Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Mario Kart DS - DS)

So it's yet again Mario and other "Mario" characters thrown onto karts and ready to race. So simple in ways, but so complicated. This game is easy at times, frustrating at others. So many things to talk about.

Graphics: 9.5/10. Spectacular. A tiny little cartridge like this can portray these graphics? A cartridge! Not a DISC.. a CARTRIDGE! The graphics are stellar. Better than the N64 version in my opinion. Not much to say, except the fact that they are a little blocky, but they certainly are fantastic for a DS title.

Sound: 8.5/10. This is lower because it was kinda weird hearing DK and Bowser talk in this game. What happened to the REAL voice actors? The noises these two guys make are extremely strange and obviously from a random guy. ( Especially DK ) Other than that, everything is great soundwise, the karts sound good, music does, other characters do... it's all good.

Control: 9/10. Control is awesome. Although many will not be too great at Wi-Fi because it is simply difficult to master drifting perfectly. All the karts ( 36 I believe total ) control diferently, and all go-karters ( of course ) control differently.

Fun: 9.5/10. EASILY THE BEST DS GAME OUT THERE NOW, ( spoilers coming up possibly ) there are a total of 12 characters ( four to unlock ) and 36 karts that can eventually be used on any character with minor changes for the most part. Want Bowser riding in a tiny little mushroom kart the size of toad? Go ahead. There are also 32 great tracks, 16 new, 16 old. There are two cups, as well, the newer cup then the retro cup, which features levels from the Super Nintendo version, Nintendo 64 Version, Gameboy Advanced Version, and Gamecube version. The Wi-Fi is also spectacular. Although I was dissapointed at how you can not communicate at all with the other racers, it was still a great addicting addition. You can play up to three other players with online wi-fi regional or worldwide, which is a heck of a lot of fun; it even has stats. Or, you can play with 8 people with or without cartridges. ( for best gameplay, make sure everyone has a copy ) There are also a lot of missions to play, which are quite unique. Of course, any DS owner or Mario fan will buy this one; need I say more? It's the best in the series, go get this game now. No DS? Get the red hot bundle, because it certainly is RED HOT.


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