Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Game Review (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Drops #7 and 8)

After the above-average month of DLC for Call of Duty last month, I was expecting nothing but good stuff for April. Seeing on the Content Calender that it would be two maps, I was really hopeful. Unfortunately, Infinity Ward doesn't deliver this month.

For April, ELITE Premium members get Foundation and Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a really large map that takes place way up on some mountain in Greece. Foundation on the other hand takes place at a cement factory in Korea. Sound exciting? No? Well, they're not exciting.

Sanctuary as I just said is a huge map. Right when you think you've seen it all, there's another section to explore. As big as it is, it isn't very sniper friendly. Instead, I feel like assault rifles (or SMGs or maybe even shotguns more-so) would dominate on this map. The thing is, the map is mediocre. Like Liberation, it's way bigger than it needs to be. Considering the average game of Call of Duty consists of a 6v6 match, you can expect a lot of camping, very few kills, and hardly any action. Sanctuary would be an above average map if it were a reasonable size, but it isn't. For that reason, 3.25/5

Foundation at first glance looks like a bland blend of Radiation from Black Ops with Carbon from MW3, but smaller than both. It's a better map than Sanctuary is, but it still fails to impress me. Not only is the map blech with its gray look, there's nothing extraordinary about it. Nothing new. It's just there. I mean, I guess it's cool to have a map based in Korea in the game, but why does it have to be so mediocre? I will say I like Foundation on Domination, as there are several good choke points to kill and piss people off, but overall, it's fairly forgettable. 3.5/5

April isn't a terrible month for ELITE Premium members, but it's sure to disappoint most. Two maps -- neither of which is exceptionally impressive -- and that's all you get. I don't know about you, but I'd take one GOOD map (Like Black Box) a month over two average/bad maps as these two are. Looking at the Content Calender, May will give us FOUR maps... so I expect something better then.