Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Burnout Legends - PSP)

The Burnout series has been on my list of greatest racing games since Burnout 1, which was a super sleeper hit. Although Burnout was lacking in a lot of things, it had potential. I didn't think a second game would EVER come out, but to my suprise one DID come out. Burnout 2: Point of Impact ( My favorite Burnout game besides Burnout Legends PSP ) That game got a lot of praise, and soon enough, Burnout Takedown came out, and just recently, Burnout Revenge. However, Burnout Legends is a handheld exclusive ( PSP and DS only, but the DS version really stinks. )

Graphics: 8.5/10. Probably the low point of the game. This may be confusing; but Burnout Legends in my opinion is THE BEST looking PSP game available, but I give it an 8.5 simply because of glitches. If you are riding up against a wall or something, you can see through them and stuff, just like if you take someone out against a barrier or a wall, their car will often fall through a glitch. It isn't a bad thing really, it just kinda shows a car falling through blue sky. Not to mention when there are sparks flying and cars rubbing next to eachother, the framerate takes a huge drop and lags. Moving on!

Sound: 9.5/10. At first the soundtrack I thought was horrible except for Goldfinger's song "I Want", but that isn't really true. After listening to the songs over and over again, i found myself singing some of the songs at home (D'oh.) The soundtrack is all new songs that weren't on any other Burnout. Besides the music, all the other sounds are in there, they are pretty much exactly the same as the console versions, they sound very good.

Control: 9/10. Can it get too much easier? In standard driving mode, X to drive, D-Pad or Analog nub to manuever, square to brake, and R to turbo; that's pretty much it. It's very simple, although the game isn't simple.

Fun: 9.5/10. Not suprisingly, this was an amazing game, Suprisingly though, is how well the frame rate holds out. You can literally be taking down cars over and over again and there will rarely be any lag on screen. Due to the fact the PSP's screen is so well sized, you can easily see cars well up the road. ( assuming your face is on screen into action, like mine. ) Many people say this is not worth more than a rental. Uh.. wrong. It is pretty much impossible to even beat this game in a rental period because it's so in depth. I've played it fairly often since christmas ( I have 4 other PSP games ) and I'm only 18 percent through the game. This is simply an amazing game, and a true PSP gem. A must buy for a PSP owner, no doubt.


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