buttons. They work well, but they are extremely small. If you continue looking down the DS, you will see a blank space. It is for a GBA game if you want one in there. To the right is a Headset and a Headphone jack, to the left is volume control. On the back of the DS at the top is where you insert the DS game. To its left is where the stylus goes. The shoulder buttons are on the top and left right corners of the DS. The handheld is pretty small when you open up, it's really actually thin, top and bottom, it's just that when one is on the other it is sort of big. Anyways, about the DS, the graphical capabilities are not on par with the PSP in any way, so if your all about graphics, get a PSP, but graphics aren't THAT important. The overall sound quality is fine, the controls are easy enough, ( but unlike other Nintendo handhelds, this one has four buttons where your thumb hangs over. Instead of just A and B buttons, there is also X and Y. The Game Selection: Not too great. There aren't very many games out worth mentioning, although the recently released Mario Kart DS is an unbelievably great game, there aren't many to comment on. Worth The Money?: Depends. If you are about innovation and want something new from the "handheld king" get the Nintendo DS.


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