Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Game Review (Metroid Prime Hunters - DS)

Metroid Prime Hunters. I've been waiting. I got my DS in January of '05 and I got a "First Hunt" demo that came with it. I can say that I wasn't impressed simply because there was no depth, but I knew that the game certainly could be a great one. Metroid Prime for the Gamecube, to me, was not a very good game. Hard-to-use controls, single player only, a lot of backtracking... and so on. This game has backtracking, but it has easy controls and great multiplayer. Here is my review:

PROs: Great singleplayer and multiplayer, best DS graphics ever, little lag suprisingly, cool characters, WiFi, stat counting... so on.

CONs: Have to unlock the hunters ( not too hard, just play single player ) , occasional lag, grainy sound sometimes, repetitious adventure mode.

Graphics: 10/10. Byfar the best graphics ever shoved into a DS game. They are unbelievable. It's pretty amazing that the whole game was packed into this, let alone the great looking graphics. Very, very nice.

Sound: 9.5/10. Very good on surround sound. The only real problem for sound (for me) is that it's grainy; but it could be my DS. You hear footsteps, the creature's noises... everything works nicely.

Control: 9.5/10. Good controls, but it could be some quick corpal tunnel syndrome. I played with the stylus and my hands kind of got cramped up using this tiny little DS. I now use my wriststrap; it feels like an analog stick.

Fun: 9.5/10. Excellent WiFi, great graphics, and basically the Halo of handhelds, this game has everything any FPS fan would want. Even though the adventure mode is tedious, the multiplayer is great and anyone can hop in and have a great time with this game. Hell, if you have no one to play with, practice with bots. This game is the best on the DS, and I have no intentions of putting this game down any time soon; and I don't think you will either once you pick it up. Go buy MPH now. NOW NOW NOW!!


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