Thursday, June 25, 2009

Game Review ( NPPL Paintball 2009 - 360 )

Graphics: 2.75/5 The environments look okay and the bunkers look nice, but everything else is sad, including the character movements and MOSTLY the lag. The game slows down constantly in single player, especially so when you are sprinting across the field. Also, players pixelate and disappear after being shot, and the shadows are also pixelated and bizarre.

Sound: 2/5 The paintball guns shooting and splatting is all very satisfying, but hearing the same few lines repeated constantly, and the same few songs loop constantly just gets annoying in minutes.

Control: 3/5 The shooting of the paintball gun is very realistic and cool, but everything else is quite a failure. Your guy often won't prone when you want, it's difficult to sprint and turn, and the crosshairs turns very strangely.

Fun: 2.5/5 NPPL is just flawed. Very, very flawed. The Career Mode forces you to play 30+ tournaments on 30+ different maps, but you'll get bored and feel the redundancy in about a half hour. Unlocking stuff is cool, but a lot or it is just for show and doesn't really do anything. Speaking of not doing anything, let's look at the AI! Even on the "hardest difficulty", you can simply ditch the "precise tactics" of a realistic paintball experience and bum rush the A-holes, and it almost always works. There are also "skill points" you can buy for your teammates, and you can set-up a "pre-game plan", but none of that is even worth the time, because the game is just SO damn easy. NPPL PAINball should be the name of this game because it really will be just that - a pain - tryin to finish this 6-hour-got-boring-in-a-half-hour career. I don't even think the most hardcore of paintball fans will be playing this game for long. Simply put - not good.