Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Simpsons Hit & Run - PS2)

This is one of very few games I enjoy that are cartoony adventure games. This game should be fairly simple to most adults, semi-easy to teens, and maybe a bit challenging for kids. This game as i'm sure everyone could guess, is along the lines of a GTA Simpsons game. But to be kid friendly, in this game when you hijack a car, you just get in the passenger side... :'(. This game is so rad though..! Even ask Wee-Man. ( He was playing it on TV and saying how cool he though it was. ) All this praise i've been giving must be perfect. Not really... It's an adventure game, so it will get old quickly. ( But you can get coins you find and go around and buy new stuff for your Simp. ) This game also has another flaw: Camera control. I havent played this game for awhile, but I think it was with Homer, and i had to collect some stuff at the Nuclear Plant. The mission involved a lot of jumping, and I got mad at the camera... ( to me, a bad angle view in a game is almost the worst thing in a game... ) But all in all, aside from the bugs and little things that are annoying.. you'll find this game to be GREAT. ( Ohh... err... some missions can get very annoying because MANY of them include going through checkpoints, or collecting stuff... )


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