Monday, March 20, 2006

Game Review (Super Mario 64 DS - DS)

Super Mario 64 DS is pretty much the same game that many people may remember from the Nintendo 64 version, Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 DS just about took that same exact idea and just improve on it by making the amount of stars in this game from 120 to 150, including a splash of some fun minigames, pretty solid multiplayer, and the playable characters Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario. This version is better than the Nintendo 64 version in almost every way. Why? It improved on the already fantastic original game.

Graphics: 5/5. The DS's graphical capabilities are nothing compared to the PSP as we all know, but this game delivers the whole Nintendo 64 version of the game on one cartridge, and more. The graphics are a bit sharper and less blocky, but you can see some graphical blurs here and there. Does it matter? No it doesn't, since this game features all levels imaginable from sandy deserts to a cave with a lake to platforms floating on lava. The graphics are extremely sharp and pretty to look at.

Sound: 5/5. The sound in this game is the best I've heard from any handheld: period. It is okay when listening without headphones, but with headphones; the sound is awesome. It's surround sound right into your ears. From Mario's "Woo-Hoos" to the sound of collecting a coin, Bowser's laugh, the music... everything sounds spectacular with headphones on.

Control: 4/5. The control is fine, but it definitely has some frustrating problems. Occasionaly when time counts to get a star, it can definitely be hard to get where you want to go. Since the camera angles are a little awkward, when in a strange position between 2 or 3 walls and you're trying to jump on a platform, you have to predict. Many times you can't see, but you can normally make it. All other controls in this game are great; it's just the camera angles that prevent this score from going any higher.

Fun: 4.25/5. This game has everything Mario fans want in an on-the-go adventure game and more; great graphics, fantastic sound, over 20 great minigames,4 player multiplayer on one cartridge, 4 different playable characters with different abilities, and a not-too-easy-not-too-hard story. If you are craving some on-the-go Mario adventure, this is the only one out there. Why would you need any other adventure game anyways if you have a game like this? This is a great buy for any DS owner.


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