Monday, September 25, 2006

Game Review (Smash TV - 360 Arcade)

Smash TV has been really one of my alltime favorite shoot-'em-up games just because it's fun and very unique. Of course it's repetetive, but the farfetched idea is great. You play as a contestant on a TV show risking his life to win prizes. I told you it was strange. But it's a good game. Here is my review.

Graphics: 3.5/5 The graphics are supposed to be HD-alized but I can't see a difference. The graphics look the same as they did back in the day; the graphics are nothing but maybe a tiny bit sharper and more colorful.

Sound: 3/5 The sound is really annoying. You just hear the guns blasting away and what-not and there isn't anything else to be heard. That and the tedious announcer who constantly repeats everything.

Control: 4/5 Anyone can learn these controls in a moment. Use the analog stick or D-pad to move around, and use A,B,X, and Y to move in the direction you want to shoot. Not hard, but that's all you do the whole game.

Fun: 3.5/5 Smash TV; it's a good game, but pretty dissapointing. There is Xbox Live for this game, but the sad thing is, it is extremely rare you find anyone to play with. Also, once you complete the game once, there isn't much more to come back to. Sure there are other rooms to explore on each level, ( There are 3 levels, all of which take about 20 minutes or so each. ) but they are all very similar. The game is repetetive; simple as that. The co-op is okay but nothing special, you have infinite lives, and the game costs 400 Microsoft Points; which is roughly $4. Smash TV is certainly not the best game at the 360 Arcade, but it is a pretty good one; especially in those times when you're frustrated beyond belief.


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