Sunday, March 19, 2006

Music Review (Anthem - Less Than Jake)

What's better than a CD with some snappy songs with a sax and trombone blowin' in the background? ...I don't think anything is. This was my first LessThanJake CD and I love this CD. ( I've heard some of their music in the past ) Here is my breakdown on the songs:

#1.) I didn't particularily care for this song at first, but as I listened to it more often, I began to appreciate it. 7/10

#2.) This is one of my many favorites on this CD. I don't know what it is. Maybe the lyrics and beat like the other songs? 9/10

#3.) Reminds me of #2 for some reason.. and FOR the same reasons. 9/10

#4.) This was originally my favorite song on the CD when I first listened to it. The lyrics are pointlessly funny. 10/10

#5.) A so-so song, not like the others on the CD.. but it's still ok.. 7/10

#6.) Man this song.. its as great as any other song and then some. 10/10

#7.)..Not good because of the very un-original lyrics and song idea.. 6/10

#8.) I Don't care for this song.. I don't know why this song's lyrics just dont make sense to me. 6/10

#9.) The most Saxaphonic/Trombonny song on the CD possibly; Making it one of my favorites. 9/10

#10.) This song was made into a video. Good except for the fact its repetetive.. 8/10

#11.) This song is on the game TonyHawkUnderground2.. I've heard it a lot but I still like it. 8/10

#12.)My friend made me listen to this song before I got the CD. I didn't like it when he did, but when I got the CD, I LOVED it. 10/10

#13.)This song.. or songs i guess you could say are.. nothing special, but not bad really. 7/10

#14.) This song is on the videogame ATV Offroad Fury 3.. My friend introduced me to this song too. I didn't like it at first, but then i liked it when i got the CD.

Ultimately, this is a CD chock full of songs that will be ' STUCK-IN-YOUR-HEAD ' - and it is SO true, it may get annoying when ur humming it all day. You are asking why I gave this a 5 after seeing my ratings? Well, when you listen to the CD beginning to end it's awesome but when you pop the CD in and listen to a particular song.. then this is what it's rated, ( by me ). MY RECOMMENDATION: Just BUY IT - - you will NOT be dissapointed!!


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