Sunday, July 02, 2006

Music Review (We Don't Need To Whisper - Angels and Airwaves)

Blink-182 changed continously throughout it's band-life. But not until Enema of the State did they to me make a bigger change. They turned somewhat "poppy" and had real good songs. In Take off your Pants and Jacket, they started to turn more "Rock", and it turned out to be my favorite CD. But in their final album ( Titled Blink-182? ) they turned really "emo", depressing, somewhat gothic.. but I still liked that, too. But when they broke up, or went on an "indefinite hiatius", I was pretty shocked, since Tom and Mark were "best friends". In Angels and Airwaves (AvA) Tom takes on a more serious and loving side without his former bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus. Angels and Airwaves consists of Box Car Racer guitarist David Kennedy, former Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn, and the drummer Atom Willard, best known as former drummer for The Offspring. With a great group of guys like this, you'd expect a great cd, and that is exactly what you get. Tom said it would change the world.. it hasn't. I think he was just feeling good that day. :P. Here's my review.

Valkyrie Missle: 10/10. This has got to be my favorite track on the entire album. The intro is a long two minutes and forty seconds, a riff doesn't start until a minute or so into it, and tempo doesn't change until a minute thirty. I loved the lyrics though, and Tom's voice makes it a much better song. I'm hoping this is AvA's next single. This is my favorite on the album I'd say.

Distraction: 9/10. Starts out with a less than lengthy intro than Valkyrie Missle ( This one is a minute and nine seconds ) and the lyrics are pretty repetetive, but I just like this song. And like I will say continously about these songs, Tom's voice makes it better better better.

Do It For Me Now: 8.5/10. Only a thirty six second intro (probably the shortest) and a solid song, but it's really nothing too special.

The Adventure: 9.5/10. If anyone's heard about AvA and heard one song, they've most likely heard this one. It's AvA's first single. It's one minute thirty second intro is pretty repetetive, but it picks up as soon as Tom starts singing. Good lyrics, nice quick paced beat... I've just heard this song too many times.

A Little's Enough: 9/10. One of the slower paced songs on the album, but it's still good. Not the best song, but it surely is a good one with pretty good lyrics.

The War: 9.5/10. I love the main riff. Good lyrics, which mainly talk about, you probably guessed it... war. The best thign about this song though is definitely the guitar work though. But that plus Tom's voice equals magic. Very good song.

The Gift: 9.5/10. This may very well be the first AvA song I heard because I downloaded it. Great lyrics, and OF COURSE, great vocals from Tom make this one of the best on the album in my opinion.

It Hurts: 8.5/10. The main thing said in this song is "It Hurts" ... several times ... and it really stays the same tempo throughout the whole song. This is one of the worst on the album to me.

Good Day: 9.5/10. I loved Tom's vocals in this song. The lyrics are like most songs, just about "oo baby I love you... mmm don't dump me." But it's still good.

Start The Machine: 8.5/10. Slower paced song the whole song, really, and a really "peaceful" way to end the album.

AvA seems very much to me like a more modern U2 for some reason. Slow paced, meaningful lyrics, and just overall great stuff. The only thing AvA needs to work on is how long their intros are and closes. Many times it would seem as if a song was over, and it just kept on going and repeating the same line over and over. The lyrics also get repetetive sometimes. Anyway, I sincerely hope this band doesn't split now. Stay together, Angels and Airwaves. Stay together, for the kids.

We Don't Need to Whisper definitely deserves a: 9.6/10

You absolutely must buy this CD.

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