Friday, February 16, 2007

Game Review ( Paperboy - 360 Arcade )

In Paperboy, you play a... well, paperboy, who has to deliver papers to customer's houses while avoiding people, cars, dogs, mailboxes, garbage cans, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Graphics: 3.75/5 Well, there's nothing at all different about the game. It is in HD , but looks no different. It runs smooth, and it looks like it did back in the day.,

Sound: 4/5 Still, the nice catchy music remains, with some more of that fake guy's voice that we all know from Gauntlet. ( The "Elf, shot the food" guy ) The voices are obviously pretty crappy quality given it is such an old game, but the sound isn't terrible thanks to the decent in-game music.

Control: 3.75/5 Paperboy is definitely a different game. You drive diagnally down a street throwing papers into a mailbox - diagnally, so it is pretty hard to judge whether the paper will end up on the porch, in the mailbox, or into a customer's window. The game also suffers from Dpadalitis, which hurts most games at the Xbox Live Arcade with the terrible 360 D-Pad.

Fun: 3.75/5 Paperboy is basically a game that you will buy, get the achivements for, and probably delete off your harddrive. There is nothing to come back for. It isn't really the game to continuously play to get on the high score boards, because it isn't fun to keep playing back over like some of the other games out in the XBLA right now. There is Co-Op, though, which is just the same as Root Beer Tapper. Seperate screens, share score, when one person dies, both die, and so on. There is also versus mode, which is a decent addition. Paperboy is just not as good as some of those arcade classics available right now on Xbox Live - there are better games. If you're a Paperboy fan, this is your dream. If you are not, it's just another game for achivement whores to hurry up and buy, because soon after purchasing, it won't be played again.


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