Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee - PSP)

I'M ADDICTED... This game is just unbelievable. I've been a HSG fan since the original Playstation and I was pretty happy to see it was on the PSP. I was at Best Buy and I couldn't decide. This, or X-men 2? I'm damn happy I got this game. 250 unlockables, unbelievable graphics, nice sound, and ADDICTING. Oh wow.

Graphics: 9.5/10. Quite possibly the best looking PSP game ever released. Very sharp, great grass, excellent water, beautiful looking characters,it's allll good!

Sound: 9/10. The voices are pretty good, the sound of club-on-ball is great, the sound is very good, but there isn't much of it, sadly.

Control: 9.5/10. Can it get easier? ... No. Basically X.. wait.. X.. done. But you have to ( like in most/all golf games ) know geometry and what not, so you have to kinda think before you try a putt or a whack.

Fun: 9.5/10. Awesome. What's it missing? Infrastructure play. ( Online play ). That would make this game pretty much flawless. That is just about the only thing stopping me from giving this game a 10. This is a must buy. Golf fan or not, you can squeeze a lot of fun out of this game. You can even have your replays saved automatically, I got a "Chip-In Eagle", and I was wondering if I could save the replay. After wandering around the menu, I found out where I could watch it fairly easily. Pretty cool. Your stats are also recorded, and the loading times aren't bad at all for a handheld, they are in fact probably the fastest PSP loading times. Simple, simple, simple. Awesome game, that is a must buy. It's 10 dollars cheaper originally than most PSP games, too! COME ON!! BUY IT!


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