Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hardware Review (LG CF360 Cell Phone)

I got this phone last week for about $18 after a mail-in rebate. It came out earlier this year, so the price has dropped considerably. The box the phone is included in features a couple free Napster downloads, a battery, a charger, a screen wiper velvet thing, and a screen protector that is completely useless because its size is that of an iPhone, so you'd have to cut it and shape it yourself.

This will be a pretty long review so bear with me. If you don't want to read, and you'd rather see a video review, check out the one I did here: [Although this written review will probably be a lot more informative]

The CF360 comes in 2 colors - red and blue. As you can see from my video review, - if you watched it - mine is red. It isn't completely red, it's just trimmed, the same goes for blue. The phone slides open, and before sliding open, the phone almost looks like an MP3 player. I don't care for the way the buttons look, but after sliding it open, the phone looks much better. The numbers and all that look pretty sharp. On the other side of the phone, the CF360 has a smooth, slick, almost rubbery texture and appearance. This is nice for a few reasons - it's less likely to scratch, slip out of your hands if they are sweaty, and will probably absorb some of the blow if you were to drop it from a short height. Also on the back of the phone is a 1.3 megapixel camera. While it seems its getting a bad rep for being of 'terrible quality', I think the pictures look alright. The video on the other hand doesn't look great at all, and the audio isn't great either. Still, this isn't a camera, it's a cell phone, so if you get desperate or something / are without a camera, this would work decently enough.

Now, about the phone's features... the one thing that really frustrates me the most about this phone probably is the fact that you can't make your own ring tone unless you buy one or connect to a computer via a USB cable, which doesn't come with the camera, and will run you about $15. The phone's menu is also very easy to navigate, and virtually anyone can learn most of this phone inside out in a matter of a day at most. The outside of the phone also has a few buttons, including the now pretty basic easy-access camera button, a volume +/-, a MicroSD card slot for whatever you want, and the basic charger port which can also be used with a wired headset. It should also be known that this phone works with Blue Tooth. That's about all there is to know about the CF360. If you have any questions, comment my YouTube video, or message me on there.


Pros: Cheap phone in terms of price, solid feeling while still being light-weight, a nice material on most of the phone that basically makes the need for a case unnecessary.

Cons: AT&T... not the best phone service, can't customize ring tones, camera isn't very good for video.

Overall, the CF360 makes a solid basic phone.

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