Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drink Review (Monster Assassin NRG Shot)

This is only my second time ever having an energy shot, but basically my first since the original one was just so long ago... okay, enough idiocy. First of all, if you know anything about me, you'll know I'm one out of basically every ten people that prefers Red Bull to Monster... I do by a longshot, actually, but I got this at the Modern Warfare 2 midnight launch for free so decided to give it a try. First off a quick look at the nutrition facts shows that this is indeed a condensed can of Monster, in case you didn't know that. Here are some quick facts: 3 fl. oz., 30 calories, 6g sugar, 2000mg taurine, 5000mg 'Energy Blend', 400mg Panax Ginseng, etc. Anyways, whatever... then I opened it and took a whiff...

Appearance: 4/5 A bit lame reviewing the appearance, don't you think? Anyways, it comes in a small black plastic bottle... I'm sure you're looking at a picture or have already seen one by now. The Monster logo is in the middle with a crosshair on it, and there is shiny silver around the container. Pretty cool and simple, but nothing to cream your pants for.

Smell: 5/5 It smells indescribably awesome. I wish I had an air freshener that smelled remotely close to this. It's got almost a sour appleberry aroma to it. I could sniff the bottle all day.

Taste: 2.5/5 At the very second you put this on your tongue it doesn't taste too bad at all... probably because you're still thinking about the smell... but soon you realize this IS an energy shot, and it basically tastes like poopy cough medicine or mouth wash. It has a syrupy consistency to it, and the aftertaste is pretty appalling... like that of diet pop. To give you an idea of how foul I thought the taste really was, my eyebrows went crazy... in the bad way of course. Blech! Not very good at all.

Overall, I'd just have to give this between a 4.5 and a perfect 5. It does what it says. It's energy in a bottle, and it gives you just that. While I wish the taste was as good as the smell, it gets the job done. I have just one tip - choke it down quick.


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