Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Star Wars Battlefront - PS2)

Alright, now... there has not been a single StarWars game that has been released before this one that is really any good ( to me. ) I always thought it would be a very good idea for StarWars to make an all out battle game like this. I basically got my wish in this game. In playing this, I found that it was exactly what i wanted.. pretty good A.I., bodies fly when hit by grenades, good graphics, air craft and ground vehicles... it's fantastic... but there are also some problems; glitches, if you will. For instance, on Dune Sea on Tantooine or maybe the Docks on Kashyyk, you can fly or jump onto the cliff or hut ( depending ont he level ) and you can prone down to be unseen. I found this ' glitch ' awhile ago when I first got the game, but it's not very useful simply because they are not in good positions. Changing that subject on the game, i'll tell you what i think about the A.I. I found that there are times when the A.I. just stands around in a corner and does not move at all ( for whatever reason ) , so to settle that, you could kill him ( on your team or not ) but if he is on your team, you could use one of the commands using the PS2 D-pad, such as ' Follow Me ' or ' Move Out ' . About the levels, there are about 8 or more ( i'm not sure right now ) different planets to play on, and about 16 levels. ( 2 on each planet, if you do the math. ) Just about all the levels are fun and unique in their own way, and you could simply place your character on a roof-top and go into ' first-person ' view, and simply watch the battle. You can also play in Galactic Civil Wars or The Clone Wars, The GCW having the Empire and the Rebels, and TCW having the Clones(Republic) and the CIS(The Evil Dudes). Either way you play, it's fun. ( Although if you are playing the in TCW and you are on the Republic side, you have to play against the Driodekas, which are very hard to exterminate. You would know that if you saw the star wars movies or played this game. ) There is also a few game modes as well, which allow you to play the battles in order, starting from the Episode IV, A New Hope. It even shows movie clips if you play in this mode. Though this is rather fun, there are really no awards except ( for what I find extremely lame for your hard labor playing this game ) concept art. I thought maybe I would be getting a Jedi and would be able to use his light saber. ( Which you can see A.I.ed players using on certain levels. ) But hey, with StarWars Battlefront II coming out, you WILL be able to play as the Jedi! One last thing to say about a flaw in this game; the difficulty levels. Easy is too easy, on Medium most cases you are the only one doing anything, and on Hard.. well.. I can't honestly say I even played this mode yet.. at least that I remember. Anyways on a last note, I got this game the first day of it's release and I do not regret it, this game is well worth your money, but only if you play a few times a day/week.


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