Thursday, September 18, 2008

Game Review ( Rock Band 2 - 360 )

Graphics: 4/5 Virtually no changes at all graphically - there are a few new venues and instruments and the like, but nothing else has really changed, which could or could not be a good thing.

Sound: 4.75/5 Most definitely the best soundtrack in any music game. AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Metallica and other well-known musicians are in this game. Also, ALL songs in the game are masters. While all that is fine and good, the soundtrack is far from perfect. It seems that for almost every great song there is a bad one stinking up the place. Overall though, there's no denying this really is quite an epic soundtrack.

Control: 5/5 "Rock Band is too easy"... How many times have you heard that? I don't think anyone will be saying that after playing through Rock Band 2. Songs like "Bodhisatvva" , "Pain Killer" , "Battery", and others, are truly insane. Those three particular songs are also equally as hard or harder on drums. Rock Band 2 also intruduces hammer-on chords, most notably in the song "Bodhisattva". This game will challenge even the well seasoned Guitar Hero and Rock Band veterans.

Fun: 4.75/5 Rock Band 2, for $60, is one hell of a good investment. You're getting over 80 songs for under a dollar each! Rock Band 2 is in a way, disappointing. For thing, the drum trainer is a joke for anyone that plays on expert... It could be very helpful for the noobs though. Basically, if you enjoyed Rock Band, you'll definitely love this game, too. However, one big letdown is the lack of any significant features. Besides drum trainer and battle of the bands mode, there isn't anythin really all that amazing added to this game that weren't in the original. Still, $60 for 80 plus songs makes this more than worth it. Oh, and don't forget to buy the new drums. (Review coming soon.)